• Have you ever wondered if your cat actually likes you? Or if it's secretly trying to kill you? John Bradshaw is an anthrozoologist and author of the book "Cat Sense," and he stopped by the "Daily Shot" studio to help us understand our feline friends just a little better.

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    What's the number-one thing that humans don't understand about their cats? They don't automatically get along with other cats. "They are animals whose main security comes from having a place to live," John explains. So no need to worry that your cat is lonely without another of its kind.

    Can cats feel emotion? Yes, but only gut feelings like affection, anger, or anxiety. Cats can't feel complex emotions that are exclusive to humans, like embarrassment. "They don't have the ability to think about what they ought to be doing," John says. "They just do stuff. They live in the moment."

    So are cats smarter than dogs? The answer is no. Dogs are "smarter in the sen

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  • As the founder of AKT in Motion, celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser has worked with Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shakira, and Naomi Watts. But her fitness outlook goes far beyond celebrities toning their abs. "It's not necessarily the people who are touting fitness, it's the ones who make it part of their life," Anna says. "Everybody has a different body. You just want to be your best self in your body."

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    What's the biggest exercise trend that gets serious results? "Interval training," she says, short bursts of cardio mixed in with strength and flexibility poses. "It's the most efficient, effective way to work out because you keep your heart rate up, but you also get the strength at the same time. "

    Anna discourages traditional stretching before a workout, saying it's important to stay moving while warming up. "Before stamina or endurance-based exercise, you should have active dynamic stretching," she explains, "not static when you just sit there

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  • As the senior news editor of InTouch Weekly magazine and host of VH1’s “The Gossip Table,” Noah Levy knows what’s happening in Hollywood. Since it’s always puzzling when celebrities come together to form odd romantic pairs, we invited the gossip maven to the "Daily Shot" studio to give his two cents.

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    Has Miley Cyrus really been gallivanting with Oscar nominee Jared Leto? “Nothing in Hollywood is organic other than the food,” Noah says. “This is something that was probably set up by Miley Cyrus’s team. Jared’s on his way to an Oscar - he doesn’t need Miley!”

    Noah also reflected back on some of Tinsel Town’s past celebrity mismatches.

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: “Everyone really hated on the Bennifer couple. Ben Affleck actually said Jennifer was the one who got the most hate,” from people who thought she was dominating his life, his career and trying to change his personality and image.

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    Colin Farrell a

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  • Haylie Duff and celebrity friends Kaley Cuoco and Ali Fedotowsky know how to have a good time, but there's one weekly get-together that has them staying away from all social media. "Kaley does these amazing 'Bachelor' parties," Haylie says of the Monday night reality show. "Ali was on 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette,' so we all feel like we have this little in." In the event that the girls can't get together, they do it a day later but adhere to one rule. "We swear off Twitter!" Haylie says, to avoid any spoilers.

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    Haylie and her girlfriends have another thing in common — they're all in relationships with great guys. "We're three couples that genuinely like our partners," she says. They all hang out regularly. "When the three of us realized that we all had these great relationships, we started doing these dinners," Haylie says. The group even shared an Instagrammed photo of all three pairs locking lips at a dinner out.

    Though wedding b

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  • Have you ever heard of air sex? "It's a mix of air guitar and karaoke, and pantomime sexual fantasies, completely clothed," Ashley Bell says. She learned all about the off-color practice while filming the new movie "Love and Air Sex."

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    The indie love story follows a broken-up couple over a weekend in Austin, Texas, which happens to be the same weekend of the air-sex championships.

    Fans can currently catch Ashley on Broadway in the short run of the drama "Machinal." The play revolves around a young woman who works as stenographer in the male-dominated 1920s New York. "I'm having the time of my life," she says of her Broadway debut.

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    When she's not on the stage or on the screen, Ashley is a dedicated philanthropist. She is currently working on a documentary called "Love and Bananas," which follows her and a team of elephant rescuers on a mission to rescue a captive elephant in Cambodia. "There are no mor

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