• Author Caitlin MoranAuthor Caitlin MoranSince when did "feminism" become the new f-bomb? Caitlin Moran's 'How to Be A Woman', a UK bestseller, aims to rehab the maligned term while dishing Gaga, Brazilian waxing, the wonder of motherhood, and why porn could be a beautiful thing-but isn't. "Without feminism, you wouldn't be allowed to have a debate on women's place in society," writes the London Times award-winning columnist, "You'd be too busy giving birth on the kitchen floor--biting down on a wooden spoon, so as not to disturb the men's card game….The more women argue loudly, against feminism, the more they both prove it exists and that they enjoy its hard-won privileges."

    Part memoir, part manifesto, Moran's work was a hit with British readers and now she's ambushing United States with her rambunctious mix of teenage confessional, social critique, and celebrity gossip. Scared of political rants? Fear not, Moran hacks through the prickly thicket of being a woman in the 21st Century with more of a rubber chicken than

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  • GoodreadsEven fans of paper books can admit: Reading apps have plenty of great perks to offer. Apps can put dictionaries, maps, reviews, and libraries into your pocket, and each of these resources makes for sharper reading. Here are some of my favorite apps geared toward the old-fashioned bookworm that can enhance your reading experience.

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    1. Book Crawler
    (Apple iOS, $1.99)
    Most books have an ISBN number printed on the back. Book Crawler scans this ISBN number, recognizing the book's title, author, edition, cover art, and so forth. If you want, Book Crawler will then add the book to your digital bookshelf. You can also manually input titles or search for them on GoogleBooks. This is the app's core function: to serve as a personal librarian, organizing and sorting titles for you. After you've scanned or searched for a book, you can pull up its reviews on Goodreads. Like what you see? Click an icon and you can access the iTunes store or check for the

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  • Great Reads for Kids

    Summer vacation may be coming to a close, but reading season is never over. Check out these new books to keep your learner at the head of the class before returning back to school this fall.

    Dragon Loves TacosDragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin

    Forget Puff. There are some new dragons in town, and they eat tacos, lots of tacos. Rubin and illustrator Daniel Salmieri deliver zesty laughs - but watch out. When these creatures eat salsa, things get muy caliente.

    Available at amazon.com, $12.

    Best Kids Apps

    The Lonely BookThe Lonely Book, by Kate Bernheimer

    A forgotten book becomes beloved again when a little girl discovers its magical appeal at the library. Reigning queen of fairy tales Kate Bernheimer brings her love of enchanting stories to a new generation of readers.

    Available at amazon.com, $11.

    2012Chico the Brave, by David Horowitz

    In the hilarious Peruvian tale, a little chick is terrified of, well, everything. His patient father invents a hero to inspire him. When he finally discovers his

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  • Photo: Philip Friedman/Studio DThe Light Between Oceans
    By M.L. Stedman

    There's something irresistible about a morally complex story that makes you root for all its flawed characters, even when they're at odds with one another. The Light Between Oceans (Scribner), M.L. Stedman's seductive debut, is just that sort of book. And it comes with a bonus: a high-concept plot that keeps you riveted from the first page. Tom Sherbourne is the lighthouse keeper on Janus Rock, a remote island off the western coast of Australia. Tom is a WWI vet whose battlefield experience has left him righteous; his bride, Isabel, is brave and modern, having forgone the comforts of the mainland to join her beloved. Life is good for the Sherbournes, except for one thing: Isabel has had two miscarriages and despairs at the thought of remaining childless. Suddenly, a boat washes onshore; in it are an infant and a dead man. Isabel is desperate to keep the child, and Tom, despite his misgivings, cannot bring himself to ruin his wife's dream by

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  • Emily Giffin's new book, Where We Belong, begins with 18-year-old Kirby knocking on her birth mother's door. Kirby has always known she was adopted, but she knows next to nothing about her birth mom, who turns out to be a successful TV producer named Marian who is living in New York City. When they meet, it changes both of their lives in ways they could never imagine.

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    EMILY GIFFIN'S Where We BelongSeventeen: What inspired the plot of Where We Belong?

    Emily Giffin: At its heart, the book is about secrets and what happens to us and those closest to us when we keep them. I've always been intrigued by the power of secrets and the questions surrounding them. When is it justifiable to keep them from the ones we love? And does keeping them irrevocably change who we are? Adoption (under the secretive circumstances in Where We Belong) seemed to be a great way to explore some of these broader themes.

    17: This is your first time

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  • Amelia EarhartAmelia EarhartLooking for a summer read? Why not get inspired by reading one of these 10 biographies about amazing women who changed our world.

