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  • After writing, directing, producing and selling The Passion of the Christ, which grossed $611,899,420 worldwide, Mel Gibson has left his wife Robyn of 28 years and seven children to play around with Oksana Grigorieva. Mel Gibson publicly laughed and acknowledged his girlfriend is pregnant on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. "I guess I'm Octo-Mel."

    Without the ink even dry on the divorce papers, Mel Gibson, devout Catholic, has committed adultery and now is expecting a child with another woman. He has also stated when asked by Leno if they would wed, Gibson says: "Why would you get married twice?" Does the Bible in which you promoted in your movie The Passion of the Christ, not state thou shall not commit adultery? Does it not promote marriage? Is the public not supposed to feel an out cry of hypocrisy by the your actions?

    It seems to me Mel Gibson has taken a turn in his beliefs. With multiple run-in's with the law dealing with his alcoholism, his actions of adultery that have lead to

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  • Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn have decided to try again once more on their marriage. This is the second time he has filed for legal seperation from his wife of thirteen years. Two years ago in December, Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn began divorce proceedings but in the following April the couple reconsidered their love for one another and the court dismissed the divorce petition.

    At this time Robin Wright Penn is in Cannes as a jury member and earlier in May she attended the Amfar Cinema Against AIDS. Wonder if she was trying to make him jealous? Maybe he doesn't like seeing her out and about without him?

    In relationships there are so many emotions dealt with between two people and while being public figures, such as Sean and Robin, Rihanna and Chris, Tom and Katie... the list goes on an on, much of this is played out for many to see and critique.

    How many of you have these on-off relationships? Is most of it a game?

    Once a relationship become an on-off type

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  • User post: Lover Behind Bars--How do you deal?

    Michael Vick, former Atlanta Falcon quarterback and former dog fighting ring leader, was released from prison yesterday. He has spent the last 19 months in federal prison in Kansas. For the next two months he will reside in his Hampton, Virginia home wearing an electronic monitor and working a $10-an-hour job for a local construction company whom offered him the job.

    I cannot imagine how his ex-girlfriend felt when he was incarcerated. I would not want to experience having my loved one carted off to prision. In a day in age when 1 in 75 men are in prison, many women must face this predicament.

    Have you ever had to deal with or known someone
    who was left behind because of a prison sentence?
    How did you react? Would you stay in the relationship?
    Would you leave it?

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  • Apple's Pics This Week: It's a Miss

    This week it seems a little odd that so many outfits remind me of a snake. I've always been afraid of snakes so this look is scary!

  • User post: How old is too old to have a baby: 66 Year Old British Woman 8 Months Pregnant?

    In a world where the perfect age to be a mother is disputed, many women decide to wait to have babies while others jump in at the first chance. Bristol Palin promotes abstinence and Octo-Mom promotes baby making now a British woman decides to have a baby at the ripe age of 66.

    Elizabeth Adeney has told the press "I don't have to defend what I have done. It's between me and my baby and no one else,'' and "It's not my physical age that is important; it's how I feel inside."

    In a world where the decisions you make are entirely up to you to make and the doctor you confide in, should we even be surprised to hear news of the like? The oldest reported mother is an Indian woman who gave birth last year at the age of 70. The husband said he didn't care how much money it cost as long as they had an heir.

    Many thought I was too young to have a baby but nature has a different book it goes by. When nature is taken out of the picture and science allows women as old as 70 to produce

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  • User post: Has fear ever led you to stop something you enjoy?

    I'm a huge sports fan and living with a sports nut, I am surrounded by ESPN, Yes Network (Home of the Yankees), Monday Night Football, Mike and Mike in the morning (Mike Greenberg is a handsome reason to watch), Colin Cowherd and the list goes on. I enjoy sports and have my favorites: I am a die hard Raider fan, I don't care what anybody has to say about them. Silver and Black is where it's at. Maybe this year but that's my slogan every year.

    Tony Kornheiser has resigned as an announcer on Monday Night Football. He has been an announcer for Monday night games for the last three years. He cites his legendary fear of flying as the reason behind his resignation. Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach John Gruden, who was also the Raiders head coach at one time, will be Kornheiser's replacement.

    Okay, okay ladies I have bored you enough with this sports talk I know, but has fear ever stopped you from doing something you enjoy? A couple of years ago, my husband and I went on a boating

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  • Punch Me In The Eyes? The "New" Smokey Eye Look

    I'm all for the "smokey eye" look. It's sexy when done right but this new eye look is a little over the top for me.

    Taylor Momsen almost looks as if someone has punched her in both eyes.

    What do you think of Taylor Momsen and Fergie's look?

  • User post: Wedding Rings--Why Not Wear Them?

    Last night on Larry King, Elizabeth Edwards was the guest. Promoting her book, Resilience, she sat behind the table on set giving her story behind why she would write a book discussing her cancer, marriage, and infidelity of her husband John. Towards the end of the interview, Larry King asked about her not wearing her wedding ring.

    Larry King: "You told our friend Oprah that you didn't wear your wedding ring because
    you jammed your finger..."

    Elizabeth Edwards: "I really jammed it. This is actually sort of a funny story.
    When John was running for the Senate, he runs and when he runs he used
    to run with his ring and he would sweat and he lost the first wedding
    ring that we ever had
    , he ever had and he'll take it off in the shower,
    for the shower or something so one time he went to an event and he
    wasn't wearing his ring, very early.

    And this ring - so I went to a place where they sell rings, I said I'd
    like to see your size nine wedding rings and she said, well, we have

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  • User post: Lovestruck Lovers--When Do Public Displays of Affection Go Too Far?

    You know those sappy lovestruck lovers who wouldn't dare allow you to be in their presence without sloppy kisses and caresses all over one another's body all the while you gawk on, open mouthed with a stunned look on your face as if you are watching a train wreck and can't pull away?

    We've all known one, maybe you even were one. New love is always so fun and fresh. You can't get enough of one another. Their skin looks lovely, their hair, their eyes.... they smell so sweet. Oh, let me kiss you all the time, you think.

    So when do public displays of affection go to far? What is the worst PDA you have been a witness to? How about The Pratts?

    Clint Brewer/ Splash News - May 11, 2009

  • Should Animals Be Allowed To Run Free On You?

    Okay, Okay... there has always been the question of animal prints and their place in society. How well they look as a dress, a shirt, a skirt and so on. How to use them in the house? A throw pillow here a dust ruffle there but what about animals running free on your dress?

    What's your take on Jessica Simpson's latest?


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