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  • Valentine Fun for the Family

    Red Hot cuocakes

    My favorite memories of Valentine's Day are from my childhood. I loved choosing Valentine cards and writing the kids names on the envelopes. During the early elementary grades, I remember we went from desk to desk, giving out our valentines. So, maybe that's why I still love Valentines, the hearts, the pink and red colors.
    If Valentine's Day is one of your favorites also, we have some fun crafts, printables and foods for your family to enjoy. The first is a quick and easy Valentine craft to make Heart napkin rings. It's super easy but it makes your table setting look really special. What says "love" more than hearts?
    Valentine Napkin Rings
    These pretty printable Cupcake Wrappers will dress up your cupcakes. The trendy red and white designs really make a splashy display. It's the perfect way to end the day!
    Cupcake Wrappers
    For the kids, we love these printable Valentine cards ... you can print a page of each Valentine theme ... Puppies ... Pirate ... Princess ... Aliens ... Mermaids ... Dragons and Sweet Animals.
    Puppy Valentine


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  • Teach Your Kids the Spirit of Giving This Holiday Season

    Christmas Morning

    By Kristin Fitch for ZiggityZoom

    I love Christmas and the hustle and bustle of the holidays. For many of us the frenzy has only just begun ... decorating, shopping, wrapping, holiday and school parties, baking, and overly excited children. It can sometimes be a stressful time of the year, butI love the holidays and everything that comes with it ... the Christmas music, decorations, holiday treats, family time, and special memories.

    I have found that sometimes, as parents, we get so wrapped up in checking off our to-do list during this time of year, and making sure we get every last gift our child begged for, that we forget what this time of year is all about. We forget that it is a special time of year that allows us to make lasting memories with our children through holiday traditions, whether old or new. For many of us there is great religious significance during this time of the year, for others it is a time to focus on the gift of giving.

    The other day I asked

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  • Family Craft: Halloween Candy Houses

    Here's a fun Halloween activity for this spooky weekend to do with the kids that involves one of their favorite building materials ... candy! We did this last weekend and everyone was given some graham crackers, frosting and assorted candies and wafer cookies. The kids had a blast! These are perfect to use as centerpieces for a Halloween party or just for fun.

    Many Candy House variations were made and they turned out as cute as can be. The kids even asked to do this a second night and they came up with even more creative structures. It's a really fun food project for the whole family to have fun together. Plus, you can eat the project when you're finished!

    You Will Need:

    • graham cracker base
    • frosting for glue
    • wafer cookies for buildings
    • candy corn for fence
    • assorted candy for decoration

    What To Do:
    1. Spread a bit of frosting on a plate with a flat center and then press graham cracker base into place.
    2. Frost the topside of the graham crackers and then start
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  • 10 Tips for Safe Halloween Night Trick or Treating

    With Halloween right around the corner, Kids and parents are preparing for the big night. Costumes are being finalized, parties organized and fun Halloween crafts and decorations are being made. Once school starts, kids start looking forward to Trick and Treating night. As much fun as there can be had, there are also some dangers to consider. We suggest that all parents take a moment to review a few safety tips before the Spooky night arrives.

    To ensure your child has a Safe and Happy Halloween, here are a few Tips.

    • Make sure Costumes are the proper length so that your children are not tripping over their capes, pant legs or dresses, avoiding an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.
    • If a Mask will be worn, make certain the mask fits well and that your child can see well and breathe well. Consider using nontoxic face paint instead of a face-covering mask. Perhaps your child can pull the mask down between "trick or treat" stops.
    • Take advantage of Reflective tape or Glow in
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  • Super Easy Halloween Costumes to Make for Kids

    It's Halloween and we all know that kids love dressup any time of the year and that's why these easy Pillowcase costumes are a perfect choice to make for Halloween. They're simple to make and the kids can still play dressup any time during the year. These cute Halloween costumes can be made in no time at all and if you already have a pillowcase you may be able to make a costume for free.

    Complete directions and illustrations for original Costume designs are given for making these darling dressup costumes. Add a few props and the kids are ready for the Halloween party. And if you are trying to save some time and money, these costumes are perfect, plus the kids can even help.

    These are a few of our very Favorite pillowcase Halloween Costumes:

    Nurse Costume (or Doctor costume) as shown above. Be sure to print out the Prescription play pad and Hospital sign for additional play value.