    1. Amelia: A Life of the Aviation Legend, Katherine V. Dillon & Donald M. Goldstein

    An impressive account of one of the 20th-century's most exciting, adventurous women, whose disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

    Sojourner TruthSojourner Truth2. Sojourner Truth: A Life, a Symbol, Nell Irvin Painter

    A former slave, Truth tells a story of overcoming incredible adversity and taking a stand that culminates with her famed speech, "Ain't I a Woman?"

    Mary KayMary Kay

    3. Mary Kay: The Story of America's Most Dynamic Businesswoman, Mary Kay Ash

    This self-made businesswoman's autobiography chronicles the creation of a cosmetics empire that's all about empowering other women to succeed.

    Abigail AdamsAbigail Adams

    4. Abigail Adams: A Biography, Phyllis Lee Levin

    A woman ahead of her time, this wife and mother of presidents urged her colonial contemporaries to recognize

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  • From What I RememberFrom What I RememberThe summer reading list that the school sends out each year seems like a wonderful idea until you are nagging your 'tweens and teens to get off the computer and pick up a book. We spoke with three authors (who also happen to be moms) to find out their ideas for new novels that kids-and their grown-ups-won't be able to put down.

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    Melissa Kantor, whose most recent book is 'The Darlings in Love,' tells Shine that the best way to find out what your child will enjoy reading is to ask them to name just one book they think "is awesome" and then ask a trusted book seller or your local librarian for similar titles. "Want to ask me for a suggestion for your child?" Adds Kantor, who also happens to teach middle and high school English. "Email me at melissa@melissakantor.com."

    Valerie Thomas, who co-authored the rollicking 'From What I Remember' with Stacy Kramer, tells Shine, "I find the school requirement that my fourth grader read 30 minutes a day

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  • 6 Page-Turners You'll Tear Through

    Warning: These new books will keep you out of the pool, hiding under the beach umbrella and then up all night to finish.

    Photo: Oprah.comPhoto: Oprah.comGone Girl
    By Gillian Flynn

    "You could imagine the skull quite easily" is just the kind of sentiment you wish serial killers would keep to themselves. It's also one of the first things Nick Dunne--the handsome, smarmy, admittedly dishonest narrator of the opening chapter of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl-tells us about "the finely shaped head" of his wife, Amy. Make that his missing wife, Amy, who just happens to disappear from their Missouri home on the morning of their fifth anniversary, fueling a small-town melodrama--complete with middling cops, fame-hungry neighbors, and cable-TV news crews--in her wake. As the story unfolds in precise and riveting prose, alternating between Nick's voice and Amy's diaries chronicling their relationship, it quickly becomes clear that theirs was not the happiest marriage, and that Nick, "a big fan of the lie of omission," is hiding

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  • 8 Sizzling Summer Reads

    Choosing your next read requires a quick mood check: Do you want something light and frothy or serious and engaging? These top picks will satisfy every craving from the shallow end to the deep. By Tiffany Blackstone, REDBOOK.

    Courtesy of Ballantine Bantam Dell BooksThe After Wife by Gigi Levangie Grazier
    Hannah Bernal has problems: Her husband just died, she's about to lose her home, she just got her daughter kicked out of school-oh, and she's suddenly seeing ghosts. When it comes to bubbly reads with a big gulp of heart, The Starter Wife author Grazier never disappoints.

    Courtesy of Atria Publishing GroupCourtesy of Atria Publishing GroupBetween You and Me by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
    The latest pseudo-insider story from duo behind The Nanny Diaries takes on A-list Hollywood meltdowns from a personal assistant's point of view. It's like being a fly on the wall in Britney Spear's mega mansion.

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    Courtesy of Little, Brown and CompanyWhere'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple
    Bernadette Fox-semi-recluse, genius architect and PTA pariah- is on the lam, and her teen daughter Bee is

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  • The Sweet Life, a new e-serial that imagines the Sweet Valley High twins at 30.Vampires and post-apocalyptic gladiators are the new teenagers of young adult fiction. But in the '70s and '80s the original heroes were just regular kids with hormonal drama. Weren't we all?

    Twilight fans screen newest trailer

    We survived childhood and pubescence, with a little help from writers like Francine Pascal, Judy Blume and Lois Duncan. So how would their characters fare as adults?

    In The Sweet Life, a brand new continuation of the Sweet Valley High series, Elizabeth and Jessica are all grown up. The "e-serial," released episodically each Sunday from July 15 through August 12, re-imagines the Wakefield sisters as mothers and career-women. Don't worry, they've still got plenty of high school drama.

    "They are 30 now, they look different and their experiences have been broadened but inside their heads there's still those 16 year old girls," Francine Pascal, creator and author of the Sweet Valley High franchise, as well as the latest series, tells Yahoo! Shine.

    Pascal spent a

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