• Thanksgiving is one day away, and even "Top Chef" finalists have some surprising holiday staples. You might think Carla Hall would make every side dish from scratch, but there's one item she just can't live without: canned cranberry sauce.

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    "I grew up with canned cranberry sauce," she says. "I still want that on the table. I want to be in the kitchen when it comes out of the can."

    Carla also shared a great idea for what to do with the fridge full of Thanksgiving leftovers: Upside-Down Turkey Sandwich Casserole. Simply coat a casserole dish with Country Crock, put mashed potatoes in it and create a bowl shape, and then fill with turkey and vegetables. Top with breadcrumbs or cornbread for the perfect post-Thanksgiving treat. (Recipe below.)

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    The co-host of "The Chew" was a model before she was a chef, and she stays in shape by being careful with her portions. "I say no to nothing and yes to mo

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  • You know Julie Benz from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel," "Jawbreaker," "Saw V," "Dexter," "Desperate Housewives," and "Defiance." But out of her many credits, there was one role that stood out.

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    "The role that I really loved was Robin on 'Desperate Housewives,'" Julie says of the role she took on right after "Dexter." She was thrilled to work with the women she had "admired for so long" and loved the eccentric role she had a chance to play. "My character was very quirky and fun," Julie says. "She was a stripper… a lesbian stripper."

    Throughout her four seasons on "Dexter," Julie played Dexter's significant other. Over the course of her time on the show, she says one scene —which she didn't know about in advance — was the most memorable. "My favorite scene on the show is when Dexter proposes to Rita," Julie says. "As soon as we started to rehearse and Michael started saying his dialogue, it was that magic moment that all actors hope for, and

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  • Over 50 percent of people never discuss concerns about gas and bloating with their doctors, but Dr. Roshini Raj says patients should put their self-consciousness aside for the sake of their health. "They're embarrassed," she says, insisting that people should be upfront with symptoms "because it can be a sign of an underlying GI disorder that's potentially more serious," like celiac or Crohn's disease.

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    If you're concerned about gas, Raj recommends staying away from larger amounts of lentils, beans, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. "They're great for you, but certain people get more gassy with them," she says. "Introduce them slowly to your diet, and you will get more used to it."

    There are also a few more unexpected behaviors that can cause blowing, like chewing gum. "A lot of people don't realize that when you're chewing gum, you swallow air," Raj says. "And that then goes into your intestine and can cause a lot of gas." Another habit to av

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  • Mark Consuelos doesn't mind being known as a strict dad. The actor and father of three is set in his ways when it comes to his approach to parenting. "I love my kids. I'm not their friend," he says. "I'm there to make sure of three things: They stay out of rehab, the morgue, and jail."

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    How does he make sure? "My default answer to anything my kids ask is no," he says, and he also doesn't shy away from punishing bad behavior by taking away phones and iPads. "Punishment is also a lecture," he says. "The eyes glaze over and I go into my speeches."

    After 17 years of marriage to Kelly Ripa, Mark says the couple still keeps the spark alive in their relationship. "I'm really hot for her," he says. "She does it for me in a major way. She's extremely also patient and tolerant." Mark also explains that keeping the focus on family helps the couple to have perspective. "Three kids will make any problem you think you're

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  • David Blaine has been buried in a coffin and frozen in a block of ice, has lived in a glass box for 44 days, and has held his breath underwater for 17 minutes. Now the illusionist is returning to primetime in his new special, "David Blaine: Real or Magic," wherein he travels around the world and into the homes of celebrities to show off his street magic.

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    The magician is notorious for being stoic during his tricks, but he says that doesn't mean he isn't experiencing a thrill as well. "Even though I do magic and I'm always very stonefaced, I'm actually vicariously living through people's reactions," he explains. "That's the addiction to what I do."

    There was one specific celebrity reaction that David considers the greatest of all. "Harrison Ford, he was the best." David had just finished performing a trick when the actor "kicked me out of his house," he says.

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    You might think there's nothing that David i

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