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  • Mommy Rule: Flies Respond to Honey and Bitchiness

    I think we all know the old adage, "You can get more flies with honey than with vinegar." Yes, in most cases that seems to be accurate. People are willing to do more for you and help you out if you're nice to them. But what about the people who don't respond to kindness? Well, in those situations you just have to be a B!

    I'm not speaking in regards to motherhood because I don't think it's fair to act "bitchy" to you kids. I'm talking about adult-to-adult situations. It's just unreal to think all people will help you if you're pleasant and say "please" and "thank you." I have met people who are just mean for no good reason. And they aren't people I can ignore in hopes that they'll go away.

    Sometimes you have to put the big old "B" hat on and get what you want by being mean. You have to fight back, stand up for yourself and wreak some havoc. You have to stand your ground,especially when it comes to protecting or helping your children. I find it strange that one of the most unkind

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  • Happiness is Dancing with Your Shadow

    Between the vibrating cell phone calls, the urgent email messages on your Blackberry, the downloading MP3, the constant bills, the ignored, yet loved DVR, the non-stop solicitations via phone and gets not only complicated, but also very annoying. We're pushed and pulled in a million directions.

    Life handed me a "mom moment" the other day and I actually stopped long enough to appreciate it. I was playing outside with my energetic young children, when I noticed my little toddler was dancing. Well, we don't have speakers outside, so there wasn't any music. My older child wasn't singing and luckily for the neighbors, neither was I! As I watched my toddler, he continued to clap and sway and wave.

    Then I noticed he was involved in a conversation - he was talking to his shadow! He danced with it for a while and smiled as it danced back. He tried to grab it a few times and seemed frustrated when he would only succeed in grabbing a handful of dirt. The routine lasted for about

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  • When Good Clothes Go Bad

    For some odd reason MommyQ has been obsessed with getting rid of old clothes. I have boxes of maternity clothes, pre-belly clothes, post baby clothes, post-post baby clothes. Ugh! Every night after the kids go to sleep, I've been tackling my closet. Yes, what fun.

    It's interesting what you learn when you go through old clothes. First of all, I was HUGE when I was pregnant. I can probably fit two of me into some of my large maternity and post baby clothes. My friends scoff at me when I talk about it, but it's true. I gained at least 55-60 pounds - twice!

    I have a few pair of maternity items that I really wanted to burn. Why? Because donating them seems too nice. It was about two weeks before I was scheduled to have my second c-section and none of my clothes fit. Well, I didn't want to spend much because my days in maternity clothes were almost over. (Or so I thought.) I went to Motherhood and bought these atrocious khaki shorts that were about the ugliest shade of brown you've ever

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  • It's been a while since I dished on celebrities and that makes me frowny face. It seems that any spare time I have to watch E! or flip happily through the pages of People are long gone. Between life as a mom and wifey, work, MommyQ blogging and running some kind of weirdo cat sanctuary, my know-it-all-ness about vapid celebrity factoids has deteriorated. Well, that's all about to change as I take you on a wild ride through haircuts, blah, blowouts and babies.

    Jon & Kate Plus 8 - I'm sorry, who? I can't even speak intelligently about this potentially splitting duo with ocho kidlets, because I've never watched the show. I have heard that Kate Gosselin has been quoted a bunch because normal women like us (and her) have been requesting her haircut. Not sure if that's true or not, but Kate needs to walk in Jennifer Aniston's footsteps on this one and turn the whole haircut craze into pure gold. It's spiky, soft, dark, light, long and short all at once. Come on, what's more fun than a

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  • Weight Guidelines For Pregnancy May Not Fit You...

    An article published today titled, Expectant Moms Packing on Too Many Pounds says there are new guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy. (This outta be good.) And they go a little something like this:

    - A normal-weight woman should gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy.

    - An overweight woman —should gain 15 to 25 pounds during pregnancy.

    - For the first time, the guidelines set a standard for obese women — to gain 11 to 20 pounds.

    - An underweight woman should gain 28 to 40 pounds.

    Thankfully, the article stresses the importance of gaining weight in a healthy way. Just because you're preggo doesn't mean you can live on Dr. Pepper, Skittles, bacon sandwiches, Cheetos and a daily Frosty! You can't throw all of your knowledge about nutrition out the window just because you see a plus sign on the little stick. It is tempting, but it's not smart.

