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  • Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

    What is better during the holidays than a home filled with the smell of fresh baked cookies?
    They say the south is full of nuts and to some extent that may be true, one nut in particular we are partial to in South Carolina is pecans! This recipe is great during the holidays, especially if you are having any Christmas eve parties, or holiday gatherings. For great baking accessories in South Carolina, see the information at the bottom of this article on how to get local supplies right here from South Carolina. This recipe is a yummy version of the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. It has a little extra flare. Here's the recipe: Chocolate chip pecan cookies

  • Cranberry Glaze for Christmas Ham

    Whole cranberry sauce is the tasty base for this glaze.
    Nothing says "Christmas" like cranberry sauce with its bright red, tart flavor. Did you know it just so happens to make the best Christmas ham glaze too? This recipe is simple, tasty and just perfect for that special Christmas dinner. Here's the simple recipe: Cranberry glaze for Christmas ham

  • How to Make Your Own Old Fashioned Eggnog

    Store bought Eggnog has nothing on this homemade version.

    For a unique treat for Christmas, why not try your hand at your own homemade version?
    This particular recipe calls for cooking this custard beverage prior to serving. This makes it a safe beverage for all to consume and tastes far better than the eggnog you see in the grocery store. If you love eggnog, this recipe will allow you to make it anytime of year, instead of waiting once a year to buy it.
    Here's the recipe: How to make old fashioned Eggnog

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  • Santa's Magic Party Mix

    This tasty party mix is fun for everyone even the kids!
    If you are planning on having a friends and family party for the holidays, you've got to serve up a nice big bowl of this yummy munch. It has all the yummy flavors of Christmas, and the recipe is oh so easy. Children can help make this and they'll love munching on it on Christmas eve with a nice cup of cocoa. Here's the recipe: Santa's magic party mix

  • Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup

    Those canned soups have nothing on this easy to make hearty soup.

    This is a flavorful hearty soup, but also very easy to make because you can easily use frozen vegetables instead of preparing everything raw. This also means you can make a "tastes like you cooked it all day" in half the time and get it on the table for supper quickly.

    Here's the recipe: Hearty beef vegetable soup

  • White Chili with Chicken

    White chili has all the flavor that traditional chili has, with less heartburn.
    Most all of us have a chili recipe on hand especially for cold winter nights, or when we have a yearning for something rich, flavorful and spicy. However, more often than not we pay for it in one way or another. White chili with chicken is a yummy healthy alternative that has a warm, creamy texture and can certainly be considered "comfort" food. This quick and easy recipe is made with beans that southerners call "soup" beans. White Navy beans are creamy and have a mild flavor, and are the perfect compliment to the flavors in this dish.
    Here's the recipe: Healthy white chili with chicken

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  • Cheesy Bacon Cornbread

    Wait until your family gets a whiff of this on Christmas morning.
    If you are looking for a wonderful recipe for your Christmas morning breakfast, this easy cheesy bacon cornbread recipe will have the whole family happy. Using thick cut bacon, and your favorite shredded cheese you can make a homemade batch of cornbread in no time.
    Get the super easy recipe here: Cheesy bacon cornbread

  • Quick and Easy Chorizo Chili

    Warm and spicy choriso chili will satisfy you when it's cold outside.
    Once the chilly weather sets in, we will all be looking for those comforting warm dishes that make us want to snuggle up on the sofa, look at the flickering of a fireplace and enjoy the evening. This quick and easy Chorizo chili recipe is perfect, loaded with flavor, it tastes like it took all day to simmer. It is an easy fix and is semi-homemade. Using store bought ingredients along with some special add ins.
    Here's the recipe: Quick and easy, Chorizo chili

  • Interior Design Terms and Definitions: G-S

    Wainscoting is a common interior design application in homes.

    The world of interior design can be a confusing place to be with so many terms and definitions used in the language. Simplifying and explaining these terms is also no easy task. However, once you become familiar with the most common ones, you'll not only become a savvy consumer, you'll be a savvy home decorator as a result. Here is the second in the series on Interior design terms and definitions covering G-S.

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  • Handling the Holidays with an Addicted Family Member

    Handling the holidays with an addicted family member is difficult.
    Most family members of addicts and alcoholics go through a great deal of stress during the holidays. Whether or not to include an addicted family member to holiday functions, controlling unpredictable behaviors,worrying over missing money and valuables can all be stressful for the family. Some important planning can take place to help make these family occasions less stressful. Read more here: Handling the holidays with an addicted family member.


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