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  • User post: High Fashion at Low Prices? Rachel Roy Thinks So!

    As we watched and marveled at the designs of Fashion Week, we all couldn't help but think that we could never afford the socks on the model, let alone the outfit! With the economy getting comfortable at the bottom, we are even less inclined to spend globs of money on a designer outfit, no matter how much we may want it. So when I heard that the Rachel Roy had a line out that was meant to be affordable and accessible to us average Janes, my fashion ears definitely perked up!

    Rachel Roy (along with Jones Apparel Group) launched this past August Rachel Rachel Roy, a diffusion brand that looks to appeal to those who want high quality clothing at an affordable price. Though dresses in her Rachel Roy New York line can run in the $1,000 range, this new line offers sportswear from $59-$299, jewelry form $40 to $195, and handbags from $69 to $109.

    I have to say that the clothes are still very chic and as trendy as its pricier counterpart so it's worth checking out either

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  • Fashion You Can Sink Your Teeth Into! Get VAMPED up for Fall!

    Whether you're into the Twilight series, or simply Vampire obsessed, this is definitely the video for you! Bluefly's CEO Melissa Payner tells you how to rock the latest vampire-inspired looks, from the leggings to the blood red lipstick!

    So do you feel vampire-inspired?

    Haven't had enough? Check out Fierce for behind the scenes pics!

    Be beautiful ladies!

    Video courtesy of: Bluefly
  • Just Say.......Oh....! The Eau Spa at the Ritz Carlton, West Palm Beach, FL

    You're lying on a plush, white chaise. You are surrounded by sheer green and white curtains that just give you a glimpse of the outside. You pick up your glass of fruit flavored water off the silver side table next to you. You look up and see a custom-made crystal stemware chandelier, giving off a calming glow. Its time and you are escorted to your private spa villa. The blue lighting is low, just how you wanted it. The calming smell of lavender softly fills the air and with each whiff your body seems to melt. You lye down on the most comfortable bed you ever laid on and close your eyes. Soothingly hot bamboo sticks glide across the oils that grace your back , massaging every last muscle. After an hour of having your worries, stress, and anxieties massaged away, you are now led to the Self Centered Garden. You find an inviting lounge chair close to one of the garden's mini waterfalls and just say….Oh.

    This is just a taste of what you can experience at the Eau Spa at the Ritz

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  • Get Expert Hair Advice! My Interview with A-list Hair Stylist Anthony Barrow

    I had the privilege and the honor of interviewing Anthony Barrow, the famed A-list hair stylist for Avon. He is a regular at Fashion Week, the London ready-to-wear shoes, and recently appeared on "Make Me a Super Model", Bravo's own hit series. I was able to get the scoop on the latest fall trends, how to repair summer hair, and what hair products we girls need to get our hands on to achieve the latest looks for the season!

    MJ: How did you get into the business of styling hair?

    AB: I've always loved to create unique looks, so styling was a natural next step. Fashion Week especially is a great time to go all out, be as creative and out-of-the-box as possible and really take styling to that next level.

    MJ: What do you love most about your job?

    AB: I've always loved helping to create new shapes, textures and looks with hair. You could say that it's my canvas...and innovative and cutting-edge style is what it's all about.

    MJ: Fall is almost here, and along with

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  • Straight out of Fashion Week! Get the look from Charlotte Ronson’s Runway Show

    As you may know, we're in the thick of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! Although Fashion Week focuses on the hottest clothes for Spring 2010, we can't ignore the great hair styles that also grace the New York runways! For those of us who aren't fortunate enough to even get a backstage pass, we need all the insider info we can get! I'm here to give you your fix!

    I was fortunate enough to get an inside look at the hairstyle that rocked the Charlotte Ronson's Runway show. This 1980's remake of the Juliard Ballerina Bun is fun, simple, and chic. Though the Ronson show is over, you can take this look home with you! Along with an insider's peak at the hairstyles, I was also able to get some great tips on how to achieve this look by Allen Ruiz, the lead stylist himself from Avon Advanced Techniques!

