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  • Beauty Guru: You May Be a Product Junkie If.

    My Beauty drawers (very scary!)

    As I was doing some cleaning while watching one of my favorite shows, Hoarders, I realized just how many beauty products I have! It's insane! My bathroom counter is crazy cluttered, the basket of products under my sink is overflowing, my night table is overrun with perfumes, and my makeup bags (yes plural!) are almost bursting at the seams. And oh, I forgot to mention the ledge in my shower is decorated with products also! And yet, I always want to try the new and latest thing (and trying new things for the sake of my blog is always my justification!) I was good and did a major overhaul...but I'm not sure if it will last very long!

    So I've come to the conclusion that I am a product junkie and as one, I thought it would be fun to list some of the Product Junkie tendencies. Mind you this isn't scientific, but if anything it'll give you a break from the day!

    You may be a product junkie if:

    • Your bathroom counter space looks more like a Walgreens shelf then a sink
    • You have
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  • Beauty Guru Review: ANEW Clinical Lift and Firm Pro Serum


    With the success of Derma-Full and Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum , Avon has introduced its third product in its clinical line with the ANEW Clinical Lift and Firm Pro Serum. I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with the minds behind this new product, Dr. Anthony and Dr. Cheryl Karcher, about this serum and the special ingredient behind it - Arginine. Arginine is an injectable grade ingredient that helps boost the skin's production of elastin, the protein in your skin that keeps it firm and prevents the sagging that comes with age. Another ingredient more visible in the clear bottle are the Pro-Firming beads, a skin tightening polymer. For those who would rather forgo procedures like Botox¸ this serum aims to give your face a firmer and more youthful appearance just by using it every night before bed. "As you age, skin loses its youthful firmness, resulting in a person looking years older than they truly are," explains Dr. Cheryl Karcher, M.D. "ANEW Clinical Lift and Firm

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  • User post: Industry Experts Dish on the Beauty Products that Changed Their Lives


    I've wanted to share this story with you ladies for the longest (so sorry for the delay)! The peeps over at Shape Magazine sent over this great story to me last month and I thought it would be really cool to see those beauty must haves that stylists, makeup artists, spa owners, and models just have to have. Some can be found as close as your nearest Walgreens or found exclusively at a hotel spa. Either way, it's a great list of beauty recommendations (I know I found a few I would like to try out!) Enjoy the categories I have highlighted and let me know if any of your faves made the list! For the complete story, visit !

    Body beautifiers

    • Victoria 's Secret Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion ($12; "I grew up on the beach and love a bronzed look. To get that gorgeous glow safely, I smooth on this self-tanner once or twice a week. The lotion smells like coconut, not chemicals, so it reminds me of summer all year long.'' -Adriana Lima,
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  • Beauty Review:Andre Walker Hair Care


    Now, I when I get ready to review a product I try not to set my expectations too high. Being disappointed is so not fun! But, when I received the opportunity to review products that recently made it on Oprah's list of favorite things, not being a little excited. I mean, who can go wrong with Oprah?? Anyway, on to the review!

    Just in case you don't know who Andre Walker is, he is a seven-time Emmy award winner and the hair stylist to none other than Oprah herself for the past 25 years. Just last month, he partnered up with HSN to launch his own brand of hair products , which include a Keratin Shampoo, Keratin Conditioner, Q oil, and Hair Make-up (I know, I've never heard of that either!). His products include natural ingredients such as whole leaf aloe vera, virgin Moroccan argan oil, green tea leaf extracts, and (as you probably guessed it!) protein building keratin. His hair goodies are also formulated to work with all types of hair in an effort to leave it healthy

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  • My Journey Back to My Natural Hair: 8 Months In

    My Hair Relaxed - July 2010My Hair Relaxed - July 2010
    After relaxing my hair for the past eleven years I'm shaking things up by taking a break and letting my hair do its thing!

    The decision came about when I first met my hair stylist during an interview with Tippi Shorter . He did a marvelous job with my hair and when I went back to see him for a much needed trim, he suggested I lay off the relaxer and try Vigerol instead, a liquid relaxing treatment that's supposed to be milder, only loosening my natural curl to make my hair easier to straighten. During that visit, it was already three months since my last relaxer touch up and had to wait three more to get that treatment done.

    In November I got the Vigerol treatment done, got a fabulous cut, and on my way to a new type of hair.

    Now its eight months later and boy am I noticing some changes.

    My hair 8 months laterMy hair 8 months later

    The Good Changes

    My hair is going back to its natural black color. The relaxer had my hair more of a brownish color so it was nice to see my hair back to black again.


