• Ever since "Suburgatory's" Ana Gasteyer became a mom and turned 40, she felt like she was carrying extra weight around. But it wasn’t until last year that the 46-year-old actress found the motivation to lose it.

    “We came home from vacation. We were particularly fat and sad as a family, and our neighbor had just slimmed down and she looked fantastic,” she says. When Ana and her husband asked how she'd done it, she credited Weightwatchers.com.

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    Ana says her husband jumped on the bandwagon first, which inspired her to join. Then, over the course of a year, they lost more than 100 pounds together.

    All the while, Ana tweeted about her experience. "Hey @Weightwatchers, How many activity points for sweatily trying to get out of a Spanx undershirt?" and "Hey @WeightWatchers: how many #activitypoints for wrestling a cat into a carrier? About 23 min/very sweaty. Pls note w/without swearing Thx.”

    Her humor landed her a gig as Weight Watche

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  • As a cast member of "Saturday Night Live," Kenan Thompson has impersonated everyone from Al Sharpton to O.J. Simpson to Jennifer Hudson, but there's one impression that might not have sat well with a celebrity guest.

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    "Apparently Steve Harvey is not very happy with the Steve Harvey that we're doing," Kenan says. "They had him on and they showed him the impression, and ... of course for comedy's sake he was, like, 'Nah, I don't like it.' ... But I felt like he was slightly genuine."

    The funnyman also does his fair share of female impressions, including Aretha Franklin, Whoopi Goldberg and, strangely enough, Reba McEntire. "Everybody does it," he says of male comedians branching out to female roles. "It's one of those easy laughs in the beginning. ... 'Oh, there's a man in a lady dress!'"

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    To find out the celebrity whom Kenan was most excited to meet, watch this episode of "Daily Shot."


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  • Have you ever purchased whitening toothpaste and wondered whether or it actually works? According to cosmetic dentist Dr. Tom Connelly, your concern might be justified. The dentist explains why the "whitening" label is misleading.

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    "In order for a toothpaste to be called 'whitening toothpaste,' it just has to have scouring properties to remove surface stains," Connelly says, "so it's not actually entering the tooth and changing the color of it."

    Bleaching toothpaste, on the other hand, may be a better choice for those seeking a brilliant smile. "It uses hydrogen peroxide that actually penetrates the enamel and interacts with stained molecules," he says, "rendering them odorless, which makes the teeth white."

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    Connelly recommends being wary of whitening products promising quick results ... you may just be wasting your money. "Some of them claim to whiten teeth in a matter of a week or in 30 minutes," he says, "but

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  • David Tutera is known for planning over-the-top weddings and parties, and he's received all sorts of eccentric requests along the way. Still, one bride's wish caught him by surprise.

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    "I had a bride once say to me that she wanted to be lowered down from an 80-foot-tall ceiling," David recalls. "Most wedding planners would say, 'Absolutely not.' Me? I'm like, 'This is so stupid — absolutely, yes!'"

    David ordered the bride to take trapeze classes to prepare. But then, the morning of the wedding, the bride backed out. David says he knew she wouldn't go through with the stunt, "but I wanted her to do it!"

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    That doesn't mean anything goes at a David Tutera wedding. He says the worst trend in weddings these days is choreographed dances. "It could be a disaster," he warns. "You need to have a fiancé who can dance, and take classes to dance. When you go out there and you don't do it the right way, it's an embarrassmen

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  • In "The Americans," Noah Emmerich plays an FBI counterintelligence agent who's seeking out KGB spies, but it's not his first time playing a member of the force. In "Cop Land," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," "Backwash," and "White Collar," Noah also played men with badges.

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    "I think I look like a big Irish cop," he says. "It's a typecasting thing." He insists that in actuality, he couldn't be further from his "typical" role. "I'm Jewish," he says. "The irony of playing the Irish cop! My father's a refugee from Germany."

    While Noah's used to playing a cop on the screen, one thing that's harder to get used to is the vulnerability that comes along with doing love scenes.

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    "I find, weirdly, the more intimate moments to be between takes, because sometimes you're in a compromising position," Noah says. "You're unnaturally close to someone who is not your lover. That's a weirdly intimat

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