    Keep this in mind - you will probably want to lose everything you gain. (If for no other reason than you like your

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  • Fashion Prediction: Rompers, Not Just for Babies

    In my opinion, this is either a fashion trend you love or hate. I can't see people being on the fence about it. Rompers. First, don't envision a little bubble onesie for infants. No, no, no. I'm talking about the one-piece short or pant outfit for women.

    Rompers are like jumpsuits and I love me some jumpsuits. No matter how many times styles change and trends emerge, a black jumpsuit is a timeless classic. I'm not kidding. And you either really like 'em or you really despise 'em. No blurry lines.

    If done correctly and worn with the right accessories and 'tude, I think these are awesome. In fact, MommyQ has one and I'm just waiting for the right time to wear it.

    Check out this stylish number from Diesel, the Jubent Black Romper. F-U-N! What about this sporty one by Nanette Lepore, Three Grace Jumpsuit? How about going silky in this one by Twenty8Twelve?

    Lemme make a little fashion prediction here, expect to see lots of women rocking the romper this summer. And if you

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  • It's not even necessary to go into a lot of details about this breaking news story. Elizabeth Adeney is pregnant at 66-years-old. She now wears the crown for being the oldest pregnant woman in England's history. Yeah, that's a long time folks. Confused by all the buzz about her situation, Adeney replies, "I'm just a pregnant lady." Really? Hmmm, let's think about that.

    I, MommyQ, am in my mid-30s with two small children under the age of five. After a day with my spirited, funny, active, goofy, demanding, jumping, leaping, walking, running, throwing, tossing, eating, napping, griping, giggling, smiling, frowning kiddos, I'm exhausted - both physically and emotionally. Again, I'm in my mid-30s. Based on nothing personal about the woman - just math - I think this is a sadly selfish, unethical situation.

    When her child is an active toddler, she will be approaching 70-years-old. When her child is ten-years-old, she will be getting close to 80-years-old. It's simple mathematics.

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  • See, See My Frenemy, Come Out and Hate on Me

    See, see my frenemy,
    Come out and hate on me,
    And bring your insults three
    Pretend to compliment me
    Then quietly call me a " w----"
    As I walk out the door,
    And we'll be jolly frenemies
    forever more...

    In middle school or high school, it seems pretty normal to have a few enemies. And in most cases, you probably deserve not to be liked here and there. You blabbed a secret to someone, decided you liked Johnny even though your best friend said she liked him first, made fun of someone behind their back and got caught via 3-way calling. (Did any of you do that in high school? OMG! The girls I went to school with did and it was brutal.)

    Thanks to the 2004 movie, Mean Girls, the term "frenemy" got lots of attention. It's a friend, and also an enemy. How convenient! Someone who is nice to you to your face, they don't have your best interests at heart. It's shady and confusing. You can learn how to spot one in an article on eHow, How to Spot a Frenemy.

    MommyQ wants to know how you go

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  • Bully-Proofing Your Kids: You May Be The Bully!

    I think we can all relate to being bullied or perhaps, being the bully, at some point in our lives. We tend to think picking on the little kid, the quiet kid or the different kid is just part of childhood. And regardless what experts say, I think it is and will continue to be. It's not going away, so we might as well be prepared as both parents and as kids.

    Do you know who the biggest bully can be in a child's life? His or her parents! The way we speak to our kids, or hustle them along, or bark commands, has a direct impact on how they interact with their peers. Most of the time a bully is being bullied by someone.

    I attended a workshop earlier this week, hosted at a local elementary school, about bully-proofing your kids. Interestingly enough the bully and the victim aren't the only one being negatively affected. The bystander who witnesses the bullying can be more deeply affected than the actual victim. They're usually scared to get involved (out of fear of becoming the victim) and

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  • To Blog or Not to Blog? That Seems to be the Question..

    Recently MommyQ has been asked a lot of questions about blogging. Why do it? How do you do it? Do you make any money? Well, it depends...

    Before you start blogging, whether it's for money or fun, you must recognize that it takes up a lot of time. Even if you enjoy writing and can tackle your topics rather quickly, it's not a super-speedy pastime. A great way to start your blogging adventure is to decide why you're blogging. Is it for fun or to make money? Your main goals will dictate how you proceed.

    If you are blogging for fun, you have a lot of freedom. You can use a Wordpress or Blogspot url, find a template you like and just jump in. Be careful about how much personal info you share because once it's out there, you can't really take it back. Keep that in mind, especially if you are writing about your children and posting personal pictures.

    If you want to make your blog profitable at some point, you might start by purchasing your own url. You can find one quickly and

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