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  • Perms Have Gone Digital???

    I get magazines and newspapers going from print to digital. I understand and accept that modern day communication takes place over digital airwaves. But when my regular email from the Daily Candy came into my inbox about the Digital Perm, I was very intrigued!

    Although I relax my hair to get the curls out, they are plenty of women who get a perm to get the curls in. As with relaxers, special solutions are applied to the hair to alter its chemical makeup,(in this case to make the hair permanently curly). One can opt for the cold perm (ammonium thioglyucolate, the active ingredient in the solution makes the hair curl) or the warm wave (heat is required for the solution to penetrate the hair).

    The digital perm, however, takes this process to another level. Once the right perm solutions are applied to wet hair, your hair tech rolls it up with curling rods that are connected to a negative ion hub. After a good hour of heat and ionization, a neutralizing solution is put in. After

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  • My Beauty Survival Kit

    Living in South Florida , I practically live in my car, driving from one end of the world (so it feels like!) to the other. In all that travel time, a beauty disaster is bound to happen so I turned my glove box into my beauty survival kit!

    In it, you will find:

    • Deodorant: It is hot down here 99.9% of the time, so I have to stay fresh on the go!
    • Small pack of Maxi's: Aunt Flo comes and goes on her schedule, not mine, so I have to be prepared!
    • Chapstick: If I run out of the house without my lip gloss, this will do!
    • Brush: For those days I want to ride with the window down but still need to arrive to my destination looking cute
    • Bath and Body Works Lotion: Not only does it relieve dry skin whenever it decides to strike, it also acts as my smell-good product when I forget my usual body spray.

    If you are constantly on the go like me, what do you keep in your beauty survival kit?

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  • Bad Hair Day??? What do you do???

    Today is one of those dreaded days for me - a bad hair day! It doesn't want to curl right and the humidity has attacked my bangs. No matter how much I brush it, comb it, or part it my hair refuses to cooperate. I still look like I rolled out of bed! The thought of shaving it all off and starting over crosses my mind a few times!

    The morning is escaping me and I have to get to work. Looking like a hot mess is not an option and unfortunately wearing a hat doesn't cut it in the office. I have to go to work looking like a person! So I take some gel, slick my hair back into a tight ponytail, clip up the ends and walk out the door!

    What do you ladies do when you are plagued with a bad hair day??

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  • User post: Calling all my Curvy Ladies!

    As a fellow curvy woman, I know how hard it can be to find clothing that doesn't consist of mumus or elastic waistbands! So I scoured the net and found some fabulous outifts with a lot of personality!

  • Confessions of an Accessory Addict

    My name is M.J and I'm an Accessory Addict…

    My jewelry box is overflowing. My necklaces are two seconds from falling off its special hook in my closet. Yet, when I walk into the mall and see the accessory places I frequent, I find a way to convince myself I don't have enough!

    So now, in front of all in the blogosphere, I'm coming clean!

    My Gotta-Have Accessories:

    • Silver Hoop Earrings: For me, the bigger, the better so thank goodness I have a long enough neck to rock them! These can make any T-shirt look cuter!

    • Long Necklaces: It can be pearls, beads, silver links, or a simple chain with one big, stand out piece this are essential to dress up the many tanks and baby tees I own.

    • Basic Silver Bracelet: I wasn't big on bracelets, but ever since I got engaged and began sporting my beautiful ring, I saw that my wrists look a little naked when I'm wearing short sleeve tops.
    • Sunglasses: I always consider this the finishing outfit to any outfit,
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  • User Post: Feeling the Heat? Keep a Cool Head.....of Hair!

    Living in South Florida, it is summer all year round (except for two days out of the year when it is actually bearable!) so I'm constantly battling the heat by hitting the beach. Sure, my hair is cute once I get there, but once that salt water touches my tresses, I can look a hot mess! I want to be able to cool off without sacrificing a cute hair-do! So after a day of fun in the sun, I break out my secret weapon:

    Isoplus Styling Gel.

