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  • Dr. Niccole Responds: "Is a Nose Job for a Small Tweak Worth It?"

    Have you ever wondered if having plastic surgery for a small tweak is worth it? I am among those people thinking a rhinoplasty may not be worth it to fix the five percent of my nose I am dissatisfied with. What's more, I don't want to make my face look odd and am curious if I could do something else. I e-mailed Dr. Michael Niccole of Orange County's Cosmeticare with my question. TV fans out there may be familiar with his Real Housewives cameo this season working on Alexis Bellino's nose or his daytime appearances on shows like The Doctors. Dr. Michael Niccole

    Hi, Dr. Niccole! I have thought about doing my nose for quite some time, perhaps this year. It isn't very big, but i dislike how rounded it is in one spot, wanting it to be more sculpted, and how it looks bigger when I am facing the front because my face is so small. However, I have met many people in person and am surprised at how strange they look in real life when they photograph so well. What can I do to ensure if I had plastic surgery of any

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  • US Tennis Player Donald Young on Japanese Food, Sports and Armani

    The next time you happen upon Nikko Japanese Steakhouse, don't be surprised when you see an excited young guy enjoying himself, just returning from a tennis match. "I go there every trip when I come back to celebrate. I had my birthday there. It's a really nice place. I order the Nikko Special. It has a fillet, lobster and shrimp with double fried rice," Donald Young said during our interview this spring.US Tennis Player Donald Young

    It hasn't all been a fun ride. 22-year old Young began playing tennis as a toddler and more seriously at 14, when he had to decide between baseball and the former as a career choice, though he encountered ups and downs on the ATP rollercoaster. "I've gone from top 100 to 40th in the world. It happens when you play on the tour one year and don't win any matches," he said, recollecting memories of his career so far.

    "It's new territory. I am getting into a bunch of tournaments I was never in before. Hopefully, the Olympics later this year. The whole month of August, that's all

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  • Interview with Chef Percy Whatley of the Ahwahnee in Yosemite, California

    Percy Whatley, Executive Chef at The Ahwahnee in Yosemite National Park, California, doesn't have to look very far for ideas: the local landscape instantly creates the perfect food environment.Percy Whatley, Executive Chef of Yosemite National Park's The Ahwahnee

    "We look outside and get inspired by our surroundings. Although a small hotel as far as rooms are concerned (123), the food and beverage operation feeds 2,000 people daily. Maintaining this kind of volume here is both challenging and stimulating. Our windows are 20 feet high in the dining room. How can we not get inspired? Rot iron chandeliers, floor to ceiling windows, sugar pine beam rafters in the ceiling and walls - it all creates a feeling of being in the mountains," he says.

    "We use a mix of old and new world cooking technologies in the kitchen. We utilize sous vide and combi-oven technology, as well as the classic preparations of roast, stewing and braising, sautéing and frying. Because we base our menu off of what's available seasonally and locally, dishes change all the time, but I'd

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  • Custom Nail Solutions: Salon Nails at Home

    If you hate doing your nails at the spa, a new product allows you to recreate the same salon look at home.
    Katie Saxton of Custom Nail Solutions
    "The original idea was invented by a cosmetic dentist. So when a set of nails is created for that client they will fit no one else but her, just like a dental veneer. The client has control over where, when and how long she would like to wear her nails. She also can have multiple sets: shorter for her work environment and a longer set for weekends and special occasions," says Katie Saxton, President of Custom Nail Solutions.

    The nail sets are available in five lengths: Sport, Active, Fashion, Glamour and Stiletto.

    "For the corporate women the shorter lengths Sport or Active with a simple top coat or sheer would be appropriate for a professional environment. The longer lengths are very fun and glamourous. You may apply any color or brand nail polish, apply nail art or nail wraps to your custom fit nails," Saxton says. "When you are done with that look it may be removed with nail

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  • Chef Jeremy Bearman: The Big Tomato in the Big Apple

    Native New Yorker Jeremy Bearman, executive chef of Rouge Tomate, says at his Midtown restaurant, you should always expect food to retain its natural integrity.
    Rouge Tomate Chef Jeremy Bearman
    "Greenmarket vegetables are definitely the highlighted ingredients on the menu as well as sustainable fish. I tend to use more traditional cooking methods, such as using the pan or oven to preserve the integrity of the food. In addition, I don't use any synthetic additives or manipulators to change the food from its natural state. The restaurant uses no refined syrups, only Agave and other natural sweeteners for our specialty cocktails."

    His signature dishes, he says, are the asparagus soup, the heirloom beet and carrot salad and the Hawaiian Walu Crudo.

    "Moroccan, Spanish and other Eastern Mediterranean influences are very prevalent. I also enjoy playing with traditional Japanese and Asian flavors."