    Zebra Costume

    Clown Costume

    Skeleton Costume

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  • Kids Chores Develop Responsibility and Sense of Family

    Making a decision to give your child a few simple household chores, even when they are only 2 or 3 years of age, may seem a little extreme. But by giving your child some simple little things to do around the house you will be instilling some wonderful values at a young age. Don't think these are of little value; they are of great value in helping your child develop a sense of family and family responsibility.

    Kids are usually eager to do some of the things mom or dad does on a regular basis. "Can I stir the batter?" "Can I dust?" These are little things children want to know at these ages and if you let them help, even if the help is more of a hindrance, they will have such a sense of accomplishment. Little ones can help fold clothes ... sort of ... put things away, get the broom for you, sweep with a little brush and dustpan, help set the table, gather up their laundry and all sorts of menial little tasks that seem like nothing to many parents. Don't take it lightly though,

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  • Patriotic Crafts to Celebrate the 4th of July

    Red, white and blue ... Stars & Stripes ... flags ... parades ... fireworks ... they all remind us of our biggest summer celebration, the 4th of July. Whether you are planning a picnic in the backyard, a beach party or a group celebration at a state park, we've got some great new patriotic crafts to help your celebration along. Most of these craft projects can be done with the kids and we all know how kids love to make things. Think about planning a little parade and the kids can get their kitchen instruments (pots and pans, comb and waxed paper etc.) and march around the yard that they have helped to festively decorate. Make it a real celebration this year!

    To make the fun and easy Patriotic Wind Wheels, above, all you really need is red, white and blue heavy duty paper, some wire and small twigs.

    The Star Garland can be hung outdoors for your picnic area, just string between two treen or poles.

    Make this Uncle Sam Hat for a dynamic looking 4th of July

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  • 4th of July Muffin Surprise Cupcakes

    We love making surprise foods that friends, kids and guests adore. So, for our 4th of July celebration, we are planning on making our Banana Muffins to substitute for plain cupcakes. Who says "cupcakes" have to be bad for you?

    And if you have another healthy delicious muffin recipe you can serve yours as surprise muffin cupcakes ... they are really delicious when frosted lightly. This Banana Muffin recipe is one of our family favorites and we make these all the time when we get down to the end of a batch of bananas. You need three ripe bananas, but if we have a lone, ripe banana no one wants to eat, we simply peel the banana, put it in a baggie and freeze it until we have 3 and are ready to make a batch of muffins.

    We love serving these anytime when we have house guests. Serve with yogurt and some fresh fruit and your guests will rave about breakfast!

    Favorite Banana Muffins

    1/2 cup butter
    3/4 cup brown sugar
    1 tsp vanilla
    2 eggs
    3 large ripe bananas
    1 1/2 cups flour
    1 tsp

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  • Fun and Educational Games Online Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long

    We encourage all kids to get outside and play as much as possible during the summer. The sun, fresh air and days spent with friends is a part of childhood no child should miss. Those lazy summer days. But some days are really, really hot, even in the shade, and some kids don't have the opportunity to swim in a pool all day long. And that's when technology comes into play, as a summertime learning tool.

    We realize that a lot of time can be totally wasted on a computer just "playing around" but there are also great opportunities for kids to keep up their already learned skills in language arts, reading, science and math. And summer is the perfect time to add to that knowledge. Many kids websites combine the fun and educational factor, so the kids can actually have fun while they're learning.

    What are some games and kids websites that we recommend?

    Letter Blaster Alphabet Game Kids get to choose their favorite little Alien character and then they can identify either the Uppercase

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  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with This Fun Sandwich

    Cinco de Mayo is a fun day for celebrations ... including serving fun foods. So why not celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this fun Boot sandwich. This is a fun lunch twist and and it's easy to boot! We included a pattern for the boot sandwich parts. Although this is not a difficult sandwich to make the angles need to be cut right to resemble a boot. Trust me.

    Ingredients you will need:

    • 4 slices dark brown bread
    • Orange pepper
    • Cucumber
    • Yellow pepper
    • Red pepper
    • Sandwich filling

    First draw boot pattern pieces onto paper and then cut out to use as templates. Remove crusts from bread and then using 2 slices at a time, cut out boot pieces. Make the heel from the orange pepper and cut the "spur chain" from yellow pepper. To make the spur, first cut out a large circle from a red pepper slice. Then, make "V" cuts to form the actual spur.

    Cut a cucumber slice in two and use this to make the curved top of the boot. Garnish plate with cucumber slices. Yee

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