• Young woman with a Smile Lipt. Photo by: anthissomesh*t/Reddit
    Call her the Courtney Stodden of South Korea.

    A photo of a young woman with her lips devilishly curled up surfaced on Reddit a few days ago. User anthissomesh*t claims that the unidentified girl underwent a "new plastic surgery in Asia that curls the corners of your lips."

    The authenticity of the photo cannot be verified, but the procedure to permanently plaster a smile on one’s face seems to actually exist in South Korea, the world’s epicenter for radical elective surgeries. According to AONE Plastic Surgery Clinic in South Korea, the Smile Lipt (Lipt = Lip + Lift) "lifts up mouth corners by adjusting muscle balance around the mouth corners."

    In 2012, Dr. Kwon Taek Keun, founder of AONE, spoke about the "mouth corner lift" surgery at an international convention for plastic surgeons, saying that congenitally sagged mouth corners are quite common.

    Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra, who practices in both New York City and Beverly Hills, told Yahoo! Shine that in the West, Read More »from Is 'Perma-Smile' Plastic Surgery Really a Fad?
  • Eric Bandholz, founder of BeardBrand. Photo: Courtesy of Eric Bandholz

    My roommate's boyfriend has been obsessed with his beard lately. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to intimately know his grooming habits through the communal bathroom, and I've noticed that the generic shaving cream is gone and has been replaced with high-end, specialized products. And he's not the only one ditching his dollar razor — men are stocking up on trimmers, brushes, balms, shampoos, combs, creams, oils, and gels to shape their whiskers into works of art.   

    More on Yahoo!: Unreal Hair Colors From Music Stars

    Call it the "Brad Pitt effect." No longer reserved for hipsters and lumberjacks, the beard has gone mainstream. For men who can't copy Pitt's luscious facial locks due to patchiness and slow growth, some are taking extreme measures to mold their mustaches into masterpieces. Beard transplants (the surgery takes donor hairs from the head and plants into thinning areas) are on the rise. The Farjo Hair Institute performed 4,500 hair transplants last year, up 13 percent Read More »from How to Grow a Better Beard
  • Photo by: Kas/varnishedvalkyie.blogspot.comMost of us are used to a classic manicure with two layers of polish. Three, maybe, if you're looking to darken up a lighter shade. But one Toronto woman decided that two, three, even 10 coats simply wasn't enough. Kas, the creator of nail blog Varnished Valkyrie, posted a picture of her nails painted with not one, not two, but a whopping 53 layers of polish. Not surprisingly, the photo – which shows the multicolor coats individually stacked over her nailbeds – went viral.

    “Boredom took over,” the improv instructor and aspiring comedy writer (who didn't share her last name) told Yahoo! Shine. “I wish I could tell you I saw something amazing that triggered this, but the reality was it just popped into my head.”

    Kas began the process with a mere 10 layers of polish; and then another 10; and 10 more once again, until she hit 53 coats. But why the odd number? She had exactly 53 colors she was willing to sacrifice in case mixing ensued. The manicure took two hours to complete, but only a

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  • Katie Holmes with fellow fashion and beauty insiders, including Jeanne Yang (L) and Bobbi Brown (R). (Getty Images)It’s been a little over a year since Katie Holmes announced her split from Tom Cruise, and she's been staying busy ever since. The 34-year-old's fashion label, Holmes & Yang, debuted its most recent collection to an exclusive list of guests on Thursday (since she pulled it from the official New York Fashion Week schedule) and now the actress-turned-fashionista is extending her empire to the realms of beauty.

    It’s safe to say that Holmes made a name for herself in showbiz, thanks to her many seasons on teen drama "Dawson's Creek," roles in multiple films, and her much-watched marriage to a certain mega-movie star. But over the last year, she’s hit the ground running in the beauty and fashion worlds too. Could she be the next big style mogul? We’re not saying no. Last year, the actress partnered with celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang to create a clothing line, Holmes & Yang and became the first-ever celebrity to represent cosmetic line Bobbi Brown in September.  She's also been the face of Read More »from Katie Holmes: The Next Big Style Mogul?
  • Still gorgeous, right? (Photo by Getty Images)You may need to sit down for this one: Gray hair can creep up on a woman no matter if she’s young or old (Case in point: On Thursday, 37-year-old Angelina Jolie made an appearance in London with gray streaks in her tresses). It’s mostly due to biology; hair follicles contain a pigment called melanin and when your body stops producing it, hair turns gray, silver, or white. How early that happens depends on your  genetics (thanks, mom and dad!). “I have gray-haired clients in their early 20s and their 60s,” says Karen Conlon, a colorist at the Ted Gibson Salon. “There’s no reason why a woman can’t look beautiful with gray hair as long as she knows how to wear it.” Here’s how to rock the gray no matter when they show up.

