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  • Maybelline Baby Lips Review Teaches Valuable Lesson

    Yahoo! Shine Baby Lips Review Teaches Valuable Lesson When Yahoo! Shine sent me my newest treat to try, Maybelline's Baby Lips in Cherry Me, I was so thankful. With the weather getting chilly outside, my lips had suddenly gone into shock mode. Instead of plump and moist from the humidity in the air, they were dry and chapped. Who likes chapped lips? I don't think anyone would prefer it.

    I ripped that baby open and slathered the balm onto my lips. Because the surrounding areas of my mouth were also dry and rough, I applied it to those areas also. Nirvana!

    That evening my husband and I were kid free and we decided to do a little shopping at our local outlet mall. My new Baby Lips fit nicely in my slingback purse and I reapplied as we made our way from the car into the first store. We skimmed our favorite shops: Columbia , Banana Republic, and DKNY looking for deals and jeans. While shopping I noticed a couple of odd looks from people but really thought nothing of it. I purchased a

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  • Simple Brunch Punch

    Looking for a different punch to serve over the holidays? This one is easy and yummy!
    Simple Brunch Punch
    What you need:

    Cranberry Juice
    Sunny Delight Orange Pineapple Juice

    What you do:

    Add a cup and a half of cranberry juice to pitcher.
    Fill the rest of the pitcher with the Sunny Delight Orange Pineapple Juice.


    For added fun: serve with champagne or vodka! ;0

  • 8 Stylish Women on TV Now

    This fall season lineup on television is rocking with stylish women. Curl up in your warm blankie

  • Beauty Guru Review: Braun Satin Hair Brush from The Fishers

    Here from the Fisher Household, we are here to tell you about the Braun Satin Hairbrush and why you will never want to brush your hair without it again!

    As soon as I opened the box the brush came in, placed the battery in it, and ran it through my hair I immediately was hooked. My girls literally ripped it from my hands eager to use it. The Braun Satin Hairbrush makes your hair so smooth and shiny you will see instant results. I'm not lying!

    I was in dire need of a haircut when this brush graced my doorstep. You know when you need a haircut; every time you brush through it, your brush snags and rips the hair. Not with this one! With its super smooth surface, the strands of your hair glide through effortlessly. All you have to do to get this super smooth and shiny look is flip the switch on the brush. At that moment you are releasing the Active Ions into your strands. My husband says he likes getting ionized. I like when he gets ionized too. He looks so handsome and sleek.

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  • Great Fall Looks to Try

    With summer coming to a close, shorts with tank tops will soon be replaced with pants and sweaters. Fall is a time for football, raking leaves, bonfires and hayrides. The air is still warm during the day when the sun is above the horizon but evenings are crisp with a chill on your shoulder.

    Above are a couple of fall looks to try so you aren't bored with grabbing a coat just yet!

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  • User Post: Fall Trend: Long Sleeve Dress

    The air is cooling down outside and your shoulders are chilly. The solution is easy. Pull on a long sleeve dress!

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  • Beauty Guru: Summer Hair: Twist it up and add some flowers!

    For the last months, the air has been filled with heat and humidity. Recently I have been wearing a ponytail everyday trying to keep cool. Here is a cute way to change up your look.

    Just twist, secure and add a flower!

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  • Parenting I Don't Understand: The clueless mother

    Telling your child to go tell someone you're sorry after they have bit, hit, or hurt another child right after the incident has occurred is the dumbest parenting tool you can use. They aren't sorry they did what they did. Not right away anyway.

    I witnessed first hand how a child can manipulate a mother the other day. I understand all children learn to manipulate their parents at some point but this is ridiculous. The setting is a large field where multiple groups of cheerleading teams are practicing. The scene is my friend and I sitting in camp chairs chatting it up while watching our kids practice. A couple of soccer goals are piled next to us with a small child climbing up and down on them.

    At points he will hang off the nets and sit on the tops of the bars. At other points he will take the water bottle his mother gave him and pour it into his tennis shoes. She will tell him, he only gets one water. He pours some on the fence and more into his shoes. Later when she talks with

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  • User Post: Adorable Necklaces Under $20

    Everyone is looking for a deal, right? These cute necklaces will help you accessorize your wardrobe while not breaking your bank.

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  • User Post: Cringe Worthy Style Moment: What Was I Wearing?

    You ever look back at photos of yourself and cringe? This morning I was taking a walk down memory lane when I came across an outfit I wore while on vacation with my husband in San Antonio, Texas. What was I thinking?

    I love the ruffle top but not with menswear knee shorts and what are those on my feet? Green Flip Flops?
    I guess I thought the outfit needed a pop of color.

    What cringe worthy moment do you have to share?

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