• From dazzling golds to sparkling champagnes, the best blonde haircolors are decidedly luxurious. That Midas touch can illuminate your skin and enhance your eyes for a striking effect, even if you're makeup-free. Finding your perfect shade is all about balance - choose cool, pale tones if you have fair skin and warm, deep colors if your complexion is darker. Or narrow down your options with the ten most outstanding blondes on our radar right now. Also see our most striking redheads and brilliant brunettes.

    By Kari Molvar

    Blake Lively
    Blake Lively, Multi-Tonal Honey Blonde Read More: How to Look Younger Instantly


    Cameron Diaz, Two-tone Caramel

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    Gwyneth Paltrow, Gradations of Gold

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    January Jones, Solid Platinum

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    Sienna Miller, Layers of Sandy Blonde

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    Kate Bosworth, Baby Fine Blonde

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    Kate Hudson, Buttery Blonde with Darker Roots
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  • By Kerri Winick, GalTime.com Beauty Editor

    Cindy Crawford's 'Meaningful Beauty'. Cindy Crawford's 'Meaningful Beauty'. For some odd reason, while the rest of us age, Cindy Crawford miraculously continues to look like she walked right out of that 80s Pepsi ad. Well, at least her skin does. Now, she's divulging her secret to turning back the clock with Meaningful Beauty®, a comprehensive skincare collection that promises to hydrate, protect, and firm.

    As much as I wanted to dive right in to her new 5-Piece Advanced System, this Beauty Gal is a bit backlogged in the skincare department. (I like to try things for at least two weeks.) However, I had the perfect beauty junkie in mind. She's in her mid-40s, and was on the hunt for a wrinkle blasting regimen. Here's what she had to say:

    When I was asked to try the Meaningful Beauty 5-Piece Advanced System, I thought, 'Heck, if Cindy Crawford is behind this, it's worth a shot!" Who wouldn't want an anti-aging line with Cindy Crawford espousing the benefits?

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  • Get gorgeous gams!If one of your New Year's resolutions was to get into better shape (and look hotter in your skinny jeans), we've got a quick thigh exercise from Cindy Sites, founder of barre-based class, The Figure Method. Requiring only something stable to hold on to and so easy you can do it in your living room, you'll be left grasping for excuses to skip this one.

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    Her reverse leg lift works the back of the bod, helping to get shapely calves, strong hamstrings, and seriously cute glutes. You'll know you're doing it correctly if you feel a contraction all the way from ankle to bum. Excited? See Cindy's instructions below.

    Read more: Try a side leg lift to get leaner stems.

    Stand next to your point of balance, holding on with your right hand. Bend your left knee slightly and raise the right leg in a challenging range of motion, toes pointed, 20 times. Then, un-point the toes, flex the foot, and do 20 more reps. Switch positions, putting your left hand

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  • 8 Myths About Acne and What You Can Do to Treat It!8 Myths About Acne and What You Can Do to Treat It!By Jeanine B. Downie
    Acne isn't just for teens -- find out what's fact vs. fiction when it comes to acne breakouts and how to control them.

    1. Myth: Acne Is for Teenagers
    Fact: You can develop acne anytime. In fact, most patients treated for acne are between the ages of 20 and 52.

    2. Myth: It's Just a Phase -- Acne Goes Away Eventually
    Fact: Acne can last for years, if not a lifetime. If left alone, without even topical treatments, it can worsen and scar. Acne is treatable and usually begins with mild, over-the-counter topical treatments. If that doesn't work, your dermatologist may prescribe oral and topical medicine. Control it well and breakouts will become scarce.

    3. Myth: Acne Is Caused By Dirt
    Fact: Acne is a complex skin condition that has nothing to do with dirt -- bacteria is the culprit. A type of bacteria called Propionibacteria acnes (P. acnes) gets into the pores, causing inflammation that results in pimples. Blackheads are caused by a buildup of sebum -- your skin's

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  • Say goodbye to chapped lips and hello to steamy kisses!

    -Diana Denza, BettyConfidential.com

    cute couple in the snowcute couple in the snow

    With snowstorms and seriously dropping temps around the corner, it's more important than ever to prepare your pout for some serious smooching. But with the onslaught of those brutal winds and frigid temperatures, silky soft lips are easier said than done, right? Not anymore! With these ten glosses, your lips will not only feel like a buttery oasis, but will look super shiny and totally irresistible to your beau.

