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  • Original Message Song, 自分を信じて(Forward)

    生きることに つまづきを覚え
    空しい明日に 希望は色あせてゆく
    悔しい涙に 心は荒れはてて
    暗い闇の中 出口を探しつづけてる

     見失わずに 前へと歩いて行こう  Believe in myself

    ベンチに腰かけて 明日を嘆いても
    おとずれる現実は 誰にも避けられない

    行きかう人の波 温もりを求めて
    家路へとたどれば ささやかな幸せが待ってる

     恐れないで 前へと進んで行こう  Believe in myself

  • 2011,Nadeshiko Japan. To world one!

    Exactly after,the close game.Japan 2- 2 U.S.A,pk score 3-1, Japan became a champion in the world.
    To Japan that sinks darkly,A very bright topic was brought.
    The spirit never given up was heartening with courage. Thank you really. Of course, I want to praise the
    good fight of the united states team.The smile to Japan! ,The smile to people in Tohoku!.
    Yamato Nadeshiko No.1! .Thank you so much. From people to people, soft drink of word, Love is changed into zest for living!.

  • East Japan great earthquake supporter's message !

    Nuclear plant. Energy problem.One person and One person think! That time now.It is not a somebody else's problem.Our Earth! From people to people. Soft drink of word.Love is changed into the zest for living.