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    ashamed of a ghastly grin? veneers may help.ashamed of a ghastly grin? veneers may help.
    Crooked teeth may be the new cosmetic vogue (yes, you read that correctly) among beauty mavens in Japan, particularly in Tokyo where the "yaeba" look is all the rage. But here in New York, and presumably across the rest of the world, wonky teeth still rank among the most common dental woes, prompting those in search of the perfect smile to wonder whether veneers can fix their crooked grin.

    Ask and you shall receive! Zeel cosmetic dentistry experts from around the country offer their two cents as to whether veneers can successfully mend crooked, uneven and gapped teeth.

    Dr. Brian Gray, Washington, D.C.

    "Yes," says Dr. Gray, Washingtonian Magazine's "Top Dentist" and an international authority in general and cosmetic dentistry. "But the degree of complexity may require more tooth preparation (removal of healthy enamel) to give the desired esthetic result."

    During the application of porcelain veneers, about a third to half a millimeter of tooth enamel is typically

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    When your manicurist refuses to paint polish on your nails, you know there's a problem. Flash back to last night.
    good advice even if you don't polish your nailsgood advice even if you don't polish your nails
    OK, so I've noticed that my nails were a bit soft and weak over the last few months, but it was nothing a few coats of Essie's "Carry On" couldn't cover up. Right?

    As it turns out though, over-lacquering my nails has rendered them really, really unhealthy, so much so that I've been temporarily banned from polishing them until further notice. Until then, I've been instructed by the kind yet brutally honest technicians at Black Label Spa to forego my weekly manicure and to instead take the following actions.

    (And remember: Like your skin, your nails can become weak and dry during these cold winter months with or without a manicure addiction, so even if you're not a serial polisher, you may want to wise up.)

    Moisturize-a lot. Like your skin, your nails need moisture too. The average amount of moisture in a healthy nail is 18 percent; any less is also less

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  • Gwen Stefani

    Good news for Gwen Stefani fans and their eyebrows! The singer-turned-designer is teaming up with Tweezerman for a limited-edition beauty tool collection.

    The singer's fashion brand Harajuku Lovers - which reflects Gwen's love of Japanese Culture and Pop Art - will partner with the renowned tweezer company for a new range of products, which will be available starting next March.

    Gwen said, "I am super excited to have Harajuku Lovers partnering with Tweezerman for this limited edition designer series. The Harajuku Lovers/Tweezerman products are not only the best quality beauty tools but are also ridiculously cute! Every time I see them they make me smile."

    The new Tweezerman Harajuku Lovers Designer Series features playful patterns of the Harajuku Girls characters that capture the essence of the lyrics and iconiography from Gwen's music and appeal to anyone with a "fatal attraction to cuteness."

    So now Gwen has a clothing line, a children's clothing line at Target, a

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  • By Kerri Winick, GalTime.com Beauty Editor

    Oh, the smells of the holidays...in our beauty products!Oh, the smells of the holidays...in our beauty products!

    If there's one thing I love more than the holiday season itself, it's the myriad of merry scents floating through the air. Swirls of evergreen, pumpkin, cranberry, and yes, even my beloved peppermint mocha latte, all dance around my nose. And those festive fragrances got me thinking: who wouldn't love a little scent-sational cheer added to their daily beauty routine? Here are six products currently taking up real estate in my bathroom:

    Jane Iredale Chocoholicks, $35: This thin palette contains four chocolate truffle flavored glosses: Blood Orange (copper), Espresso (rich brown), Very Berry (sheer plum), and Chili Pepper (red.) It's portable, pretty, and contains a gold, retractable lip brush. (Dipping my finger in a pot of gloss always skeeves me out a little!) The beauty of this bar of color is that you can mix and match "flavors" to create your own unique shade. Avocado oil and shea butter work to smooth rough patches without

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  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    If weather permits, get yourself outside as much as possible (provided you're wearing appropriate SPF, of course!). Skip the gym and take a bike ride, for example, or stroll around your favorite boutique area.

    Today's Aries Reading: Free Sample Astro Identity Reading

    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    You're particularly focused these days, so pick up a project you had put down. If you usually make it halfway through beading a necklace before you get bored, for example, now's your chance to finish one.

    Today's Taurus Reading: Free Sample Love Meter

    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    Your good mood deserves an equally good look, so pull out all the stops. Now's the time for special touches, like a flower in your hair in lieu of a plastic barrette, or fishnets instead of plain old pantyhose.

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  • Woman Dying Hair

    In June of 2011, scientists at New York University's Langone Medical Center created a flurry of excitement among the graying Boomer cohort with the announcement that they had succeeded in isolating a protein that is key to the pigmentation of hair. Yet while their research could point to a breakthrough down the road, as of now gray hair is right up there with death and taxes as a sure thing. Sooner or later, typically in our 30s and 40s -- or a bit beyond that for Asians and African-Americans -- the color-producing melanocytes in our hair follicles begin to dwindle. Eventually, they're gone altogether. Given that inescapable effect of aging, we have two choices: Either we can join the "amazing grays" who carry off a silver mane with aplomb or we can opt for dyeing our fading locks.

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    Here's what you need to know about starting or continuing to color your hair.

    Can Hair Dye Cause

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  • Yesterday my co-worker Jane walked in wearing the most divine shade of red lipstick. It was the color of a fire engine -- bold and definitely eye catching. Needless to say, I wanted to borrow it asap. Bad idea.

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    That gorgeous red on Jane made me look like a ghost, and I swiped off the disastrous lipstick immediately. It did make me think though: how can one lipstick shade look so different from woman to woman? And is there really a "universally flattering" lip color? I think this calls for an experiment.

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    So I gathered up my girls and tried the same lipstick on four of them. And not just red, but also pink, plum, and coral. Will there be a shade that fits all four? Click here to find out, or scroll down to see the first shade.

    Mandy, Fair Skin

    Lipstick: Too Faced in "Drop Dead Red"

    Mandy says: "This is good if I was going for a bold shade. I like how it's not

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  • The 'Marcy Martha May Marlene' star may be the younger sister of the infamous Olsen twins, but Elizabeth Olsen is much, much more than simply that!

    -Lucia Peters, BettyConfidential.com

    Elizabeth OlsenElizabeth Olsen

    Have you seen Martha Marcy May Marlene yet? Because if you haven't, you should. It's a truly incredible film with a brilliant performance from an astonishing young actress. That actress is Elizabeth Olsen, and she wowed audiences and critics alike with her portrayal of a young woman readjusting to life with her family after returning from the clutches of an abusive cult in the Catskill Mountains. Now that awards season is kicking up, there's all sorts of positive buzz surrounding this promising new star; but exactly who is Elizabeth Olsen, other than the younger sister to the famous twins Mary-Kate and Ashley? It seems like she sort of just crawled out of the metaphorical woodwork, doesn't it? But never fear! Here's a crash course in everything you need to know about her. Come and meet Elizabeth

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  • Dr. Obagi

    "Women are bombarded daily with beauty advice and information-much of it conflicting or just plain wrong," says Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi. "With 30 years of skincare experience and access to the leading research and technology, I know firsthand what really keeps skin young and radiant."

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    Here are Dr. Obagi's top five skincare tips:

    Give skin a jolt.

    "At age 30, skin cells start to become dormant," explains Dr. Obagi. "You need to wake them up and encourage them to produce collagen and elastin. Keeping those skin cells in the dermis functioning well is important for maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance. Look for products that contain high concentrations of retinol. It's the most effective ingredient for anti-aging."

    Get a little rough.

    "To keep skin cells active and awake, gently slap your face all over. This strategy improves circulation,

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