• Aging is an inevitable outcome of life. In time, everyone will grow old. However, that doesn't mean that people can't take steps to slow down the process. There are a number of ways to keep the body fit and healthy for years to come. There are also different methods to reduce the signs of aging. These anti-aging methods are simple to follow.

    Exercise is the key to a strong and healthy body. When using this anti-aging method, people can add years to their life. Exercise boosts the metabolism, which helps people control weight gain. Always incorporate strength training into workouts because it helps prevent the body from developing arthritis. Not only does exercise slow down the aging process, it also relieves some of the problems that are associated with getting older. For instance, exercise has been known to lessen back and joint pain.

    Eating a healthy diet is the second anti-aging method. Fresh fruits and vegetables can rid the body of toxic compounds. Make smart

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  • No matter how carefully I put together my Christmas present excel sheet (yes, I am a nerd) I always forget someone at the last minute and have to scramble for a gift. Re-gifting is tricky, since I rarely remember who gives me stuff and the potential for that awkward moment when you re-gift to the giver is high.

    My solution? To keep a few bottles of wine on hand as generic last minute gifts. And as I inevitably drink them before actually gifting them, these DIY presents:

    Gift No. 1: Fabulous Feather Earrings
    Perfect for your on-trend friend.

    What you'll need:
    2 packs of feathers (your preference of type and color)
    Bead crimps
    Fish hook earrings
    Super glue
    Needle nose pliers

    Step 1: Gather a bunch of feathers and arrange them in varying lengths and colors. Feel free to get creative with this, there's really no "wrong" way to do it.
    Step 2: Slip on the bead crimp (loop side up!) to the ends of the feathers and close them with the pliers. For additional

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  • Holiday 'dos that don't miss.

    Bottoms UpBottoms Up
    Bottoms Up
    Jordan Blackmore of NYC's Three Squares Studio is a nice young man who likes to get knotty. Here, he shows New York editor Jordan Blumberg how to keep her hair out of the punch bowl with help from a flashy top bun.

    Step 1Step 1
    Step 1
    Pull hair into a tight (think face-lift tight), high ponytail and hold. (Flip head upside down to make sure locks are gathered right on your crown.) Spritz with moisturizing Apres Beach spray.

    Step 2Step 2
    Step 2
    Brush/smooth hair underneath and tousle front section, leaving it imperfect. Hook rubber band in at the center, twist, and tie. Brush ponytail smooth, working in a dab of cream product.

    Step 3Step 3
    Step 3
    Create a cylinder by pinching at the base and wrapping your ponytail around your fingers like a donut. Tuck the end into the center hole.

    How to Do Cat Eyes

    Step 4Step 4
    Step 4
    Secure with pins around the base of the knot. Blackmore suggests one pin every half inch to start and stresses that you can't use too many hairpins. (We got up to 30.)

    Step 5Step 5

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  • The holiday season always puts my senses into overload -- I love burning candles, baking cookies and using my most indulgent scents in the bath. Usually around this time I also start scoping out a new perfume to add to my wish list! Here is my roundup of some of the hottest fragrance trends of the moment:

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    Celebrity-inspired perfumes - This trend is just not going away! Celebs from Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and even Justin Bieber have launched perfumes this year. These scents range from fresh and fruity (Taylor Swift) to clean and floral (Jennifer Aniston).

    Enduring classics
    - Fragrances from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Guerlain (remember Shalimar!) still remain extremely popular. These scents tend to be heavier than newer launches with bold floral and oriental notes but still strike a special place with many women.

    Bold florals
    - Jasmine was predicted to be one of the hottest emerging notes of 2011 and bold florals really did

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  • The quickest way to liven up your 'do? Forget a drastic haircut, and pick up something formal or decadently decorative for your mane instead. See our favorite designer barrettes, clips, and headbands, all fit for a fashionista.

