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  • Gaurav Anand Brings Authentic Indian Flair to NYC

    Moti Mahal Delux's chef Gaurav Anand knew he had to literally serve it up with the first American location of the restaurant franchise. With picky NYC eaters always checking the Zagat reviews, "it is a very lengthy process. Pur signature Daal Makhani, or black lentils, are cooked for numerous hours, marinades for our kebabs and meats are done 24 hours ahead of time, our tomato curries are made from fresh tomatoes that are boiled first and then made into a puree, whole spices are roasted first and then ground to a fine powder (cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, star anise, black cardamom, cloves, etc.). We use no ingredients out of a can- everything is made fresh, daily," he said over e-mail.Gaurav Anand

    "The signature dishes of Moti Mahal Delux come alive with a perfect balance of flavors and textures. My skilled team of chefs and I received extensive training from master chefs from Moti Mahal Delux-in NYC and in New Delhi. In the course of our training, we learnt the techniques that make this food

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  • Artist/Clothing Designer Darin Michelle: "I Love Acrylic!"

    Art is fashion. Art imitates life, and life imitates art. So does that make Darin Michelle a reflection of art, fashion or life? Let's find out in an e-mail convo...
    Darin Michelle logo
    Talk about yourself!
    Born Darin Michelle McFadden, currently Darin Michelle Gilliam and known simple as Darin Michelle, I am an Annapolis, Maryland based graphic designer who prides herself in her faith, state and childlike take on everyday situations. Formerly known as Little Shop Clothing, LITTLE by Darin Michelle as aname was inspired by so many things. having a natural adrenaline rush throughout any day, in college, my roommates use to call me Little Girl, which still sticks to this day. as i grew into my Christian faith, the one thing that i held dear was that God called us to have a childlike faith. i use this and approach most situations in my life and business. children have a way of finding and holding on to excitement and truth in a way that adults can't seem to do anymore. i want that feeling to EXPLODE into my

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  • JJ Heller: Quiet is the New Loud

    JJ Heller coverJJ Heller is a very busy lady! She pulled a Gwen Stefani, going on tour with a new baby But who knew she at one time wanted to be...Alanis? "When I first started writing and performing I really wanted to sound like Alanis Morissette. It took me awhile to figure out that my voice sounds much better when I sing quietly instead of trying to belt it out like a diva. My husband plays guitar and sings with me. He was a little bummed that he couldn't rock out on the guitar, but he's gotten really good at finger picking!" she says.

    "Songwriting is difficult these days. I have young children, so it takes a considerable amount of effort to find time to write! Usually I'll sit down with my husband, Dave, and he'll come up with a chord progression on the guitar that we both like. Then we'll brainstorm about subject matter. Sometimes I'll feel inspired by something I'm going through in my own life, and sometimes I'll write about a friend or a story I've heard recently. Most of my songs are about

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  • The Static Jacks: Jacks of All Musical Trade

    The Static JacksThe Static Jacks are anything but...static. They have too humor to attack with! "Henry and Ian both puked at the same Arctic Monkeys concert but that had nothing to do with TSJ. Also we were at the same party as Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical the other day. She can assign me detention any day," says Nick Brennan, the drummer.

    "Our sound can be described as suburban angst ridden rock. A lot of our material is pretty personal. Its usually having to do with the things we've experienced or have seen our friends go through. A lot of relatsionship stuff, as well as the pressures and fears of growing into yourself in your 20s. Ian and I kind of write about the same things which is lucky becayse we want the band to have one voice. "Blood Pressure" and "Walls" should sound like they we were written by the same person, but they aren't. It is pretty thereputic to get these things off our chest because we're expressing very personal feelings to a lot of people. Most times, screaming it

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  • Conflict Free Jewelry Does Not Mean "Crazed Hippies' Work"

    Silver Initial Pendant by Brilliant EarthHow much do your values agree with your jewelry? Yes, this is one big, serious question I pose. Think about it.

