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  • Six Wedding Gifts You Never Think of Asking For

    When I got married over thirteen years ago, my cousin gave me a rice cooker. I didn't ask for it and I asked her why she gave me something I didn't ask for. She responded, you will use it and you will love it. Well, she was completely right and after all these married years, the darn thing still works. Other than my daily dinner plates, my rice cooker is one of the best wedding gifts I received. The fondue pot on the other hand, it went out years ago. I have compiled a list of items I believe are great gifts to register for and they probably are not anything you might think about asking for.
    Getting Wedding Ready

    1. Rice Cooker: You are going to eat with your partner now more than with anyone else in this world. You are also going to eat a lot more rice than you think you will. A rice cooker is simple to use. You dump in the rice. Add the water. Push a button and move along. Add to soups. Serve with stir fry or refrigerate for fried rice the next day.

    2. Coffee Pot with a Hot Water Dispenser: This

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  • Easy Earring Display DIY

    Super Simple but incredibly fun earring displays! Takes earrings from DRAB to FAB!

    Step 1. Go to your local hardware store and grab a few FREE paint samples. We picked colors with intriguing names for an extra touch!


    Step 2. Grab a hole puncher! We have a fancy spancy thin hole puncher that is perfect for earrings, but you can use any you like!


    Step 3. Pick earrings that compliment the paint sample. We love fused glass earrings because the bright backgrounds bring out the iridescent colors


    ALL DONE!!!

    Boy when we say easy, do we mean EASY! Hope you guys liked this DIY project, stay tuned for more!

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  • Best 4 Lip Balms

    When the air gets chilly our lips flake and chap. With no oil glands and thin skin make this area very susceptible to dehydration. Protection from the elements is essential. Choosing a lip balm can be difficult because who wants to purchase thirty different types to try. Four of the best lip balms are listed below to save your wallet and your lips.

  • Want a Fragrance that Lasts? Perfume Oils by Poison Apple Apothecary Will Do the Trick!

    If you are like me, settling on a personal fragrance can take time. Days, months, and years can pass before you truly find a scent that captures your true essence. Then you when you find it, don't you despise when it doesn't last?

    What fragrance can you trust to last as long as you want it too?

    Poison Apple Apothecary, located in Atlanta, Georgia, began as a personal hobby of Angela. Angela, the owner of this fantastically named store, spent most of her extra income delving into her obsession of fragrance. She later settled on perfume oils because "I loved the way it melted into my skin, worked with my body chemistry, and best of all- lasted more than five minutes." As she began blending fragrances, her friends were eager to try these mysterious concoctions too.

    With many blends and fragrances, Poison Apple Apothecary has what you are looking for. A shop favorite would beGhost of the Knoxville Girl. When she told me this I was so eager to try it because at one point I was a Knoxville

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  • Beauty Guru: Keep Your Makeup on All Day: For Real

    Look, I'm in my thirties. I spent my teen years (and a couple before I was really a teen) pouring over fashion and beauty magazines. I spent my early twenties covered in diaper bags and burp shirts. My late twenties I was raising a preteen and other small lads. Now a couple of years into my thirties, I am watching these girls of mine blossom before my eyes. At some point in all women's lives, makeup becomes a wonder.

    At first we question the lipstick and eye shadow. We dab it on at first with a slight shimmer and as an accent. Then as we do with our Iphones when they won't cooperated, we press with a firm finger smudging it with deft force. Soon family members and some friends comment on our makeup choices so we mostly retaliate in teen angst. Instead of the smoky, sexy but innocent look we were at first going for becomes a Taylor Momsen nightmare. Only until we see a photo after the fact of some great party we thought we looked great at resurfaces do we wonder how to apply these

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  • Fall's in the Air: What to Stock Up on Now!

    Fall is a wonderful season filled with outdoor football games, tailgates and chili, movies with blankets, art fairs with wine and starting indoor projects the summer forgot. As the season progresses though, our arms begin to chill and our toes need a warm cover. Fall is a time to nestle in. Take a moment to relax before gathering leaves that have fallen from the trees and stock up on the items you will be glad you have when the air turns cool and the wind picks up.

