The Perfect After-School Snack: Homemade Granola Bars

Bake a pan of these snacks and you'll never go back to the boxed stuff. They're super-easy and fun to make with kids.

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Finding the right book for your kid can be a …

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  • By Joslyn Gray, REDBOOK.

    David Vienna, who writes The Daddy Complex, recently offered up a fabulous new parenting theory. While most parenting experts are pitching concepts like being a "Tiger Mother," a "Free-Range Parent," or an "Attachment Parent," Mr. Vienna has hit the (hilarious) nail on the head with his new parenting system: CTFD, which stands for "Calm the F*ck Down." "It's not a message to give your kids," he writes, "It's for you." It's excellent advice, and appropriate for oh-so-many situations I've encountered as a mom.

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    "Worried your friend's child has mastered the alphabet quicker than your child? Calm the f*ck down," Mr. Vienna advises.

    "Stressed that your child exhibits behavior in public you find embarrassing? Calm the f*ck down."

    As funny and tongue-in-cheek as Mr. Vienna's post is, he's totally right. I really do need to CTFD. I actually take medication to help with that challenge (anxiety disorder in the hizz-ouse), but some

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  • Eight years ago my son was diagnosed with multiple severe (some potentially life-threatening) food allergies. What I remember now are several years of living in a nervous haze, wondering whether each day would bring the unexpected, either on my own watch or by receiving that dreaded phone call saying that he had been exposed to something which could send him into anaphylaxis.

    There are several lessons we've learned over the years as food allergy parents. But mostly, it really all comes down to preparedness. Being prepared help you to both live with less anxiety and maintain your composure in the case of an emergency. Here are some suggestions for staying sane as a parent of a child with severe food allergies:

    1. Have emergency medicines ready

    Do not get lax about bringing your emergency medicines with you. This sounds like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many people leave home without their emergency medicines. You can put them in a case that hangs from a belt loop or k

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  • Flickr/Wired Photostream

    The lunchbox is the classic symbol of happy childhood memories. Nearly everybody has carried one at some point in his or her lifetime, filled with sandwiches, sides, and juice boxes - all the fixins' of hopefully healthy and delicious lunches.

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    Here we take a look at a variety of lunchboxes throughout history, and highlight just how they've evolved - and how they've stayed the same - in both shape and design over the decades. Inherently, in doing so we also take a look at how pop culture and mass consumption of popular television characters has shifted. Happy lunching!

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    Gang's All Here

    As Disney gained steam and developed more characters, another round of Disney tins was created - in this 1960s school bus rendition, many of the most well-known figures are pictured.

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    This 1976 box shows the popular sitcom Happy Days, highlighting a cartoon likeness of Art

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  • by Eden Univer

    Are you a little anxious about heading back to the classroom this fall? Sorry, silly question-we'd be surprised if you weren't! While you're probably familiar with the more stomach-clenching, palm-sweating side effects of the impending school year, there are (cringe) pimple-producing ones you should know about, too. But don't make that one more worry-there's help on the way!

    Want great skin like this DKNY model? To get started, stop stressing!

    Want great skin like this DKNY model? To get started, stop stressing!

    See more: Festival Style Inspiration from the Girls of Bonnaroo

    According to Hirofumi Aoki, Ph.D., senior scientist at Shiseido, when you're super stressed, your skin often has a hard time getting the moisture it needs, which leads to cell shrinkage. "Cell shrinkage causes cells to harden on the surface layer, impeding the clear-out process, and preventing new cells from emerging," she explains. Not only does that weaken your skin's natural defense barrier, but without proper cell turnover, you're bound to get clogged pores. And (follow us here) clogged pores lead to breakouts. Ta-da! You have a zit.


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  • Every other week on Food52, Gena Hamshaw of the blog Choosing Raw shares satisfying, flavorful recipes that also happen to be vegan.

    Today: A granola bar you don't have to bake, with a recipe that won't tie you down.

    - Gena

    Summer is quickly approaching, which means more picnics, hikes, outdoor walks, and other celebrations of the open air. This time of year, I like to maximize my time outside by stocking up on portable, nutritious snacks that allow me to be active without worrying about going inside to eat.

    >>RELATED: Looking for more snacks to fill your backpack? Try Gena's White Bean Dip.

    I'm a sucker for sweet, salty snack bars, but tasty vegan ones can be hard to find: many store-bought options are full of dubious ingredients, while recipes for homemade bars often contain honey (which isn't vegan!). For ages, I searched for a granola bar recipe that was vegan, easy to make, and -- most importantly -- adaptable. I've finally found the perfect mix of oats, nuts, dried fruit, and n

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