    Jennifer Behr Aspen Barrette
    Jennifer Behr
    Nature-lovers will be happy to find out that this season's pièce de résistance is not camo-colored. Rather, this leaf is plated in gold, dripping in crystals, and won't contribute to your local landfill (like you'd ever get rid of this thing).
    $198; jenniferbehr.com

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    Colette Malouf Woven Metal Comb

    Colette Malouf
    Avant garde accessorizers will love the sculptural look of this tortoiseshell comb. The golden fabric looks luxe, but the winged arrangement is artsy enough to earn boho marks.
    $129; boutique1.com

    Eugenia Kim Chiara Metallic Jersey Headband
    Eugenia Kim
    Scrunchies: Uncool. Easy, breezy headbands resembling the 80s staple: Very in. The style set's favorite milliner has expanded to hair accessories, like this

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  • By Jessica Conway, GalTime.com Associate Producer

    Blow Dry BarsBlow Dry BarsWho doesn't love a great professional blowout? Unfortunately, heading to the hair salon can set you back a pretty penny, and DIY isn't always easy. Thankfully, blow dry bars have come to the rescue! These cutless, colorless hair salons are popping up all over the country, many with "menus" of A-list worth styles to choose from. Drybar was one of the first to "blow" onto the scene. Their goal is to offer top-notch service to their customers in a chic setting - you can even watch a chick flick in the process! Alli Webb, President and Co-Founder of Drybar, gives us the scoop on everything from the secret to her salon's success to drying your strands like a pro.

    Blow dry bars are hot right now! What should you look for when choosing one? Customer satisfaction is key. At Drybar, we work effortlessly to ensure over-the-top customer service and amazing hair, and go to great lengths to train and maintain our staff.

    (PS: GalTime

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  • Charlize TheronCharlize Theron

    It takes confidence for any woman-even an ex-model equipped with indisputable leading-lady looks-to gain 30 pounds and modify herself with prosthetics to appear on 50-foot-high movie screens worldwide. But that's just what actress Charlize Theron did to play Aileen Wuornos in 2003's Oscar-winning Monster. "There's no way I could have understood that character without having an emotional connection to her appearance," Theron says. In her current project, Diablo Cody's Young Adult, which hit theaters December 16, she plays a fiction writer with a penchant for alcohol and ex-boyfriends, and a nervous hair-pulling habit that leaves her with bald spots. Not exactly a glamorous role either, but Theron, 36, isn't concerned with looking pretty. "My job is to be a blank canvas and embody the character that I'm playing." Of course it helps that, off duty, said canvas is anything but blank; for seven years Theron has played herself in the très chic Dior J'Adore fragrance campaign-a role she

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  • Salon NfuseSalon NfuseChances are, you've got a few holiday parties over the next few weeks, and you might be looking for a fun new look for your hair. Well, over the next three days, I'm going to show you hairstyles for three different lengths of hair: short, medium, and long.

    Today, LONG!

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    Salon NfuseSalon NfuseStephanie at Salon Nfuse in Nashville started by French braiding my hair on one side. Once the braid extended over my ear, she pushed the braid upward a bit to give it a little bit of a messy, worn-in look, then secured it in place temporarily with a bobby pin.

    Salon NfuseSalon Nfuse

    On the other side of my face, Stephanie separated some hair into two parts and wound them around and around each other into a twist. She took both sides of my hair and secured everything in a low, loose ponytail just behind one ear.

    Next, Stephanie began twisting pieces of my hair around the elastic and pinning them in place, leaving the ends free. To make

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  • Winter winds, snow, indoor heat and dry weather can wreak havoc on your face and hair. Maintain your glowing skin and healthy locks with ten enriching beauty products that help combat the winter chill. There's no need to look any less pretty fireside than beach-side, after all. Plus, get inspired by the hottest long hair styles.

    By Kerry Pieri

    Rosebud Perfume Co. SalveRosebud Perfume Co. Salve

    1.)Rosebud Perfume Co. Salve
    It didn't get the coveted spot of medicine cabinet staple for not working. Rosebud Salve is the do-all and be-all of moisturizing balms and after over a century, it somehow seems to just get better.

    Rosebud Perfume Co. salve, $6

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    Aesop Fabulous Face OilAesop Fabulous Face Oil

    2.) Aesop Fabulous Face Oil

    A botanical oil, for all skin types, that's highly moisturizing without feeling heavy.

    Aesop Fabulous Face Oil, $55.

    La Roche-Posay Nutritic Dry Skin UltraLa Roche-Posay Nutritic Dry Skin Ultra

    3.)La Roche-Posay Nutritic Dry Skin Ultra
    An super-healing lotion for when your skin really needs some extra care. Aprés ski anyone?

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