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  • Fierce News: Canyon Ranch 360 Well-Being and Everyday Fitness IPad applications

    360 Well-Being_loading_l

    If one of your New Year's Resolutions was to get in better shape and be less stressed, then this may be worth checking out! Canyon Ranch, a website dedicated into getting your fit and totally Zen has launched a series of IPad applications to get your started. With three categories to choose from - Mind, Body, Spirit there is something for everyone with a collection of 21 fitness and food videos, 91 inspirational articles, 23 mediations (including 3 audio meditations). The Everyday Fitness App is the first series to launch (just in time for New Year's huh!) with videos, articles, tips and advice on everything from overall fitness to Yoga and Pilates, with an easy, on-the-go access.

    Unfortunately I don't have an IPad yet, but if you do, you can head on over to the website and get your Zen on! Each app is $3.99, so it won't hurt your pocket.

    Now go and be Zen! Find your center! (sorry couldn't help it!)

    Read on for more Fierce News and Reviews!


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  • Fierce Fragrance: Calvin Klein Euphoria


    Happy New Year Ladies!!

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break!! To jump off 2011, I thought I start out with an awesome review of a new fragrance from Calvin Klein!

    After having a pleasant experience with Calvin Klein Beauty, I was psyched to try out Calvin Klein Euphoria. While Beauty is perfect scent for the daytime, Euphoria was meant to be worn for a night on the town, with notes of exotic fruits, florals, and a creamy signature note made up of amber and mahogany wood. Just reading that description set my expectation up high and having it just in time for the holidays gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out.

    The bottle itself is ultra modern, a design that I wouldn't equate with its name. But the wavy shape of the silver and clear bottle is pretty cool, prominently standing out from the rest of the bottles in my collection. The scent is very sexy with its mixture of the woods and floral scents. The fragrance is rich, making a statement yet not

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  • User post: Beauty Blast: Dr. Miracle’s Hair and Skin Care Products

    Happy Tuesday ladies! Hope you're enjoying any and all pre-holiday festivities this week!

    Today's on the Fierce review chopping block is the Follicle Hair Collection and My Mircacle Face Care products from Dr. Miracle. Though I'm very familiar with their hair products, I didn't know they also had a skin care line, so that's where I'll start my review off with first!

    Dr. Miracles Skin

    My Miracle Face Care Line (which is exclusively sold at Walmart) contains ingredients such as soy and shea butter and Vitamins C, B3, E, to help heal brittle skin, blemishes, and discoloration while keeping skin renewed. The line includes a Tingling Acne Facial Cleanser ($5.99) and Facial Toner ($5.99), Day Treatment Moisturizer w/ SPF 15 ($7.99), Night Treatment Moisturizer ($7.99), and a Self Cooling Facial Mask ($6.99). My favorite is the Day Moisturizer, which was nice and light for my combo skin. My skin didn't feel greasy and my skin was moisturized all day long. The Self Cooling Mask and the

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  • Shine Beauty Guru Assignment: Colgate® 360°® Toothbrushes

    I cannot believe that the Christmas next weekend! Insanity! The beauty and fashion blogosphere has been lit up with ways to look your absolute best at your next holiday function, from the best sequin anything to the most glammed out beauty look. While many of those bits of advice are fantastic, we can't forget one of the basic ways to look fabulous this holiday season (or any season) - a great smile! That's why this month's assignment, my fellow gurus and I received the opportunity to test drive
    Colgate® 360°® ActiFlex SonicPower Toothbrush.

    This toothbrush is a member of the Colgate 360 family, whose toothbrushes aim to give you a healthier mouth by having tapered bristles, a raised cleaning tip to get those hard to reach places, and a built in cheek and tongue cleaner. The Acti Flex Sonic Power toothbrush is a powered toothbrush with a flexible bridge that moves while your brush, cleaning your teeth in all directions.

    After using this toothbrush for a few weeks I have

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  • Thoughts That Can Change Your Life by Suze Orman

    "You really can change your life, because change starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts create your destiny, if you can think great thoughts, speak great words, you can do great things."

    This is just one of the many great quotes from Suze Orman in her latest book, "Thoughts That Can Change Your Life", which was released last month. Packed with words of wisdom and Suzisms (as she calls them), she aims to help women be stronger, wiser, and happier. She's partnered exclusively with Avon to put out this book of inspiration ($9.99 Avon), with her royalties going straight to the Avon Foundation for Women. Not only is she helping women with this book, she has also helped out one lucky Avon Rep. As the winner of the Avon Representative Money Makeover Sweepstakes, Kadeem Alston-Roman won a personal finance session with Suze Orman along with $10,000. I was able to ask the financial Guru a few questions about her book as well as Kadeem on her meeting with Suze

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