    Be confident: “Just like a great outfit, if you wear gray hair with confidence, it’s going to look amazing,” says Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador and owner of Cutler/Redken salons. “And if you’re in your 20s or 30s, when gray hair is more unexpected, you can have

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  • Getty/Twitter/@BieberTheLucky1
    Quick—what do actress Michelle Williams and pop star Justin Bieber have in common? If you guessed beauty routines, you'd be right.

    Recently, both stars stepped out with almost identical haircuts: Short, highlighted 'dos with side-swept bangs that flopped to the right. Williams debuted her new look on Tuesday at the New York City launch of Kate Young's Target collection. Bieber showcased his at a U.K. meet and greet with fans on Saturday—a bold move given that he lost 80,000 Twitter followers in 2011 when he chopped his classic shaggy mop into a bowl cut. They're only the latest in a string of celebs to join the cropped club. With the release of her 2009 album "Rated R", Rihanna rocked an orange version. And in August 2012, Miley Cyrus shocked fans by cutting her caramel locks into a platinum blonde modified "faux hawk."

    Could the cut, an edgier version of the pixie, be a response to heartbreak? Around the same time they made the cut, three of these stars ended relationships (WilliamsRead More »from Michelle Williams and Justin Bieber Now Have the Same Haircut
  • American women have always had plenty of hair inspiration—from Twiggy, Farah Fawcett, Sarah Jessica Parker, even Miley Cyrus, but the women in North Korea don't have many beauty icons to covet.

    Nope, if you're a fashion-forward lady living in Pyongyang the capital and largest city in North Korea, you take your beauty cues from a government-mandated hair menu featuring 18 styles that are about as timely as "The Rachel."

    The purpose of the authorized hairstyles (which were leaked online Thursday) is to prevent women from being seduced by Western beauty and fashion ideals. Photos must be hung in Korean salons and offer a range of choices depending on one's relationship status—married women are encouraged to sport a shorter coif and single girls are permitted to wear braids or ribbons.

    Approved looks range from Flowbee-like feathered updos to curly mullets to helmet-head pixies.

    The origins of restricted hairstyles date back to 2005 when a television show with the very long title "Let us Read More »from North Korea's Hottest Hairstyles Are Not Really Optional
  • A woman models an advertisement from Absolute Territory PR. (Photo: Alafista)Introducing the least subliminal advertising ever. In Japan, companies are actually launching print campaigns on young women's bare legs.

    Japanese Snaggletooth Craze Spawns Dental Procedures, Girl Group

    Are we really ready to turn our bodies into billboards for a few extra bucks? Japanese advertisers are banking on it, offering women money in exchange for the use of their thighs. Participants paste temporary tattoos of brand logos on their legs and spend the day exposing them to oglers. To be eligible for ad space, you must be at least 18-years-old and connected to least 20 people on social networking sites. The idea comes as part of the advertising maxim that ads should run “wherever people are looking.”

    As of November 2012, about 1,300 women have registered their legs to be part of ad campaigns with Absolute Territory PR, the publicity team behind the bizarre media blitz. In fact the name of the PR company, “Absolute Territory,” is a translation of the Japanese phrase “zettai

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  • photo: White House FilckrMichelle Obama made a splash on Wednesday with the release of her official White House portrait. The photo, shot by Chuck Kennedy, has the FLOTUS showing off her brand-new hairstyle: Those much-talked about bangs.

    More on Yahoo! Shine: Michelle Obama Goes Sleeveless in Jason Wu at State of the Union Address

    In the recent shot, The First Lady sits in a green chair donning a dark blue dress with three-quarter length sleeves, pearls, and some serious fringe.

    Her look is quite a change from her first official portrait in 2009 (below), in which she stood in the White House Blue Room wearing a sleeveless LBD that showcased her famous arms.

    Michelle Obama jokingly dubbed her new hairstyle her "mid-life crisis" during a Wednesday interview on the Rachael Ray Show: "I couldn't get a sports car. They won't let me bungee jump. So instead, I cut my bangs.”

    More on Yahoo! Get Michelle Obama's Arms in No Time!

    As far as mid-life-crises go, this one is pretty awesome—and the President agrees.

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  • Human blow up doll Pandemonia is indeed causing pandemonium at Fashion Week. (Photo: Reuters)

    This week on Caption This we'd like to celebrate the end of Fashion Week with this shot of Pandemonia, a human blow up doll who has become a full blown celebrity in the fashion worldpun intended.

    The rules: we provide an insane photo that makes no sense. You provide us with a hilarious caption describing what in the world is going on. You can leave your suggested caption in the comments section, on our Facebook page or via tweet @yahooshine #captionthis. We'll select our favorite entry and announce the winner every Friday.

    Your prize? Our respect.

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