    You might have seen my original tidbit on Brilliant Earth recently. Take my word for a brief moment; I have a valid point here, so please listen as I channel my inner Leonardo DiCaprio on social awareness. I want to show you directly how a necklace I am wearing doesn't look like what "crazed hippies" wear. In my first short piece, I sort of talked about it. I know how different it is actually showing everyone, "This is how it looks in pictures and away from their set." I have heard people downplay the diamond/mining industry's "conflict free" label as something "them liberals talk about." I am not kidding. Whether Republicans or Democrats - no matter! - we all need to be aware of how much nothing is what it seems when we go out shopping. Those jewels in NYC's Diamond District? Yes, the necklace you bought over the holidays? Where did that come from? You don't know? Ah,

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  • Gluten Free Beauty Product Review by a Non-Celiac Girl Hating Redness and Dry Acne

    Gluten Free Beauty products I bravely sampled (gulp)Jennifer Lopez, rumor has it, swears by Creme de La Mer all over her face and body. Good for her. When I used it, my skin burned off. I looked like a beet red Spongebob Squarepants for a whole week under my makeup. It gets worse. When makeup artists apply primers and skin lotions on me, my skin - which is like a teenager's skin but with the tendency to develop acne that dries out into scraped knee type blemishes - starts getting the "about to break out" feeling no more than four hours after the makeup is applied. I have tried expensive and cheap makeup products. I only use about four makeup brands at the moment - MAC, Chanel, Almay and an ever alternating Whole Foods brand in my purse - and for quite a while, nothing on my face. I couldn't take it. Everyone loved using the word "fabulous" in describing their miracle products. I always wound up looking anything but fabulous. My guy friends hated Proactive, Walgreens witch hazel brands, Neutrogena, the pore strips… What was I to do? I

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  • SPiN: "SPiN" the Tail on the Donkey

    SPiN"You forgot to ask us how we got so handsome. But that's a tale that is in the vault with the other secrets of the universe," the band members joke. They earned it! What other onion loving musicians do you know who record their music within a funeral home?

    "We're like a volcano, but a volcano that spews delicious adult beverages rather than molten lava. In other words, we taste good. Since we all write, we have to fight to get our ideas across to one another. But the end result is a unified sound we all like. Over the last few recordings, we've been incorporating more electronic elements into our sound, and who knows what it will morph into from here on out? A treat for the ears, no doubt. We'd be lying if we didn't say that most of our songs are about relationships," they say.

    "As cliché as it sounds, most of the time it's about who you know. Getting that first open door is crucial and is probably the biggest challenge. Having massive amounts of money doesn't hurt your chances

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  • Funny Nails: The Best University of Texas Area Nail Shop!

    I recently visited the Dobie Mall's nail shop, Funny Nails, owned by a lovely lady I have known since I was 17 and attended the University of Texas at Austin. Her nail salon is not that fancy, but that is exactly why you would like it, and she does a superb job. Enjoy a video tour of Lyly Nguyen's shop!

    2025 Guadalupe St
    Austin, TX 78705

    +1 (512) 505-0847

  • The Lighthouse and the Whaler: Lights Are On...And Somebody's Home

    The Lighthouse and the WhalerFor an ambitious goal of success, it only makes sense to name your band something over the top cool like The Lighthouse and the Whaler.

    Michael LoPresti, the singer, guitarist and keyboardist says they have performed everywhere. Really. "One of our favorite stories as a band is when we were invited to play in the attic of someone's house. The attic had been turned into a little performance space of sorts, complete with lights that flickered to the bass hits. It was pretty cool. The place packed out with about 50 people, and we played an acoustic version of four of our songs before heading over to the actual venue that night to play our show. It was a really cool, intimate experience for us and the people we were playing for."

    "When we started off, there were just three of us and we were writing very minimalistic folk/pop music. As a few members rotated in and out and we grew from three to four, the sound got bigger- a little more expansive. Now that we finally have our solid five

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  • The Departure: Departing on a Musical Adventure

    The DepartureThere isn't any sibling rivalry for Utah brother and sister Maci and Ryan DeBlanc, who together created The Departure. Or is there?

    ""I'd say we get influences from a lot of different places - Ryan and I bring different things to the table. Through a lot of fighting and collaboration we come together and create music we both believe in," Maci says.

    "I wish people wouldn't spend so much time looking at the image of an artist. I think music was better before the internet, before it was so visual; people look a lot at an image instead of listening to the music. It would be better if people could just appreciate the music. I think to be honest. We are the only teenage brother/sister duo in the industry that takes influences from all over the place and writes all of our own music. No one else writes for us; this is how it will always be."

    Ryan added, ""We fight when we write. We tell each other what to do. It starts from an idea, and we branch off of that. We are backing away from what

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