• Tia Mowry grew up on the '90s sitcom "Sister, Sister" with her twin, Tamera. Now, the 35-year-old can be seen on her Style Network reality show "Tia & Tamera," the Nickelodeon comedy "Instant Mom," and the new film "Baggage Claim."

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    The actress, author, and producer also has a 2-year-old son, Cree. Being a mom, she says, has given her a whole new focus on keeping her family healthy. "One of the main things that my family and I do — we exercise a lot."

    And while her son isn't hitting Zumba class just yet, she says she's encouraging healthy habits early. "My 2-year-old walks around the block once a day."

    She also tells Ali that she'd like to expand her family "probably in two years."

    She became a vegan in January and says that her chronic eczema and migraines have since cleared up. "And I have more energy."

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    One thing Tia says she'd overlooked in the past was a flu vaccine. "Knowing

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  • Tamera Mowry made headlines this past summer after announcing on “The Real” that she waited until she was 29 years old to lose her virginity. But the “Sister, Sister” alum reveals she was surprised at the reaction to her comments. “I didn’t think that it was going to be such a big deal,” she says. “A lot of my girlfriends … one of them is celibate, and my other friend, she’s 32 and she’s still a virgin.”

    Tamera credits her mother with helping her stay strong-willed. “She said it’s an easy way to weed out all the dogs,” Tamera says about her choice to hold off on sex. “If a guy really wants to be with you for the sake of just being with you, he’s not going to leave you because you don’t want to have sex with him.”

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    The 35-year-old, who’s now happily married with an 11-month-old son, says she’s looking forward to having another baby. “I loved being pregnant,” Tamera says. “My sister looks at me like I’m crazy because she had a little bit more of a

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  • We've all been there — you're on a full flight, stuck in the middle seat between a cougher and a sneezer with nowhere to turn. Are you doomed to get sick? Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of "The Doctors," says there may be something you can do.

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    If germy particles are floating in the air, switch on your overhead air vent to the highest setting, aimed downward at your face. "The air will actually help push those particles away," he says.

    While many stock up on vitamin C and take other supplements designed to strengthen the immune system for travel, Stork says, wellness is more in your head than you think. "All of those supplements out there, a lot of it is the placebo effect," he explains. "If you're more optimistic and you believe you're going to get better, your immune system strangely fires up."

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    And, of course, take some hand sanitizer with you. "Airplanes are the one time I bring alcohol-ba

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  • You might not recognize Anderson Davis with his shirt on. As the face — and abs — of Kraft Italian salad dressing, the sexy spokesperson inspires cooks to bring a little zestinesss into their kitchens with his sultry ads.

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    Yes, he's hot. But has he always been hot? "I was extremely ugly from about 2 to 18," the actor says, though his childhood photos prove otherwise. "I started taking men's multivitamins, and things started happening," he jokes.

    With all those good looks, is Anderson concerned people won't appreciate his mind? "I want people to go, 'Well, you know, he's not just a shirtless guy — he can act.'"

    WATCH: Stocks and Bods

    Anderson also shares three things, besides salad dressing, that he finds zesty. "Fishing," he says. "Women … I respect women. I have four sisters." And the last thing? "Right now, coffee." To find out which of his commercials were the easiest and most difficult to shoot, check out this episode of "Daily Shot."

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  • You know her from "Desperate Housewives," "Body of Proof," and "China Beach," but there's one thing that might surprise fans of the seasoned star: She's chosen to stay single.

    "It's scaring me a little bit how much I love it," the 57-year-old says of her solo status. "The older I get, the more I love it." Dana also suggests that women get a bad rap for deciding not to get married: "Young girls need to hear that, that it's OK."

    WATCH: "Stop Telling Me to Have Kids"

    Dana remembers deciding she wasn't going to have kids when she was just 16 years old. Looking back, she says she's happy she didn't change her mind. "I don't regret it," she says. "I have plants!"

    She also talks about her audition for the role of nurse Colleen McMurphy on "China Beach." "I wasn't that good of an actor at that point," Dana says. "I didn't have a lot of experience, so I needed to stay in character when I was auditioning for something, so I decided that character was Clint Eastwood."

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