• She’s interviewed everyone from muppets to world leaders, and Katie Couric stopped by Daily Shot to tell Ali how she gets tough people talking.

    “I think most people just wanna feel comfortable, they want to feel as if you’re really interested in what they have to say.”

    But when you’re interviewing someone who’s in trouble, or who might have something to hide, the veteran journalist says, “It’s all about the tone you use. I think you have to be skeptical but not cynical."

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    Katie says that, after all these years, she can get star struck. “I think any time you’re in the White House and you’re interviewing the president,” she says, “it’s one of those pinch me situations.”

    And as calm as she always seems under pressure, there have been at least two interviews that made her memorably nervous.

    “I was very nervous when I interviewed Ross Perot because he was so pugnacious and belligerent if he was challenged,” she said, launching into an amazing impression of the

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  • Style blogger Alissa Wilson was frustrated with the lack of resources for plus size women, so she started Stylish Curves, a blog that encourages women to love their bodies by showing them how and where to shop.

    What does she say is the biggest mistake women make while shopping? Paying too much attention to the tag. Women “look at the size on the tag as opposed to shopping for their body shape,” she says. “They’re so concerned with that number, that they don’t give themselves the opportunity to look at other items that will fit their shape.”

    WATCH: "House of Curves" Star on Real Body Style

    Alissa also explained why shapewear is a girl’s best friend. “If you’re going to wear a body-hugging dress, you need foundation,” she says. “It helps create and define a shape as opposed to being all willy-nilly.”

    That holds true most of the time, but the summer is more of a challenge. “If it’s like 90 degrees, you just gotta be ready for all the jelly.”

    WATCH: Sexy Summer Styles

    And when the temperatu

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  • Laura Prepon is best known as Donna Pinciotti, the witty redhead on Fox’s long running sitcom That '70s Show, but she’s back on the small screen in a role that might raise some eyebrows. She plays a manipulative international-drug-smuggling lesbian in the new Netflix series, Orange is the New Black.

    The series follows a Piper Chapman (Taylor Shilling), a New York woman who is sent to federal prison when a crime she committed years before comes back to haunt her.

    Laura was excited for something different. “There are all these network lawyer shows being made, another CSI, another this, another that. I’m like, ‘I get to play a manipulative drug smuggling lesbian? I want to do that!’”

    WATCH: Roseanne star on playing one of the first gay TV characters

    “Do you kiss her?” Ali asked about Shilling’s character, Piper.

    “We do a lot more than kiss, girl.”

    “Gotta love cable!” Ali said. “You can’t do that on That 70s Show!”

    Even with her new role, she makes it a priority to stay tight with her That '70s

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  • Kris Jenner took a break from Keeping Up with the Kardashians to stop by Daily Shot, and of course Ali wanted to know all about her new granddaughter, North West. A very proud Kris said of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby, born June 15,“She’s really cute, she’s beautiful, and she’s doing really well.”

    And while Kris, 57, loves being a grandmother, she doesn’t necessarily like the title. “I started out being grandma, and I thought, ‘that sounds a little funky to me now,’" she said. "So now I’m Lovey.”

    “I thought you were going to say, ‘Now I’m Mrs. Jenner,’" Ali quipped.

    “Why didn’t I think of that?” Mrs. Jenner responded.

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    The mom of six and ‘Lovey’ of three has family duties and a lot more going on these days. Her new talk show “Kris” on Fox, "is actually a dream come true."

    She says the lifestyle show, among other things, will be a place for her go on the record about what’s really happening in her life. “You’re gonna hear it from the

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  • Celebrity stylist Melissa Meister has a successful career working with A-listers such as Taylor Swift, Shakira and Serena Williams. But she'd always wanted a child. She got pregnant with a man she'd been in a three-year relationship with, only to learn that, "he decided he wanted to be in another situation. Another relationship."

    Her friends encouraged her that the best way to get over her ex was to get back out there. That's the premise for Melissa's story line in the reality show Pregnant and Datingon WEtv.

    WATCH: Veep Actress on Being Pregnant

    Still, dating is the last thing you'd think a pregnant woman would want to do. But Melissa says, "I wanted to be kind of a risk taker and really, dating's awful, and I wanted to think maybe this is an opportunity for me to duty-date and get some experience and ask some people some questions I might not have been asking if I wasn't pregnant."

    But, what kind of guy goes out with a woman who's already pregnant? "There were a few frogs," Melissa says

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