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  • God Unveiling Truths {Part Two}

    The Woman Ancient Great Babylon

    Satan and the others

    The Holy Spirit says

    The Holy Spirit says {from{Revelation 12:7-9.."Then there was war in Heaven and the Dragon and his host of angels were cast out of Heaven ..being thrown to the earth with all his army}. This being the time frame of the Messiah birth to have arrived.

    ***When Satan being cast to the earth {from{Revelation 12:3-4.."Satan the red Dragon appeared with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads. His tail drew along behind him a third of the stars ..which he plunged to the earth ..and stood before the woman whom about to give birth to her child. Satan readied to eat the child as soon as it being born}. *************The {third of the stars ..which he plunged to the earth} representing: ..The Heavenly angels to have followed in allegiance with Satan and the others {Satan army ..the multitudes}. For it being {a third of the stars-{the angels} out of all those in Heaven ..{being multitudes

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  • God New Crop of Israelites (Being Sowed)

    The Almighty Father in His mercy unto mankind ..{from{Yohanan/John 16:8) "Allowed the Holy Spirit sent into the world convince the world of its sin and of the availability of God Goodness and of deliverance from Judgment}. The recent yahoo article ..{Alabama Pastor holds 'Whites only' Conference} posted on July 5th ..2012 ..By Ron Recinto | The Lookout ..The article being of the Holy Spirit as willed from God {man exposure} and God {Power ..and Strength} of performance. God spiritual awakening for another man. The Lord God ..the God of Israel thus {confirming ..exposing} of another {from{Mattathiah/Matthew 12:33.."The tree being identified by its fruit}. The God of Israel allowing man to see the difference. The men portrayed from the article being those whom representing the same men {those of former} to have influenced ..instilled this tragic confusion ..anger against them and many others. Being the men of {multitudes} ..their wicked behavior incurring from formally having

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  • Results of Disobedience and Discipline

    Man absence of God truths in a {child disciplinary} conform the child in eventual as in illustration {from{2 Peter 2:22.."The dog who comes back to what he has vomited ..and a pig to wallow back in the mud}. Therefore the man succumbing to stupid behavior. The formed stubborn ignorance to have been instilled from the man being unaware of consequence. Bringing trauma against the man ..another ..and against God promised destruction. His curse. There is a difference between abuse and appropriate discipline but both to have been entwined as one by rebellious men. In-turn to have formed a network of negative consequence ..presently confirmed from many youths negative behavior. A {man ..child} rendered wrongful events must be understood through consequence the discipline being the positive element ..allowance for awareness ..change. ..The Holy Spirit says {from{Jeremiah 6:14.."For you cannot heal a wound by saying its not there}.

    The only thing that will {most often} bring a man to

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