    Long Sleeves:
    A staple for the cooler temperatures. I am always shocked when I see those out in short sleeves this time of year. The day may be warm but when night falls, the air turns bitingly quick. When you find a brand and cut perfect for your shape, stock up. Don't just buy one or two colors. Purchase at least four because you will wish you had when the middle of the season draws near and you want to kick yourself for not listening to your intuition when you came across this cut from the get go.
    Must Have Colors of

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  • Beauty Guru post: What to Leave in Your Travel Bag

    We have been on the road for months it seems. I have lived out of a suitcase as have the rest of my family. With all of the travel we have been doing, I have realized some items should just stay packed.

    What I Keep Packed:

    Travel Sized Body Wash:

    Make sure the top is tightly secure so the soap does not leak and spill onto your toothbrush as mine did recently. Talk about washing your mouth out with soap!

    Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination, getting ready for dinner and realizing your need to shave under your arms without a razor. Hello Buckwheat!

    You need to see right? If you wear contacts on a daily basis, making sure you can read street signs on the road is necessary. Keep an extra pair in your bag just in case one falls out or becomes so dry your eye is irritated.

    Brighten up your bedroom with the light, fresh spray. If your outfit needs a bit of sprucing up before heading out, spritz with this spray and your are on your way!

    A Go-To

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  • Favorite One Pieces for Summer 2012

    Girlies out there with children know that after baby bodies are not always the same as before bodies! Lucky are those who get no stretch marks but many do. Some girls wear them proud as badges of honor while others hide them behind a one piece.
    I'm the hider.
    My picks for the season!

    J.Crew: Strapless Anchor Tank $92

    Victoria Secret: Carmen Marc Valvo $167
    I own this suit and it is so soft and I love how it looks like a dress too!
    Shabby Apple: Cabana $88
    TYR: Reversible Suit: $71
    This suit is so awesome because it is reversible! Two suits in one.
    Ruche: Sensational Seaspray $79.99

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  • Lubriderm Daily Moisture Shea + Lavender and JasmineWhen I opened open my box from Shine this past month, I was so excited to see it was Lubriderm. I have never used Lubriderm before but have always wanted to. So you could say I was pretty proud to have this brand sitting around my house for my friends to see. The packaging is so pretty with the light purple, blue and silver accents.

    There are just some products you want to try but never buy, wonder why that is?

    I pulled up the pump from the lotion bottle and squirted some in my hand. As I smoothed it over my dry hands, the fragrance thrilled me. Lavender has always been a favorite of mine and it is subtle enough not to irritate my husband's sensitive nose. You will smell heavenly all day with the use of this lotion. No more body sprays or perfumes!

    Lubriderm Daily Moisture Shea + Calming Lavender Jasmine claims to moisturize for up to 24 hours and I will attest to that for use on my arms, tummy and legs. My hands and feet are so dry I go in with guns blazing. I love a rich cream when

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  • Easy Fashion Fixes for Blah Winter Days

    When the weather is chilly and there is no snow to play in, I can get a little moody. ( Where has the snow been for skiing this year ?) Adding a couple of new accessories to my wardrobe always makes me smile! A new wardrobe is always nice but the small details can make a huge difference.

    A New Hat:
    Not only will you look cute, your head will stay warm too.
    You can find this one at Forever 21 for under $20.
    Adding a festive hat to your wardrobe not only makes a fashion statement but keeps your head warm too!

    Navy Polish:
    Nail Polish seems to be Recession Proof and Navy never goes out of style.
    NAILWEAR Pro Splendid Blue for $5.

    Navy Polish!

    Pattern Tights:
    Want to spice up your legs? Pattern Tights are an easy fix.
    I was wearing a navy blue, long sleeve dress and we were out bowling!

    White Patterned Hose

    Bold Necklace:
    Lately I have seen so many long dangly necklaces. When I saw this Cleopatra inspired Gold Hunker, I had to have it.
    Bebe Outlet: $20
    Cleopatra Necklace

    Bright Lips:
    With the dreary weather, naked lips need warmth too. Add a pop of color to your lips for an instant statement!
    Mark Lolli Stay on Lip Stain: $11

    Bold Lips

    Curl your

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