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  • Tips for Shopping for New Furniture

    Buying new furniture can be a great investment if done wisely.
    For homeowners and interior decorators nothing feels so great as finding a source for your inspiration that fits your budget, while offering high end quality for the price. While there are many fine furniture stores across the United States, there are some that have sacrificed wonderful customer service in the process and as a result lose a sale or two as well. When shopping for furniture there are a few key things to look for in a any store you visit.
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  • How to Unify Large Multi Purpose Spaces in Your Home

    Large multipurpose rooms need to blend well while maintaining their individual purposes.
    When trying to unify a large multi functional space, a clean slate is best. Take note of things like wall outlets, cable and phone lines etc. These all will play a key part in space assignment and definition. Once the room is clear you will notice the large expanses of individual surfaces like the ceiling, floor, and walls. These large surfaces ideally need to tie in together to create a unified design. When choosing paints, flooring, window treatments, etc. remember that they will be the background for the room entirely.
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  • How to Lighten Up a Dark Space in Your Home

    Dark spaces need extra attention in the home.
    If you are like a lot of homeowners you have at least one "problem" room in your home. Dark spaces can feel dank, depressing and usually wont be used as much. To brighten up these dark rooms there are a few designer insider tricks that can be utilized to maximize low light areas

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  • Furnishing Your Small Space

    Small scale furniture works well in tight spaces.

    There are more options today than ever to help you outfit your small space and live comfortably in style. Choosing the right scale furniture is key in creating the feeling of space in a small area. Luckily there are furniture stores and manufacturers that are responding to small space living needs. Here are a few tips on how to furnish a smaller living space.

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  • How to Maximize Space in Your Small Home

    Small spaces require a big imagination.
    No doubt one of the biggest challenges with many homeowners is how to get maximum space from a small room. Empty-nesters, and those downsizing are often overwhelmed with the task of trying to house all of their belongings and decor into a condensed area. With limited square footage, you have to literally think outside the box, and up the sides of the box, if you will. When we look at any space and what it offers we tend took at the limitations of the actual square footage, however, by simply looking "up" we may realize that the next available space may be at eye level.
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  • Planting Azaleas in Your Landscape

    Azaleas are a great addition to your landscape.
    Azaleas can be a truly spectacular show of color in your landscape. While they aren't the most difficult plant to care for, they do have a few requirements that will ensure better results. There are very few yards in the south that don't have at least one Azalea. If you are a novice gardener, this shrub may be the one to try out. Inexpensive and usually easy to grow, it's an easy way to add beauty and color to your landscape. For great products made especially for Azaleas, see the *links at the bottom of this article. Here's a few tips for caring for your Azaleas.
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  • Adding Ornamental Grasses to Your Landscape

    Ornamental grasses are a popular landscape addition.
    Ornamental grasses add interest, texture, color and versatility to any garden landscape. Ornamental grasses are particularly great for growing in poor soil, drought conditions and in full sun. Some of the most beautiful varieties can fill in bare spots in a landscape where little else will grow. Here are a few varieties that you may like to add to your southern garden.
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  • Growing and Caring for the Eastern Red Bud Tree

    The Eastern Red bud tree is a beautiful welcomed sight in early Spring.

    In the south it is apparent that Spring is on it's way. While we may still get that one last frost in April as per usual, a gardener can't help but get a little enthusiastic nonetheless. One tree that will bring a beautiful boost of color to your spring garden is the Eastern Red Bud tree also known as the Judas Tree. This is the state tree of Oklahoma and with good reason. It is a beautiful and welcome site that let's us know Spring is on the way. A showy, flowering tree with lovely bright purple flowers and beautiful, large, heart shaped leaves.

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  • HGTV Launches Mortgage Madness Sweepstakes

    We all could use a little help with our mortgage these days.

    If you're like most homeowners in America right now winnings to the tune of $50,000.00 sure would help out a lot with your mortgage. Starting from February 28th until March 27th HGTV will launch their $50,000.00 Mortgage Madness Sweepstakes. There are several different ways you can enter this sweepstakes.

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  • Homemade Chicken Soup

    Chicken soup made in the crock pot is easy and oh so tasty!
    This recipe makes good use of a kitchen must have, the crock pot. Using a few great short cuts you can have delicious homemade soup in no time and it is a great way to feed a large family, or to bring to a social gathering. Make up a large batch of this, freeze it, or take it to a friend that is under the weather. Nothing says I love you like homemade chicken soup. If you love chicken stew, simply add a few cups of diced potatoes and carrots along with a can of cream of chicken soup. There's a lot of ways to enjoy this basic recipe.
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