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  • CND Nail Color Is Pretty Awesome

    After my last pedicure left my toes with chips of pink for the world to see, a thought occurred to me. "Why not try nude next time?"

    Lo and behold, Shine was sweet enough to provide me with the experience to try this out.

    , a company developed for those individuals in the salon and spa industry the opportunity to provide the best quality products to their clients, was kind enough to allow the Beauty Gurus this month to try out a couple products the style world has known about for years.

    Armed with Desert Suede and Gold Shimmer, the two colors I tried for the month, I went for Desert Suede first. It provided me with the nude color I was wanting. The paint goes on effortlessly and dries faster than any nail color I have ever used.

    Moments after I painted my toes, I was anxious to put my feet back in my bunny slippers because they were cold. Though the paint many have need more than moments to dry, my toes were not smudged. Personally, I hate waiting for nail color to dry. I want

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  • Obsessed No More! The Acne Solution that Works: No Lie

    Before I tried Clinique's Acne Solutions, I was obsessed over finding a product to rid my skin of the daily eruptions that never ceased to exist. Not a morning could go by without a quick glance in the mirror to witness a new unsightly mess brewing just beneath the surface. Knowing all day it was destined to rear its ugly head at some point in the day, the obsession turned into stress and we know what stress can do to our skin.


    My first round of treatment for my face was actually a gift. When my husband asked for my Christmas list, Clinique Acne Solutions was the number one item. As a teenager, I had tried Clinique and liked it. Why I tried other products must be attuned to the fact, I cheat on brands sometimes. Sorry... With it's cute green packaging, everyone knows what Clinique looks like and I'm sure many of you have purchased the product when "Clinique Bonus" time rolls around.

    Let's not forget the fact I asked for this for Christmas and my poor husband went

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  • User post: Weekend Dare: Wear a Pink Headband

    Yesterday while cleaning my girls' room, a pink headband was on the floor. Picking it up, I put it on my head and forgot about it.

    Throughout the night when I would pass myself in a mirror, I would smile. There is something about a pink, girlie headband that makes me think of days when I was younger and in a way it made me feel younger.

    So, for the weekend try one on for size and see if it makes you feel like a fresh-faced school child.

    Happy Weekend!

  • User post: John Mayer's Continual Quest to Make Sure He Never Dates Again

    I have always been a fan of Mr. Mayer. Could be he is a Libra like me or because he is an absolute genius in his ability with the guitar. Could be when he played 'Human Nature' at Michael Jackson's memorial, I was stunned at his appreciation and understanding of musical theory. Could be his lyrics on love are so heartfelt you know he has been through pain in love. Who hasn't? Could be I think he is a cutie that's understood... ( Bad Boy Syndrome)

    But this time, I'm done. It's time to grow up and be quiet. You may be hurt but bringing up the past is not the way to get someone back. Bring up the past is the quickest way to lose someone you have already lost.

    In Playboy's March issue, John Mayer rants on again about his past relationships with Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. [ Playboy ]

    When asked about his relationship with Jessica Simpson he responds, "That girl, for me, is a drug. And drugs aren't good for you if you do a lots of them. Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine for

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  • CoverGirl Shineblast: Not my type of lip gloss

    When the package arrived this month for my Beauty Guru assignment, I was stoked. I'm a lip gloss addict! Maybe this is because I have purchased almost every brand known to man but I know my lip gloss. I need my lip gloss!

    When choosing a lip gloss, my needs include: one that stays longer than two seconds and one that has a ton of shine. With that said, this product does not qualify.

    CoverGirl's Shineblast is easy enough to open but that's where its user-friendliness ends. The main issue with the design of the bottle is in how much energy is required in inserting the stick into the gloss. I felt like I was pumping up a tire.

    The "Breakthrough Applicator" claims to hug the contours of your lips but it doesn't grab enough of the thin gloss. You will have to keep dipping the applicator into the bottle, again pumping up a tire. Not what I want when trying to gloss up my lips.

