• Maxwell Ryan has been helping people avoid design disasters for years as the founder of ApartmentTherapy.com. Maxwell once lived in a 250-square-foot apartment with his ex-wife and daughter, so he knows the best tricks to enhance a tiny room.

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    First tip, declutter. "You have to have breathing room," Maxwell says. "If you have a bookshelf that can take 30 books, put 25 on it. Don't fill it up right to the edge. ... Good organization is leaving a little empty space."

    Second, good lighting can make a room appear much larger than it actually is. "You want three points of light in every room," he says about avoiding shadowing. "You can light it badly and it will feel small, because your eye won't go where there's no light."

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    Another tip is to stick with lighter paint colors on your walls. "The basic rule is that light colors expand and dark colors contract," Maxwell says. "But you don't want to

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  • Diego Klattenhoff is best known for playing Mike Faber, the Marine captain who fell for his best friend's wife on "Homeland." And it seems plenty of other men have fallen for the actress who plays her, Morena Baccarin. "I have so many guys that come up to me, whether it’s in airports or somewhere, and they’re like, ‘Oh, I love that show. The wife is so hot. Tell me about the wife,’” says Diego. "It's like creepy-guy syndrome. I can't imagine what it’s like for her."

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    For now, Diego is focusing on his latest project, NBC's "The Blacklist."

    "James Spader is the world's most wanted man who turns himself in to the FBI after 20 years of being on the lam, selling secrets to the highest bidder," Diego says. "He says 'Screw your most wanted list — it's all about publicity. I have the biggest, baddest list of criminals around the world, and I'm going to help you solve them.'"

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    You might not know that

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  • If you're a "Star Trek" fan, you might be a bit unnerved the first time you meet Red, the tough Russian prison cook played by Kate Mulgrew on Netflix's hit series "Orange Is the New Black. "The first image is slightly overwhelming when you're used to Captain Janeway," Kate says. "Suddenly, looming in front of the camera is this huge face, and this magenta spiked hair, and this voice, and it's unrecognizable."

    Kate Mulgrew as Red

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    In Season 1, viewers learned bits and pieces of Red's story, and Kate reveals that there's big drama ahead for the character in Season 2. In addition to the audience getting to know Red's sons, she says, "There's going to be a big problem for somebody else with me. It's going to be dangerous, it's going to be unexpected ... it could be fatal."

    And while Kate's role is fun to watch, she says it's just as exhilarating to play. "Do you know what I think you might be reading?" she asks after Ali comments on her transformational role. "My absolute

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  • Today we're talking about the unwritten handbook passed down from generation to generation of men: The Man Code.

    The Man Code — a set of rules all men should live by, is more lenient than it used to be. So guest host Michael Yo invited James Murray and Joe Gatto from Impractical Jokers to debate the finer points of manners, martinis, and manscaping.

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    "Nothing's wrong with martinis," say the guys, "it's the appletini" that's a problem.

    The biggest violation of the Man Code, however, is something else that happens in bars. If a friend is talking to a pretty woman, the guys say, it's breaking the code to let the woman know he's not single. "That's not your business," says Joe. "That's something he's gotta deal with."

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    The guys admit that manscaping is a Man Code must-do. "I mean, have some respect for yourself and the people involved," says Joe. But the guys differ on the manscaping method. When it comes to eyebro

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  • If you think the only place for bargaining is at a flea market, think again. Mark Ellwood, the author of "Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World," stopped by "Daily Shot" to share his best secrets to scoring a great markdown.

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    Mark says there are four magic words that will set you on your way to smart shopping: "Are there discounts today?" "Ninety-nine percent of the time, someone will say, 'Yes, of course,'" Mark says. "And it will work almost anywhere if you do it the right way." The author recalled a skeptical friend who immediately received a 15 percent discount after asking the question at Pottery Barn.

    "At almost every store, a sales assistant has price flexibility because they know they want to make the sale," Mark explains. "For example, Bloomingdale's in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami gives 10 percent discounts to visitors, but the 'visitor' is defined how the sales assistant wishes."

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    So what are

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