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  • User post: Tips for Relaxing Your Hair at Home

    We all know the recession is hitting us pretty hard and that does not exclude us ladies who are used to hitting up the salon to get our relaxers and touch ups every 4 to 6 weeks. Nowadays, those trips to get our "hair did" can add up so if have been considering going the DIY route, here are some tips to get you through!

    Before I get into the tips, let me just give a little hair info about myself. I have been relaxing my own hair at home for about 3 to 4 years now. I had a bad experience at a salon and just decided that if I wanted it done right, I would at least try to do myself!

    So, without further a-due, here we go!

    • Read! - please, please, please, read all the instructions that come with the relaxer kit you purchased.

    • Get Greased Up! - make sure that scalp is protected by greasing it first ( I like Bergamont or Blue Magic). This will help protect it through the harsh relaxing process. It will also give you practice parting your hair and finding your scalp
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  • “Smile Even Though Your Heart is Breaking” – What is your MJ moment?

    If you were like me yesterday, you could not help but shed a tear as you watched Michael Jackson's Memorial Service yesterday. Though my heart hated to see a man with such undeniable talent leave this life to start the next, I had to find a way to smile. So I thought about how I enjoyed Michael Jackson's music and I found my MJ moment:

    As I kid I used to love going to my grandmother's house because she had a huge basement with a great sound system. I would carefully put my on MJs Bad album that I had vinyl on my grandfather's record player. When the music started, it was my cue!

    Dressed in my neon colored leggings and oversized tee-shirt (I'm an eighty's baby!) I would take the floor. I would be in that basement all afternoon, making up my own show-stopping moves that (I thought!) were just as good as Michael's. I danced to every single song on that album, even the slow ones! I would even go a step further and imagine that I was one of his back up dancers at one of his

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  • Shine Beauty Panel Contest - What Beauty Product Can I Not Live Without? Just Ask My Hair!

    I can have on the funkiest halter top, the sexiest stretch jeans, and the most fabulous, ankle-killing shoes and I am nothing unless I use this:

    Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo

    My hair is my ultimate accessory and if my hair isn't together, I'm not together! That's why this shampoo is a must for me.

    Because of the relaxer I use, my hair is very vulnerable to dryness and damage. That's why I need a shampoo that packs an arsenal of conditioning and a ton of moisturizers to have my hair looking its best. When I use Motions, my hair feels noticeably soft and conditioned from the first lather to the final rinse. The silk and keratin proteins really go to work and when I'm done, my hair shines and bounces just like the hair commercials! Other shampoos I've tried leave my hair feeling raw and stripped down, something my hair will not tolerate, and it definitely shows! I have to love my hair so my hair can love me back!

    My hair is spoiled I know but that's why Motions Lavish

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  • How to get Passionate Right Now!

    Has your life been lacking passion lately? Are things not as hot and heavy as they used to be? Need that excitement back? Here's how to get that spark back into your life....(go on keep reading!!)

    First things first - get your mind out of the bedroom! I'm talking about the things you were once passionate about. That thing that hauled your butt out of bed every morning. That powerful thought and urge that kept pushing you through when you thought you couldn't go another inch.

    I thought about this when my best friend and I were speaking last night of the things we were passionate about. It was that passion that could drive us through a burning building, having us laughing afterwards and say, "Hell, it was worth it!" For some of us, that passion burns throughout our whole lives. For others, (like myself), it gets dimmed or even put out all together when the waves of life roll in - paying bills, taking care of your family, having children, contentment (aka, fooling ourselves into

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  • Lessons Learned from a Sibling-Parent

    Sibling-Parent??? How does that work?? Simple....

    I have a younger brother and a younger sister who is 10 and 12 years my junior, respectively. When my parents separated and a few years later divorced shortly after my 16th birthday, it became official: I was a sibling-parent of 2.

    I helped with the late night feedings when they were babies, took them to daycare and school, attended parent-teacher meetings and helped with homework. When my mother moved us to a completely new state, I took care of them after school, making sure homework was done, dinner was cooked, and baths were taken all before my mom got home from work. I attended football games and band practices. My Mother's day cards and phone calls (that I still get to this day) is comparable to my Mom's collection.

    Now that my brother/son is graduating high school on Saturday it really hit me. I sat back and thought back on my life in helping raise these two and have learned the follwing: (Trust me there's more but have to

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  • Falling off the wagon: Is there a 12 step program for this???

    I said it would never happen to me. As a child in school and a teenager in high school, I used to look at some of my peers and tell myself, "That would never be me. I am too prepapred for that. I know what I want. I will not fall into that trap."

    Now ten years after my high school prom, hyped up high school graduation, and two degrees later, it did happen to me...

    Long story short:
    I always wanted to be a lawyer thanks to the endless episodes of Matlock, Law and Order, and The Practice. The mock trial competition I participated in (and won the best lawyer award) sealed my fate. I graduated in the top ten percent of my class, received a full ride to college in the pre-law program, and graduated in four years flat with a great GPA. Law school was in my sights and I went on to take the LSAT.

    That's where the wonderful ride ended.

    Two bad LSAT scores and a ton of rejection letters later I was no where. I still held onto the wagon enrolling in school again, this

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