    Forget dessert -the only thing he'll be craving is your pucker!

    sisley glosssisley gloss

    1. Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Levres nutritive lip balm ($72, saksfifthavenue.com).Soft, ultra-shiny lips are just a few swipes away! Natural plant extracts and soothing oils like hazelnut, sunflower, and Shea butter work to repair dry, cracked lips. Stow this in your bag to gloss over that fiery red date night lipstick. So worth the hefty price tag!

    jr watkinsjr watkins

    2. J.R. Watkins Simply Mauve-lous lip tint

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  • Photo: Fernando MilaniPhoto: Fernando MilaniBy Jenny Bailly

    Makeup artist Derrick Rutledge's advice to make the problem disappear...

    The Tool Kit

    Illuminating Liquid Concealer Pen (Try Sephora Collection Smoothing & Brightening Concealer, $14, Sephora.com): To make the hollow area beneath the bags look less deep (which will make puffiness appear less prominent), the color should be two shades brighter than your natural skin tone.

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    Soft Brown Eyeshadow (likfe Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow in Heroine, $20, Sephora.com): Look for matte shadows; shimmer can accentuate fine lines or crepiness.

    Volumizing Mascara (like CoverGirl LashPerfection Mascara, $6, drugstores): Lush lashes distract from swelling beneath the eyes.

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    1. Fill in gaps in your brows with short, feathery strokes of a pencil. Strong brows draw attention up and away from bags under the eyes.

    2. Pat an illuminating concealer on the shadowy line just under the puffiness. Blend the cream towardRead More »from How to Get Rid of Undereye Bags Once and for All
  • The other day, I found out just how much it costs to look like Jennifer Aniston (get the full figure here). It's a lot, but I'm not that surprised. It's Jen Aniston. She's been in the biz for years.

    What I didn't expect was young celebs like Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin getting such huge paychecks. They're not even 18 yet! How is it possible for a teenager to make this much cash?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous or anything. I was just curious to see just what I missed out on by not having a pushy stage mom like this Disney star. So I looked it up.

    Check out a few of the youngest, richest stars I found below (or click here for the entire list) to see their net worth:

    Selena Gomez

    Age: 19

    Net worth: $4 million

    Ever heard of the show "Wizards of Waverly Place"? It's apparently the second most popular Disney program of all time (after "Hannah Montana," of course). For Selena Gomez, this means a hefty $30,000 per episode. And after successfully recording the theme song for

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  • It's a whole new year, and everyone everywhere is telling you it's time for a whole new you. I like you just the way you are, but nevertheless I thought I'd share some seriously helpful beauty tips and tricks.

    This day and age, it's understandably difficult to take much time to primp up, but these tricks might actually save you time while helping you feel a little bit better about your look. Throw your hair into a sock bun and the effortless curls that appear when you take it out for date night will totally surprise you. Since scheduling a day at the spa is practically impossible, make some of your own pampering products at home. These tips and tricks are easy to do and will make you feel great. Always remember to take a little time for yourself. I'm pretty certain that you deserve it.

    1. Scotch Tape Cat Eye
    Make a cat eye with scotch tape and no shame! (Starring me and my hideous putting-on-makeup-face.)
    Make Scotch Tape cat eyes

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  • lipsticklipstickAhhhhhhhh, New Year's Resolutions. Those three words make me cringe every January. Sure, I could always stick to the standard "I pledge to drop a few pounds" oath, or I could tell myself I'll spend less money. The real truth is that resolutions are something that I, like many women, always make and seldom stick to. I know, I hate myself for it, too.

    However, after taking a look-see at fashionista Lauren Conrad's pledge to "organize her closet every month," I've found all new inspiration to make this year's resolutions both something I can stick to and beauty-based. If the super-busy celeb can make a doable fashion resolution, then so can I, right? Right.

    More from The Stir: Cameron Diaz's Drastic New 'do Shows She Doesn't Care What People Think

    From branching out with different lipsticks to putting an end to my scrubtastic weeknight trips to the store, take a look at my 8 totally doable beauty and style resolutions for 2012:

    1. Only wear gym clothes TO the gym.

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