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  • Apple's Picks: It's a miss!

    Looks I loathe.

  • Apple's Picks: Looking Pretty

    Clothes are supposed to fun and functional. These looks are just downright pretty. Enjoy

  • Bikini's are So..... Last Year!

    Who's tired of walking into the dressing room loaded down with bathing suits and hating everyone of them? Get ready to take back your self esteem and stop beating yourself up over "The Suit!" Bikini's are so last year: So never again!

    I was an unfortunate soul. When I was pregnant with my first baby she did a number on my stomach. Yes, I'm talking stretch marks- LOTS! Being the young mother I was (still am), I thought I would just die when summer arrived and I would be the only one in a one-piece. I was and still to this day mostly am. It's alright though. Now instead of parading around in a one piece designed for grandma, your selection has grown tremendously.

    Being the fashion lover that I am, I have searched high and low for swim pieces that are sexy and make me feel good to be on a beach or lying near the pool. Heck, I've been known to sunbath with my feet in the kids round plastic pool in the backyard.

    It's time to take back the sexy one piece and rock it!

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  • Apple's Picks: What Not To Wear

    Another week, another bad decision.

  • Apple's Picks On The Nasty This Week

    Another week, another bad decision.

  • Should Government Step In To Women's Reproductive Decisions: The Case of Nayda Suleman

    As I came across this picture today, I almost felt a tear at my eye. This poor little boy is not just crying, he is bawling. Pictures can only tell us certain things, he could have fallen and hurt himself but the mother seems to be posing for this shot. Her lips are pursed and even under the dark glasses I sense a smirk.

    Everyone has had an opinion on Nayda Suleman or "Octo-Mom." The news media has hounded the mother of fourteen ever since the news of her pregnancy was publicized. Everyone wants to understand how a woman would allow herself to become pregnant again after her sixth child and to top it off, she is a single mother. Did she believe her Brad Pitt was waiting in the wings? I want to understand how the states can allow this to continue?

    I was an only child and wished for a larger family but to continually impregnant myself without the means to support the children, that is entirely different. I ponder, should the states take a more active role in women's reproductive health

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  • User post: Tattoos -- When is enough, enough?

    For many young people and the older too, Tommy Lee or David Beckham for example, have embarked on the journey to color their skin in with colorful markings and sayings. What started as a right of passage, in my day anyways, has turned into a mass of over-inking. What made you want to tattoo that onto your skin and then keep going and going and going? A single rose on the wrist or a chain around the ankle has turned into full arm, back or body art. Yes, it is art but what happened to a canvas painted and hung on your wall?

    I ask also, who is bringing this boy or girl home to meet mom or dear ole dad, my mother would die if I brought home Benji Madden with all of his markings. My husband has a huge scorpion on his back shoulder and I have a flower on my ankle but is this the new obsession of youth? Are celebrities and their tattoo obsessions influencing children to grow up and do the same thing? Is this something you want to see your children embark upon forever, inking their bodies

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  • Looking Hot: Apple's Picks This Week

    Tapping into good looks... Who wore it best this week.

  • Who Wears Short Shorts? Not just for women anymore

    I was doing my daily snoop of the celebs and their style: hits and misses, when I ran across this picture of John Mayer. I know he is dressed up for an event, you see the microphone he is speaking into. Recently on Shine, a blogger asked about men wearing makeup. What if your man wore this?

    Personally, I think it's pretty hot and makes me giggle...

    Photo credit:Deano/Beetham/

  • How far have you gone over food before? McDonald's menu times cause gun incident

    A month back I wrote a piece about McDonald's and their breakfast menu policy: serving only until 10:30. My mother and I both have vivid stories about the multiple times we have been turned away from our Egg McMuffin's and sausage biscuits. The time they threw away all of the remaining breakfast foods in the trash, right in front of us, or when I was shorted one sausage biscuit and because they had switched to lunch in between the pay window and the pick up window, somehow it was my fault. It was now lunchtime a sausage biscuit could not be served. This morning I receive a funny clip from my funny mother with a message: "It was only a matter of time." The story is a little different from my experience in the past because the people were upset lunch was not being served yet. The driver of the truck ,a woman, was so angry that because she was told breakfast was being served not lunch, two men emerged from the truck and with a sawed-off shotgun fired into the drive- thru.

    Have you

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