    If you don't go for the food alone, the star gazing is pretty good also - premiere parties have been

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  • "Harry Potter" Makeup Artist Sophia Knight Dishes Beauty Advice

    "Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by how make up can change someone's face. I used to buy just Seventeen and smash hits and copy the looks of the latest popstars on my friends; Kylie Minogue's late 90's looks," Sophia Louise Knight says. She has come a long way since those days, as part of the main makeup team for Tim Burton's new film Dark Shadows.Sophia Knight's Makeup

    Her work can also be seen in The Social Network, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood and Lord of the Rings, just a few of the mentionables on her extensive resume. Knight remembers her first stage makeup experience at the Royal Opera House's Faust production. "The whole vibe of theatre is great; there is great rush when it is done and the audience loves it. Quick changes on hairspray were extremely amusing, when all the music is playing and your actor has to run straight on stage."

    She famously created a wedding look for a faux Kate Middleton for a T-Mobile video parody this past summer, but the real duchess earns

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  • Tie Designer Charles Alexander Chats Men's Neckwear

    Charles Alexander is only 30 years old, but he has already established himself as the neckwear designer for men wanting a little elegance. Regis Philbin wore his ties on his talk show LIVE! with Regis and Kelly and Alexander's ties will soon become the New York Knicks' official neckwear.Tie Designer Charles Alexander

    "I started out making smart made to order ties for me and my friends. I used a tailor in New York's Fashion District," Alexander says, who lives in Soho because "if you're a designer, you have to be here. There's so much inspiration."

    His ties quickly became popular. "As I started getting more and more orders, I moved production to a mill in England and Charles Alexander neckwear was born. We're on our sixth collection and our customer base is growing everyday."

    What is your inspiration for the designs?
    I try to create designs that go with what men wear. I tend to lean toward purples and blues because I find that men look great in these colors. Nowadays so many designers focus on being "different"

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  • My Lazy Secret to Making Frozen Chinese Food Yummy

    We've all been there. You are desperate for food and most certainly not leaving your place for food. You reach into the freezer for Chinese food and say, "Gross! This is pretty lousy after it hopped in the microwave! Ew! I'm hungry, but ew, ew, ew!" Don't despair, my friends.

    First, grab aluminum foil, leaving it ungreased, and pop those frozens into the oven. You can see my own frozen egg rolls from this morning in the photo beside my words. I'm the kind of chef who prefers a shorter bake time via a higher temperature, but stay within your comfort zone. If you are a more 375 degrees kind of man or woman as opposed to my 450 degrees, do what feels best. Make sure to turn it and consistently check up on your frozens as they toast in the oven, or you'll wind up eating Santa's Christmas coal ashes.
    Egg rolls I toasted this morning.
    Secondly, mix up an exciting sauce. "Uhhh, I don't have the ingredients at home," you nag me. Fine, dork. Open up your refrigerator and see what is in there.

    Do you have mustard? "Yeah..."

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  • User Post: Bland Seasoning Doesn't Always Make for a Boring Salmon

    I did something very unexpected for me: I laid off the seasonings for my salmon I had to prepare today at lunch. This wound up immensely popular with all of the family members who tried it. I heard excellent things about it being a better salmon than the seafood restaurants they had just tried! And do you know how it happened? By laying off my usual dramatic touches for something so simple, the recipe will shock you.
    Salmon freshly baked without much seasoning but opting for FRESH seasonings.
    I used fresh garlic, sea salt, ground pepper and olive oil. That's it. Coming from someone who loves a little flair in my work, holding back is saying a lot. My lesson to all of you here is that with fish, more often than not, it is about baking time, turning on schedule, fresh ingredients and moisturizing. I know all of that truly is common sense, but think about it. Whoever taught you cooking, be it a teacher or your parents, usually overlooks the importance of small details. You think, "Oh, I can wander in my kitchen with non-fresh herbs and spices and make a rabbit

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  • A Disguised Healthy Frozen Treat for Picky Kids and Adults

    I don't have children, but I cannot tell you how many times I rose to the occasion as the queen of "I won't eat that." In fact, the reason why I was so inspired to take food classes in high school and as an adult, currently writing cookbooks as we speak, was because I refused to EAT THAT. When I was in junior high, I grew excited at being able to dine out at restaurants with friends and, as a working teen doing journalism, any opportunity I had to eat out in Chicago with people much older than me. I was going to eat it, and enjoy dessert my way when I wanted it.

    As the years progressed, I can no longer eat sugars carelessly. Diabetes does run in my family. As a teen, I was made aware of my sugar issues, but I always knew if I substituted carbs just right I could eat treats. I can't get away with that anymore. I am really tired of how things mess with me so one minute, I'm happy, with the following minute showcasing a cinematic crying reenactment. If you think your girlfriend has PMS,

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