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  • How to Properly Decorate a Christmas Tree

    Decorating the tree can be a chore but keeping things organized helps.
    Christmas trees are a beautiful sight to behold during the holidays. With all the ornaments, lights and special touches any tree can be transformed into a magical symbol of peace on earth and good will. Decorating a tree is another thing all together. It is a lot of work to decorate a Christmas tree but keeping it organized and simple will yield the best results. For tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree see:
    How to properly decorate a Christmas tree

  • Coffee Cocoa Torte

    Meringue is the basis of this great Coffee Torte recipe!

    If you want to really impress guests this year for your holiday gatherings, what better way than with this decadent Coffee Torte? This is the perfect dish to serve at Christmas eve parties, Quaint gatherings of friends and family and also an impressive dessert for any coffee lover. If you live in South Carolina and would love to visit our wonderful coffee shops see the *link at the bottom of this article.

    Here's the complete recipe: Coffee Cocoa Torte

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  • Top 5 Rice Dishes

    Rice pudding is simple and so tasty during the cold months.

    Southerners love rice and usually have it with almost every meal. South Carolina has a long standing history with rice. From the 1700's to present, rice has been a mainstay in the lifestyle of South Carolinians. Rice is a bland staple when left to its own devices however, it is a tasty treat when added in a recipe. There are many recipes involving the versatile grain. Here are a few of the top rice dishes and recipes.

    Here's the recipes for the: Top 5 rice dishes

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  • Held Hostage by Addiction

    Addiction in the family holds everyone captive in one way or another..
    When a friend or family member is battling addiction, the whole family becomes engulfed in the problem and in essence is held hostage. Trapped in the addicts world, you either succumb to their addiction by becoming an enabler, or you abandon the addict and withdraw waiting for that one phone call that says it is over.
    Family members often become overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, shame, depression and a type of grief is experienced very similar to losing a loved one entirely. The addicts family often defines their happiness by the type of day the addict is having. This is a classic form of co-dependency.
    Continue reading here: Held hostage by addiction

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  • Recovering Addicts and Depression During the Holidays

    Depression sometimes exists long before addiction.
    You would think that recovering addicts would have so much to be thankful for during the holidays that they'd never get depression. We know now that many addicts suffer from depression aside from their addiction, and, in fact a good deal of their addiction stems from self medicating via pain killers. It is really imperative that recovering addicts find strength and help through their sponsors and to also separately have their depression treated. To find out the symptoms of depression continue reading: Recovering addicts and depression during the holidays

  • Holiday Decorating and Knowing Your Style

    Decorating for the holidays is a great way to get into the spirit of things.
    With the onset of the holidays in full swing the urge to decorate our homes is the best way to get into the holiday spirit. However, there are homeowners that are intimidated by things like color. Being intimidated by the bold colors of the holidays send some of us into a tail spin. Do I use red and green in a beige room? Will my color choices clash and be tacky with everything else in the room?
    Continue reading for ideas and inspiration: Holiday decorating and knowing your style

  • Left Over Turkey Recipes

    Ahh the leftovers...
    Thanksgiving meals cost a fortune and the only way we can really offset the cost is to make full use out of any of the leftovers. This means coming up with tasty ways to keep on dishing up the bird until there is little left. After all, can you truly be thankful for the bountiful blessing if you throw out most of it? These recipes are simple and tasty, and economical too.
    Get the recipe ideas here: Left over turkey recipes

  • Avoiding Relapse in Your Recovery from Addiction

    Addicts often believe using drugs will give them the freedom to be happy.

    Many addicts and their family often encounter huge odds when it comes to addiction. However, many addicts do go on to do well without relapsing at all. There may be those that will relapse and knowing what can contribute to relapse is winning half of the battle. When we fall off the proverbial horse we must commit to get back on again, else we go nowhere. There are many things we can do to avoid having a relapse or at least improve the odds of a relapse. Here is a list of things a recovering addict needs to know to make relapse less likely.
    Read the tips here: Avoiding relapse in your recovery from addiction

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  • How to Make Turkey Gumbo

    Okra is a main ingredient in every gumbo, it's a natural soup thickener.
    Hey, Thanksgiving is over, and some of you may be dealing with leftovers, especially Turkey. This recipe will give you a nice way to use the left over bits of the turkey. To get even more mileage out of the leftovers, be sure to use any veggies that weren't polished off as well. If you have a lot, consider using your crock pot!
    Here is the recipe: How to make Turkey Gumbo

  • Best Christmas Party Beverages

    Hot mulled wine is perfect for the holidays.

    If you are planning ahead for Christmas or other upcoming holiday events, having great beverages is a great way to celebrate them. These recipes are reader favorites. Whether its adult parties, quiet evenings by the fire, or just casual gatherings these recipes are must haves.

    For the recipes, see: Best Christmas Beverages


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