    The texture of the gloss itself is very thin. Even with the three bottles I was supplied with, in a month they

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  • User post: What is your kid's bus driver listening to?

    Last night while traveling the 64 from Williamsburg to Richmond, in one of the worst rainstorms imaginable, the kids and I were drowning out the sounds of rain by singing loudly to our favorite tunes. Hubby kept looking at his phone, bored from the "girl music" he attests. My eldest daughter mentioned that on the way home from school today, they heard this song we were singing, on the bus.

    When she first mentioned they listened to music on the bus, I was a little shocked. I really never thought school buses had radio's on them; I figured it a safety thing.

    Her bus driver likes the same type of music we do, she told me. As she went on, she exclaimed that when she rode the bus home with a friend on the way to a sleepover, her driver "blares the music. She loves to listen to rap."

    This got me thinking about other bus driver's and what they listen to. What are they jamming to as they get students to and from home to school and back? As a parent, we have a right to know about the

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  • User post: The Best Dresses For Spring 2010

    It's coming, I promise! Although as I watch the six inches of snow that fell from the sky last weekend melt away, a tiny bud of hope emerges, sprouting ideas of springtime!

    Go shopping. I was amazed when I stepped into my local department store over the weekend. Even though snow was all over the roads and on the ground, swimming suits were on the racks waiting to be tried on and purchased. Who buys swimsuits when a scarf and a heavy coat are wrapped around your body?

    It's coming though! Here are The Best Dresses For Spring 2010!

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  • User post: I don't understand what some parents of celebs are thinking

    I could have predicted this months ago when I questioned what Taylor Momsen was wearing to her sweet sixteenth birthday . Dressed like a woman ready to take to a pole, where was her mother? Someone should have helped her find her shirt and her skirt!

    As the idiom "Where there's smoke, usually there's fire" states, if something seems off ---it probably is.

    Now caught smoking a cigarette underage, Taylor Momsen, actress in the poplar CW series, Gossip Girl, bats another smug grin into the lens of a camera.

    Recently she responded on her feelings about being a role model to younger children, "To be honest, I don't f-ng care. I didn't get into this to be a role model. So I'm sorry if I'm influencing your kids in a way that you don't like, but I can't be held responsible for their actions. I don't care." [ info ]

    If you think sixteen years old girls should be sweet and innocent, Taylor Momsen never asked for your opinion. She announced on her risque dress, "I like wearing garters.

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  • User post: Not pulling your weight in parenting? At some point it happens to all of us!

    I find it amusing that tabloid press continually insists Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fight constantly, are on the verge of breaking up daily and that she feels Brad " isn't pulling his weight ." From one day to the next, an unnamed source states something detrimental in their relationship is occurring.

    Surviving a relationship where children are involved can get heated at times. What married couple with children hasn't fought over thinking the other isn't pulling the correct weight in the relationship?

    In the latest report out about the couple of six children states that Angelina is so upset at Brad that she yells at him because his eggs are lousy . She feels she's shouldering the parental burden and Brad can't do anything right.

    How many nights have I come home, exhausted and weary from work, wishing a hot meal was awaiting my arrival only to have my hopes dashed with questions of, "What's for dinner?"All the while the dishwasher is still loaded from the night before and laundry

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  • User post: What went wrong? When your children go to jail

    Out of all of the people you know, someone has spent time behind bars. It could be a friend of a friend, or a brother or maybe even yourself, but many people make bad decisions and wind up on the wrong side of a jail cell.

    Cameron Douglas, the son of Hollywood's acting elite Michael Douglas, plead guilty to charges of selling large quantities of crystal meth and cocaine today in a Manhattan courthouse. []

    He faces up to 10 years in prison.

    Drugs can be a huge factor in the beginnings of criminal activity. An uncle of mine spent most of his life behind bars . He chose to drive drunk one night and hit and killed another person. These actions affect not only the person who committed the crime but those of the family.

    Have you know anyone who has served time and how did it affect you?

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