• Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to everlasting love, but there’s always hope that our favorite celebrity unions will make it over the long haul. Supermodel Paulina Porizkova stopped by the studio to share what makes her marriage to The Cars’ lead singer Ric Ocasek so strong.

    “I was 19 when I met him,” she says. “I’ve spend most of my life being married… it will be 29 years next week!”

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    So what are her secrets to longevity? Number one is pretty obvious, “find the right person to do it with,” something Ali almost got wrong. “I’ll tell you something personal,” Ali confessed. “I was once going to get married before I married my husband, and Paulina talked me out of it because she knew he wasn’t the right person.”

    Couples also have to be willing to put in the effort. “Having your husband or wife be your priority is work,” she says, and most celebrity unions are so short because “famous people are narcissists. It’s all ab

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  • There are more than 80 TV series premiering as part of this summer’s lineup, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed! Nikki Boyer, host of Daytime in No Time, stopped by the studio to dish on summer’s cant-miss shows and save everyone from too much channel surfing.

    What should you watch if it’s a rainy day and you don’t feel like getting out of bed? Under the Dome on CBS, a sci-fi series about a town cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious barrier. “It’s putting a microscope on what we would do as a society if this really happened,” Nikki says.

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    If you want a little drama? Camp on NBC. “It may be about camp, but it’s not super kid-friendly!” Nikki says about the dramedy that follows a recently-divorced camp director looking for a fresh start.

    Need a good laugh? The Goodwin Games on Fox follows estranged brothers and sisters trying to get to their father’s $25 million dollars after his death. “The trick here is that they all have to

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  • With the dog days of summer in full force, both you and your favorite furry friend are sure to spend more time outdoors in the sunshine. But with the warmer weather comes a new set of hazards for your pets. Heartworms, fleas and ticks are also out of hibernation, waiting to make themselves cozy on your pet.

    As pets spend more time outside, they are at increased risk of a flea infestation that can lead to anemia, allergic skin disease, tapeworms, and other more serious diseases. Ticks can also cause their own set of problems, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichia, and local painful reactions to the tick bite itself.

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    So how can you keep your pet happy and healthy? Work with your vet. “Your vet is the second most important person in your pet’s life,” Wendy says. The market is crowded with products for pets, and only you and your vet can determine what products and medications are safe for your pet.

    A healthy diet

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  • Carolina Bermudez, one of the hosts of "Live From The Couch" on WLNY-TV in New York, shocked viewers in March by announcing she and co-host Lisa Kerny were both pregnant. That’s a lot of hormones on one set!

    When Ali discovered Carolina was pregnant, she said, “There are some gross things that happen when you’re pregnant, you should know that now…” And so began their frank conversation on the side effects your doctor doesn’t always warn you about.

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    Everyone knows about the mood swings, nausea and incontinence, but what was the most shocking thing to happen to Carolina? She says, “The amount of body hair…. I’m like big foot’s little sister and I had laser hair removal.”

    During pregnancy, hormones are responsible for hair growth, which wouldn’t be so bad if it just meant longer, more luscious locks. But for many women, it means hairier breasts, abdomen, face, arms and legs.

    Carolina was also surprised by her own scent. She says, “The body odor has be

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  • In the hot new ABC Drama “Mistresses,” Rochelle Aytes plays April Malloy, a widowed single mom who finds out a dark secret about her late husband’s past – he cheated. For Rochelle, the infidelity was a little too familiar.

    “Have you ever been cheated on?” Ali asked.

    “Yes, unfortunately more than once.” Rochelle said. “I went crazy afterwards. One time I did go into the drawer and grab a “utensil.” I was just angry and I wanted something.”

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    Luckily, Ali had some constructive advice. “A steak knife in one of his tires… it makes you feel a lot better,” she says. “Don’t hurt him, just hurt something he loves.”

    To hear more about Mistresses and find out what Rochelle would do if she found out her friend’s husband was cheating, watch this episode of Daily Shot.

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