• They’re back, and they're on fire. The fifth season of Real Housewives of New Jersey may be the most dramatic yet.

    Why is there so much fighting? Melissa Gorga explains, “There’s something about family. It’s a force of nature.”

    Kathy Wakile adds, “I’ve been known to duke it out with my sister.”

    Melissa says that sometimes the cameras happen to catch a whirlwind of cat fights, and that's just how their family deals with problems. "Just when you think there's nothing left...there's a lot more to come," she explains.

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    Wondering what insults push them over the edge? For Melissa it’s being called “fake,” and for Kathy, “People say that I’m a follower. I’m not a follower.”

    Since every Real Housewives series features some famous outlandish quotes, Ali put Melissa's and Kathy’s Housewife knowledge to the test in a game of “Words of a Housewife.”

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    So who said what in Ali's list of crazy quotes? Play along with

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  • Cheryl Burke still hates to think about the tabloid that criticized her weight back in 2008. The article came out right before the Dancing with the Stars premiere, “and I was wearing a costume and had to go out and face millions of people,” she remembers. “Obviously I’m human and I was hurt by it and affected by it.”

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    She says that the public slam led her to doubt herself continuously when she went on the red carpet or put on one of the notoriously skimpy Dancing with the Stars costumes. But she didn’t want to keep doubting herself, and she doesn’t want anyone else to either. “Embrace your body,” is her message. “Curves are sexy as hell.”

    “For me it’s all about making sure women out there have self-esteem and just be able to be confident in their own skin.”

    In fact, Cheryl is so confident these days, she became a spokesperson for Depend undergarments. And it’s “Depend,” not “Depends,” she clarifies.

    WATCH: Former Depend spokeswoman, Lisa Rinna

    At 29,

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  • Elisabeth Rohm, of “Law and Order" and “The Client List,” stopped by to chat with Ali about her new book, Baby Steps: Having the Child I Always Wanted (Just Not as I Expected).

    At 34, doctors told Elisabeth that she wouldn’t be able to have children the old-fashioned way, due to “accelerated ovarian aging, which meant that I was just heading really quickly to menopause.”

    WATCH: “If I Were Your Mom…”

    Elisabeth, who had always wanted to be a mom, was told that, “If I didn’t get aggressive about IVF, I would miss the boat completely.”

    WATCH: “I actually don’t want kids.”

    Elisabeth was eventually able to conceive after two cycles of fertility treatments, and is now mom to her two-year-old daughter, Easton. But she wants other women to know what she didn’t going into the process.

    “It’s very costly, and if they can just plan ahead,” she said, adding “I would just like 30-year-old women go to their OB/GYN…and every year, check their ovarian reserve, check their hormone levels so they do

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  • During her 15 years on the Today Show, Katie Couric’s name always seemed to be modified by one adjective in particular: PERKY. So Ali invited Katie to stop by and do something very unperky. She invited Katie to complain.

    “I have so many things that annoy me,” Katie joked to Ali. “I’m not really very nice.”

    At the top of the list? “I hate it when people use bad grammar. Like, ‘He really doesn’t like Suzie and I.’” Grammarians will be quick to point out that it should be, ‘Suzie and me.’

    Another thing that gets Katie’s goat is, “when people drive really slowly in the left-hand lane.” She admits to having “a little road rage,” but apparently not as much as Ali, who gets “all gangsta.”

    Gum-smacking also appears on her list, as do people who push her seat back on airplanes when they get up.

    To hear about the gross thing a fellow flying passenger did on Katie’s tray table, and the rest of Katie’s list, check out today’s episode of Daily Shot!

    You can watch "Katie" every weekday--check l

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  • You know that diet soda isn’t the most nutritious thing you can put in your body. But Jayson and Mira Calton, authors of Rich Food Poor Food, tell Ali that it’s just a few degrees of separation from embalming fluid.

    The husband-and-wife nutritionist team brought a list of scary-sounding ingredients that are mixed into some of the most commonly available food items on the shelves.

    Kraft Mac N Cheese, they explained uses Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 to get that vibrant color. Those ingredients are ‘coal tar derivatives.’ Coal tar is also found in lice shampoo. “This is all I feed my kids!” Ali admitted. Except that she feeds them Annie’s brand, which the Caltons deemed safe for consumption.

    WATCH: Do feed your kids this...

    Next up, the Caltons took on white bread. “If you’re not gonna eat the sole of your sneaker, “ said Mira, “I don’t think you should eat azodicarbonamide, which is an ingredient in a loaf of bread.” She explained it’s used to whiten flour, but is also an asthma-causing all

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