    First, here are the products you need:

    • · Advance Techniques Salon Volume Finishing Spray
    • · Advance Techniques Paddle Brush
    • · Advance Techniques Hair
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  • Need a Mini Make-up Session? Check out Sephora! I Did!

    It's easy for a girl to default to the same kind of look when it comes to make-up. Its safe, its familiar and its a look that you know is a winner every time. I was definitely falling into that rut and decided a needed to shake things up a bit! So I went to one of my beauty playgrounds - Sephora!

    I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and introduce my eyes to some vibrant color. One of the beauty consultants was happy to give me a mini make-up session as part of their Free Express Services. Being that blue is my absolute favorite color, she gave me gorgeous smokey eyes with a cool combo of blue eyeshadows. And this was the end result:

    It was definitely something different and the more I looked at myself, the more I liked it! The coolest thing about the whole experience: The consultant talked me through the whole process, telling me what to apply, how to apply, and where to apply. She also wrote down the products she used on a cute little card.

    Don't have time for a

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  • User post: What's Your Beauty Buy Regret??

    I went to the Beauty Supply store this past weekend to get a new hood dryer (my old one died on me!) and I felt inspired to do something new to my hair. I always wear it straight down and curled under and I wanted a change - a change that didn't require chemicals or a pony tail! As I walked down each aisle, I stumbled on this plastic curling rods. I imagined my hair in these cute spiral curls that would look awesome in my hair. I snatched them up, along with my hair dryer and rushed home to try them out.

    After washing and deep conditioning my hair, I got ready to use these rods. I open them up and there are no instructions!! How in the world am I supposed to use these things?? How would they stay in my hair?? There wasn't anything to hold them in! After a few fruitless attempts, I stashed these bad boys away and resorted to my usual wet wrap. I definitely suffered a Beauty Buy Regret!

    What is your beauty buy regret??

    Photo courtesy of:

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  • User post: What's Your Favorite Type of Clothing?

    If you were to open up my closet my favorite type of clothing would be clear as day:

    Jeans and Tanks

    I love the versatility of jeans! You can dress them up with a flirty top and cute pumps. You can also dress them down with a pair of sporty sneaks and your favorite baby tee. I can get two different looks with the same pair of jeans!

    I also love tanks. Besides the fact I live in FL and its hot all year round, tanks are just as versatile I can also dress them up with long, funky necklaces or big hoop earrings. I can also dress them down (throwing it on with some shorts and head out the door!). Tanks come in all colors and designs so they can definitely accommodate any mood I may find myself in.

    So ladies, what is your favorite type(s) of clothing? What seems to dominate your closet?

    Photos courtesy of: Old Navy, New York and Company (two of my favorite stores!)

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  • Hmmm.... Wanna Play?? The New Scent from Givenchy

    (Blogger's Note: I know that we girls on Shine usually blog about beauty products for women but I thought I give the guys something to check out. Besides, they have to smell just as good as we do!)

    I had the great opportunity to check out Givenchy's new cologne for men called "Play". From the moment my fiance put it on; we were both hooked on it!

    It's no wonder the sexy and talented Justin Timberlake is the face of this new cologne for men. Play hit the shelves this August and just by looking at the packaging you know it has to be one of a kind. Its sleek and slender bottle lives up to its name, taking its design cue from modern day MP3 players.

    Its modern and sophisticated scent is just as seductive as Timberlake. Givency's fragrance, which is based on oil from Carribean Ardent Amyris Wood, is clean and crisp. The scent makes a statement without being overbearing; making it wearable for any type of event (my fiance says he would wear it even to go grocery shopping!)

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  • User post: It's All About The Hair! My Favorite Celebrity Do's!

    If you have been checking out my Blog, you would know that I LOVE writing about hair! I think a woman's hair is her best asset and everything down how we walk changes for the better with a new do! I thought I would share with you some of my favorite celebrity hair styles and hopefully you can find one you would like to try! (I know I have found several!)


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