    Hair can go from glitz to frizz in a matter of seconds when the water hits it and when its ninety degrees outside, who wants to slave under a hair dryer or flat iron? So after a good shampoo and conditioner, I apply this gel to my damp hair. The great thing about this product is that it's light and holds your hair in place. It also doubles as a conditioner, which is something my hair needs in the heat. You can find it in any beauty supply store or your neighborhood Walmart or K-Mart in the Ethnic Hair section.

    With this gel I can

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  • Stylin on a Budget! Part 2: Get Ready, Roller Set, and Go!

    If you got all the beauty tools I listed in Stylin', on a Budget Part 1, girl you are ready for Part 2! Here are some tips for giving yourself an fresh-from-the-salon roller set!

    • Drop the towel! I have found that the wetter my hair is, the easier it is to work with and therefore it dries better once it is under the hair dryer.

    • Fun with Foam! Apply a small palm full of wrapping lotion (Motions Wrapping Foam is awesome!) to your hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb. It not only helps distribute the lotion throughout your hair but it also helps detangle your hair with ease.

    • Longer hair = Bigger Roller: For example, I use smaller rollers in the front of my head because it is shorter in the front. The middle of my head has the longest hair, so I up the size of the roller. Your hair should wrap around the roller no more than three times. If it does, chances are the roller is too small.

    • Proper form! With a section of hair in your fingers, stand it
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  • Stylin’ on a Budget! Part 1: Home Salon Essentials

    If you have read my post about DIY relaxing, you already know that I am not about to let the economy have me looking like a hot mess! I still want to have beautiful and bouncy that looks like I stepped out of a salon. In order to achieve that same look while preserving my wallet, I went out and bought the following home salon essentials:

    • Hood Dryer: I do not like drying my hair with a blow dryer so I went out and bought a hood dyer from Gold n Hot which works very well!

    • Wrapping Lotion: Whether I'm doing a roller set or a wet wrap, I always use wrapping lotion to give me the right kind of hold I need while drying. I like Motions Foam Wrapping Lotion because it's not as messy and is easier to work with than the liquid wrapping lotions I've tried in the past.

    • Rollers: If I want to rock some curls, I definitely go with a roller set. You can find the brightly colored plastic rollers at any beauty supply store. The rule of thumb is the longer the hair, the bigger the rollers so
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  • You Tell Me! Relaxer vs Natural

    After my post about relaxing your hair at home, I received some great feedback, both from those who relax their hair to those who prefer to go natural. So I thought it would be great to throw this question out there:

    Would you rather relax your hair or keep it natural?

    As many of you already know, I relax my hair. However, I didn't start relaxing my hair until about 10 years ago when I started college in Florida. Up until then, I always lived up north and all I had to do to keep my hair straight (my hair is naturally wavy) was to do the old fashioned hot comb. My hair would manage to stay straight for the week and I would just touch it up with the curling iron. When I moved to Florida, though, the humidity was not kind and the hot comb only lasted a day at best. So I started using regular children's relaxer and that's what I use to this day.

    I am always willing to learn about the natural side of life when it comes to hair. So that's why I throw this question out to you ladies!

    If you

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  • Great Hair Does Start at the Scalp! Three Hair Products That Can Save the Day!

    If you are suffering from dull, dry hair I think these can definitely help a sista out!

    My hair has a very high tendency to dry out, especially in this summer heat. However, I hate applying a whole bunch of hair products to be hair because my hair then becomes heavy and greasy and that is so not cute!

    So I listed three products that I only apply to my scalp and then comb through to evenly distribute. I only have it do it once a week and I usually do once I finish washing and drying my hair.

    Blue Magic: A little bit of this Blue can bring a lot of Magic to your hair! I use this on a weekly basis and it moisturizes my hair all week long. A bit of caution, this product is heavy, so unless you want your hair to be a fire hazard, please use sparingly!

    DOO GRO® Triple Strength Medicated Hair Vitalizer: There was a time where I was experiencing a lot of breakage. I used this on my scalp (once again, very sparingly!) once to twice a week. Not only did it moisturize, it

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