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  • Picking Out Your Engagement Ring Before You are Engaged? Jennifer Love Hewitt Has!

    She may not be engaged yet, but Jennifer Love Hewitt is making it easy for her lucky guy when he does ask her. She has picked out three rings, just in case.

    "I actually have three because I feel like I am doing the guy a favor." She explains to Ellen on her Tuesday appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. "Women are very confusing. We never know what we want and we're not very good at nailing it down for them. I feel like I don't want to be upset if he picks a bad ring." [ UsMagazine ]

    Hewitt hasn't been married yet. Her engagement to Ross McCall was called off in 2008. With public love affairs with bad boy John Mayer, MTV host Carson Daly and Scream actor Jamie Kennedy, it seems Jennifer Love Hewitt is never far from her next love. She is now dating Alex Beh and it seems she has high hopes for this one!

    Hopefully her dreams of becoming some one's wife happens soon. If not for her, for us.

    Did you pick out your engagement ring before you were engaged?

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  • User Post: A Rule We Should Live By - Don't ask a woman if she is pregnant

    Nothing can ruin your day quicker than a fellow human being asking,"When are you DUE??!!" when you are not pregnant.

    Before Christmas I am going to admit, I fell off the watching what I ate wagon. French fries for breakfast, sure! Ten cookies instead of two, okay! They sure do taste good. Why not just one more, no one will notice. This lead into a nibble here, a nibble there, a handful of candied pecans here, pudding before bed there.

    I was awful, I admit it. The funny thing about overindulging is, it does catch up to you. I could tell my dresses were hiking up in the back a little too much from my tummy approaching my breast line but nothing could bring me to stop this munching. The end occurred when in one month, I had three separate people ask me if I was expecting. THREE!! After the third, I wrapped up my overindulgence and stepped away from the refrigerator. Wii Fit is my friend and I'm getting there. Hitting the over thirty market sure puts your weight into a whole new

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  • User post: Tis' the Season of the Ugly Top

    Is it me or are all designers seeing fugly this time of year? While out shopping for a cute top I could wear to a holiday party, I am blown away by what is out there this season. If it's not awful plaid, shirts are being produced from the ugliest floral prints I have ever laid eyes on.

    I want to spend money and help this dying economy but by the looks of what people are selling, I'll keep my money.

    Tell me, are you happy with what you see out on the shelves this season?

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  • An Electric Toothbrush Under $6? Thanks Colgate!

    Electric toothbrush prices have always been out of my reach. With three kids, a husband, a dog, two cats, a hamster and fish who keep reproducing, my budget hasn't allowed me to purchase an electric toothbrush. With prices that reach from $15 (Crest's Spinbrush) up into the hundred range (Philips' Sonicare), my teeth have only been met with the tried and true manual toothbrush usually bought in the family pack.

    Colgate has a new Electric Toothbrush in cool colors like green, blue and pink with a price under $6! ActiFlex SonicPower is the first powered toothbrush with a flexible bridge. It glides along your teeth, cleaning away debris leaving your teeth feel smooth and your breath fresh!

    When I received this toothbrush, I was excited! Like I said before, my budget hasn't allowed me to purchase an electric toothbrush. I ripped open the package and went right away to scrubbing. My husband saw what I was using and he was excited too. He said, "I'm stealing that!" Not a chance mister.

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  • User post: My boss makes me text for business purposes on my own dime

    Awhile back, my boss could see people using their phone to text others while at work. Sometimes, I would text my installer (I'm in construction) information that would be better served as a text such as dimensions for a cabinet or appliance or an address for a job. Texting makes sure the information is written down and not lost through talking about it. It's right there even when your brain may not be.

    Soon he was interested in texting too and saw how it could help in our field. Shortly after this he began to ask me and fellow employees to text each other instead of calling from the office phone. For me, this wasn't such a problem because I have unlimited text and other capabilities on my phone that allow me to share pictures and video. The problem began when I noticed he began to ask everyone to start texting data and photos to each other. I asked a couple of employees who paid for their phones and they told me they did.

    Do you think its right in asking employees to use their phones

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  • Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Hooking Up: She must need new material.

    Rumor mill states Taylor Swift is hooking up with Jake Gyllenhaal. She brought him to a Saturday Night Live taping over the past weekend. While she sat with her bodyguard when the lights in the studio were up, as soon as they were down, it seems so were the two lovebirds. While no kissing or hand holding was evident, it seems a meeting of the minds was at hand.

    After the string of bad relationships she loves writing about in her music, it's no wonder she hasn't decided to take a break on dating: She needs new material!

    She has said, "Every person I have fallen for, they've all been in a song," she tells UsWeekly.

    In her new album, "Speak Now" she sings about the cradle robbing John Mayer in "Dear John" and hottie Taylor Lautner in "Back to December." Wonder what she'll be singing about in a couple of months? She reminds me of Harriet the Spy, writing in her journal all the thoughts on the people she surrounds herself with. Unlike Harriet, Taylor likes people to read her rants.

    In a

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  • Best Beauty Advice Ever: Don't Let Your Foundation Wear You!

    A lot of people will say their best beauty advice came from their mother but not I. I love my mother to death but some of the things she has worn and makeup choices she has made were never my cup of tea.

    In the early nineties, while I was experimenting with my 'hippie look of natural makeup choices, she was still hanging onto the the 80's thought of more is more. I can still see her pictures in that day wearing eyeshadow in which her eyes looked as if they had been pummelled in a fight where she was not the winner. When I was wearing lip gloss, she was heavily lining her lips with dark liner and filling in her lips with nude color.

    I love her dearly, I do but as I said, she just didn't understand the notion of allowing her 'real face' to shine. In truth, I think I taught her more about makeup than anyone.

    The beast beauty advice I ever heard didn't come by anyone but by trial and error on my own. After trying unsuccessfully at keeping my makeup to look soft but staying on my face, I

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  • Poll: What does your monthly grocery bill look like?

    As a parent of three growing girls, they eat a lot. With a grocery bill that hovers around $400 a month, I'm fortunate that we can afford it! Heading to Costco today to stock up on the essentials and by essentials I mean milk, bread, and eggs!

    Angelina Jolie is speaking out on feeding her brood of six. "We go through so much food." [ UsMagazine ] "They're still little. So can I imagine it's going to gets worse."

    Yes, Angelina, it does. Just wait until they have friends over who raid your cupboard too!

    What's your monthly grocery bill look like?


  • User Post: Kara DioGuardi Fired, Ellen Quits. America, Are you still watching Idol?

    Reports are coming out that Kara DioGuardi has been axed from American Idol. [ UsMagazine ] Among this report, Ellen DeGeneres has quit the show after one season stating, "It just didn't feel like the right fit for me."
    With the firing of Kara, the show will go back to the originial 3 panel judge.
    Jennifer Lopez has been hired to fill Paula's place and it is likely Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is in to fill Simon Cowell's shoes.

    With a new panel of judges arriving on the hit show, America: Are you still watching?
    Phot Credit: Michael Beckler/ Associated Press

  • When the heat gets going, the only thing I need is...

    This month has been one of the hottest months on record her in the Mid Atlantic. As a Shine Beauty Guru, each month we are given an assignment to write on concerning beauty topics. This month is: What is your summer beauty secret?Well.... when it's as hot as it has been lately the only secret I can


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