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  • Top Spring and Summer Dessert Recipes

    Did you think lemonade was just a great beverage? Try it in pie!

    If you are looking for luscious cool desserts for spring and summer look no further. This list of desserts represents some of the most popular recipes and there's good reason, they're great! These cool and tasty treats will keep you and your family chilling on those days perfect for grilling. Here are a list of the most popular spring and summer desserts and their recipes: Top Spring and Summer Desserts

  • Exercise Equipment for Those Weighing More Than 250 Lbs

    If your scale reads over 250 lbs. you'll have a hard time finding exercise equipment to purchase.

    If you are over 250 lbs. you have no doubt been frustrated by the lack of exercise equipment out there that can withstand your weight capacity. A quick research over many online sites offering exercise equipment shows on average the maximum weight capacity for many exercise equipment to be no more than 250 lbs. It seems pretty clear the health and fitness industry has forgotten those who really need the most help. With so many needing exercise help, it is befuddling and amazing that more companies that manufacture equipment haven't raised the bar a little and made exercise equipment for those needing it the most.
    For a list of exercise equipment that is made for those weighing more than 250 lbs. see:
    List of exercise equipment for those weighing more than 250 lbs.

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  • How to Make Broccoli and Cheese Soup

    This easy soup is also low carb.

    If you're looking for a tasty cheesy soup that will fulfill your comfort food needs for the day, then this soup may be the one to fill the bill. If you love broccoli and cheese you'll love this creamy low carb soup that is great for lunch time in the spring. Try adding in different cheeses and spices to get a different flavor for your soup.
    This recipe serves about 8. The carb count is around 10 grams per serving.
    Here's the super easy recipe and also a how to video:How to make broccoli and cheese soup

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  • How to Be Comfortable in a New Home and Life

    Even the familiar scent of a favorite flower can make you feel more at home in a new environment.

    If you've suddenly gotten married and moved into your new spouses home, it may take a lot of getting used to. There may be a lot left over from the other relationship, especially with widows and widowers. You new partner may not be ready for a great deal of changes in their home right off the bat.
    It may have been a big step for them to find a new partner to begin with so slow and steady is the way to go. The key is to address the five senses, one by one...

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  • How to Make Creamy Vegetable Pasta Cassole

    Serve this recipe, hot or cold, either way it's a delicious dish.

    Warm and creamy pasta and vegetables is a simple side dish that packs flavor and comfort into any meal you serve. You can have this as a warm and cheesy casserole or put in the refrigerator and serve as a pasta salad. Either way you'll love this simple side dish. It's also a great "add to" recipe. Try adding tuna fish, canned salmon, or crab meat on a bed of crisp lettuce for a great light lunch.
    Get the simple recipe here: How to make creamy vegetable pasta casserole

  • How to Make Tilapia with Herbed Butter

    Tilapia is an easy and healthy dish to serve to your family.

    As the warmer months roll in we like to eat lighter. Finding recipes that are healthy and lighter give us more energy for the fun activities we all take part in during the warm months. Tilapia is a mild flavored fish, super easy to cook, and with the right seasonings can be a wonderful flavorful dish to serve to your family.

    Continue reading here for the recipe: How to make Tilapia with herbed butter

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  • Mulled Tea Punch

    Various flavored teas can make this mulled tea punch taste great in warm and chilly weather.

    This beverage is perfect served either warm or chilled. It is great served chilled in the evening after a barbecue in the spring and summer, and awesome during fall and winter as a warm mug of good cheer. Either way this is a spicy treat for adults. This recipe makes around 10 servings. To serve a child friendly version, omit wine and use sparkling grape juice
    Get the recipe here: Mulled tea punch

  • HGTV's 2012 Green Home Sweepstakes Has Begun

    HGTV Green Home Sweepstakes is now officially open.

    If you love the idea of going green and living in an Eco-friendly dwelling, then you will love the latest HGTV sweepstakes green home. The latest sweepstakes will allow you not only to win the home of your dreams but live an environmentally friendly lifestyle too. Located in Serenebe, Georgia, the latest green home offered up for grabs has a southern flare and the architect describes his inspiration for the design as "modern farmhouse."
    Continue to read and enter here: HGTV's ' Green Home 2012 Sweepstakes' is on

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  • Red Velvet Cake with Orange Cream Frosting

    Red Velvet Cake, moist and decadent.

    Red Velvet Cake is a beautiful and flavorful cake. A southern treat that will look beautiful on your table any time of year. Deep red, with a moist dense texture, this cake marries well with almost any frosting, but the Orange cream frosting seems as great a compliment as traditional cream cheese frosting.

    For the recipe see: How to make a Red Velvet Cake with Orange Cream Frosting

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  • Summer Squash Casserole

    Summer squash casserole is a great side dish.

    With the warm weather seeming to settle down in the south, produce in the stores is an easy find. Making casseroles this time of year is great for all those functions that start popping up on your social calendar like Easter dinner and church dinners. This simple side dish is great if you love yellow summer squash. It packs a big punch of flavor and is easy to prepare. Great as a take a long casserole dish, or for a side with chicken or fish.

    Continue reading here for the simple recipe:
    Summer squash casserole

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