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  • User post: Blondes Don't Have More Fun Looking Like This: Lindsay Lohan's Cry For Hair Help

    For years and years, I was a bleach blonde babe. I loved it; it was the signature statement of who I was and who I wanted to be. I always "knew" blondes had more fun and I wanted to experience all the excitement I could handle. The more and more I began looking at pictures taken of me in certain social situations, the vision of who I was and wanted to be began to change. With the super blonde hair my features where being washed out; I looked pale and plain. When did being a blonde become plain I asked myself? For me this was my cry for help in terms of hair intervention.

    Lindsay Lohan helps show how bleach blond hair can wash you out and really begin to show your age. Remember when she was the cute redhead? With a true defining color in her hair, she could play up her features the way nature intended. With blonde at her roots, the eye shadow becomes harsh and the lip color becomes blah.

    Instead of Wow, she becomes wow... What happened?

    What 's your take on Lindsay's hair? Was she

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  • User post: How long would you wait for marriage?

    I was one of those girls who never wanted to get married. Growing up in a household where men came and went and so did husbands, I wanted to pursue other interests in my life other than having a ring on my finger. Not that I don't love the looks of men, I do. I'm not a man basher, just not that interested in having their presence the most important thing to me.

    Lo and behold, I was married before I thought I would be. At the age of twenty one, I walked down the aisle to marry my man and eight years later, we are still going strong. Luckily for me, I met and married a man who didn't make me feel that if I wanted to stick my head in a eight hundred page novel and get lost for days at a time, he would leave. He's rather a nice, caring and thoughtful man with interests other than me at all times.

    Over the weekend, we attended a wedding of a couple whom we have known for quite awhile. The ceremony was beautiful along the banks of the beautiful Rappahannock River in Virginia. Other than

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  • User post: Miley Cyrus Quits Twitter For Her Man?

    Miley Cryus, Disney's child prodigy, has deleted her Twitter account because her boyfriend disapproves of her tweets.

    "FYI Liam doesn't have a Twitter and he wants me to delete mine with good reason," she Twittered in one of her final posts. [ UsMagazine ]

    With more than 1.1 million followers, fans aren't happy with her decision and have already begun pleading for her to return. In fact, "#mileycomeback" is the top trending topic on Twitter.

    Would you consider deleting your Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace account for your man? I don't think so....

  • Parents Listen: First Lady Promotes Gardening On 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street

    I loved gardening before our move to another state last year. We planted many beautiful flowering shrubs that added value to our home. From hydrangeas in blue and pink to crepe myrtles in red and white, to butterfly bushes that filled the yard with fluttering beauty and gardenias that smelled so wonderful, our yard was a sea of color and activity during the summer and spring months.

    The next step in gardening I wanted to try was planting a real garden full of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, peppers and so on. I also wanted to have apple trees and grapevines but when you move and decide to rent for awhile, you are unable to cultivate the land in any way you would like. I've settled with a couple of potted plants... boring, if you ask me.

    Gardening is a wonderful hobby for all alike. To see what you have planted return year after year in a bigger and better way, there is nothing like watching your rewards return in awesome abundance.

    For the 40th Anniversary of the

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  • User post: Emmy Rossum's Secret Marriage Ends In Divorce and He Wants Her To Pay For It

    Emmy Rossum, whom I adored in The Day After Tomorrow, has been hiding a secret to the media world. She has been married since February 2008 to music producer, Justin Siegel. He filed for divorce last Friday in L.A citing irreconcilable differences.

    He seeks spousal support and wants her to pay for all court costs.

    His day job must not be paying very well...

  • Kourtney Kardashian's man loves Champagne: What your man's drink says about him

    My hubby has always been a beer drinker. For awhile he stuck with heady types like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Guinness and Sam Adams. Now he mostly drinks Budweiser, High Life and sometimes Tecate. On the rare occasion he will have a glass of whiskey and water. I may sound a tad sexist here, forgive me, but a man looks right holding a beer.

    As I am getting my daily gossip news, I see Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy, Scott Disick celebrated with Lamar Odom and his gang last night for his upcoming wedding this Sunday to Khloe Kardashian.

    The night began around 10:15 at STK restaurant in Los Angeles. While the boys dined on steaks, Yukon mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, fingerling potatoes and tuna tar tare, Odom ordered Johnny Walker along with shots of Lemon Drops for the celebration. Disick declined and sipped on champagne. [via Us Magazine]

    Now look, I'm all for champagne. I personally love the stuff and my hubby is more than welcome to share a glass of bubbly with me, but for a man's

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  • Nickname Gone Wrong

    Misunderstandings are inevitable in relationships. Someone says something the other interprets to mean as something else.

    Like, "I love that shirt" when sarcasm drips from your tongue and they take it as it's your favorite ever and they in turn wear it until the day they die. Or maybe, you say "I love that shirt" and mean it, but they think you are being sarcastic. As soon as they take the shirt off, it will never see the light of day again.

    The other day I was thinking about a nickname given to me once by a friend. I hated when he called me it. I would cringe in my boots when he would say it to me. It sounded like a slam. Looking back though, I think it was more a term of endearment than anything.

    Have you been given a nickname at any point you hated?

  • Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Roller Works Wonders

    As a Shine Beauty Guru, we have such an amazing job! With our assignment this month, I was privileged to have wonderful products to test from the Olay Regenerist line. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one and would recommend them all to you, Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller is my favorite!

    With thirty year old skin around my eyes, I have tried products before to help with puffiness and fight the appearance of fine lines around my delicate eye area. Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller is different. Designed like a marker, you can easily apply the cream under your eyes without getting your hands sticky. Just as you may have used cold cucumber slices or ice packs before to reduce swelling, Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Roller works better and without the time constraints or extreme cold.

    Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Roller is automatic in the reduction of puffiness.

    Just click the end several times before your first application and you are ready to go. Once you see

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  • User post: Khloe Kardashian Getting Married After Dating One Month

    All it takes is one month with these two! After meeting a month ago at a party in Hollywood, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, a forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, have decided to tie the knot!

    "Khloe and Lamar want to get married before Lamar has to go away for training, and the [basketball] season starts up [this fall]," [via UsMagazine]

    "They are hoping to pull together a wedding within the next two weeks so they can get married and have time for a honeymoon," continues the source. "They haven't decided where they will say 'I Do,' but they are scouting out numerous locations, including Khloe's family home in Calabasas, [Calif.]."

    Seems rather quick but my grandparents were married a month into knowing one another and celebrated their 50th this past year.

    Many rumblings in the Kardashian family this year. Kourtney's having a baby, Kim broke up with Reggie Bush and now Khloe's getting married!

    Good luck to them!

    Credit: Steve Granitz/

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  • User post: If I was a man, I wouldn't date Megan Fox or for that fact, anyone like her...

    When Megan Fox first appeared on the Hollywood scene, she looked to me as a beautiful young woman with the world at her fingertips. Starring alongside Hollywood's next Johnny Depp, Shia LeBeouf, in the hit Transformers, Megan Fox was eye candy for all sexes. But the more she opens her mouth in interviews and the like, her charisma has worn thin. Very, very thin.

    She models for the cover of this month's Cosmopolitan. In the article she continues to show the world how immature and ridiculous she is. Only because someone gave me Cosmo for Christmas do I read it. Hopefully, I will not receive the same gift next year because with three children in the house, the cover more or less represents a porn magazine with a couple of beauty tips thrown in. The last time I was in Wal-Mart, I noticed the front partially covered with the plastic frame usually used to prohibit the young eyes of children from looking when a Playboy or Penthouse magazine is being sold. The magazine used to not be this

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