• by Alison Syrett Cleary

    When I bought my very first denim top, it made me feel like the coolest girl on the planet. That was about five years ago, and the fashion world had just discovered the Canadian tuxedo look; no one wore it but indie magazine models, French editors (because they are like magical style unicorns who always know the next big thing before the rest of us) and Jenna Lyons. I relished-admittedly, in a somewhat snobby way-that most people didn't get it. Standing out was the point.

    My, how things have changed since back then! Not that a jean shirt has become any less stylish; rather, it's gone from a insider-y trend to a wardrobe staple for everyone. It pops up several times each morning on my morning style blog check, and dominates every shopping feed I scan. I'm just as likely to spot one on the businesswoman with a briefcase sitting next to me on the subway as on the hip barista with a nose ring taking my morning tea order-even my mother owns one! And while this

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  • Photo: kmart.com

    Adam Levine is clearly very familiar with fashion models — he’s dated three Victoria's Secret Angels and is now engaged to Behati Prinsloo. But does the Maroon Five heartthrob know his fashion? We’re not so sure. Levine himself wears the official rocker wardrobe of skinny jeans and tees, and his lady friends seem to favor wearing sexy lingerie in public. So what would Levine present for his new Kmart women's clothing line? In an interview with Women's Wear Daily he described it as "effortless and classic" but bloggers beg to differ.

    The collection, which launches online today and tomorrow in stores, includes Apache-print cropped tanks, floral kimono tops, overalls, cut-off shorts, and a slew of other “boho-chic” items (emphasis on the boho) catering to the perhaps-clichéd music festival vibe. Perhaps more polarizing are the suspender shorts, tie-dye leggings, and retro graphic tees with the words like “Mermaid,” “Reggae,” and most inexplicably “Africa” printed across the chest in the

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  • Sarah Mower

    Kate MiddletonKate MiddletonPutting aside the Catherine Walker & Co. red coat (so like something once worn by Princess Diana) and that accidental leg flash: Following yesterday's Descent From the Aeroplane, let us turn to investigate the Duchess of Cambridge's pillbox hat. It's by Gina Foster, a milliner who has a little shop in Kensington Walk, an alleyway in easy nipping-distance from Kensington Palace. (I checked this morning: There are no other pillboxes on display. This must have been a bespoke commission.)

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    Now, I wonder about this hat. Quite obviously, we can't look at it without thinking Jackie O, although that terminology isn't quite right. Actually, it was a minimal compromise for a modern woman who didn't like the idea of millinery at all-Jackie Kennedy's answer to the exasperating requirement of wearing hats in public when she became First Lady in 1961. It was the 28-year-old genius Halston who made the hat for her (although designer Read More »from Kate Middleton, Carla Bruni, and the Return of the Pillbox Hat
  • Julie Miller

    Anne HathawayAnne HathawayIn an attempt to pressure-melt the heart of its viewers this morning, Good Morning America interrupted its interview with Anne Hathaway to throw the line of questioning to a six-year-old child in a princess costume. (Last we checked, this admittedly adorable girl did not have the journalistic credentials to be interviewing an Oscar winner on network television. But she did have one thing far more important going for her: cuteness so blinding it was able to distract from ABC's clunky Instagram/Samsung cross-promotion.) The child, Sammy, wondered which princess is Hathaway's favorite, considering that the actress played one in The Princess Diaries.

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    "I think right now my favorite princess is Kate Middleton," Hathaway replied, politely pausing to make it seem like there was even another option. (No disrespect, Cristina.) "Is she a duchess? She's a princess too, right? I think she's lovely and she makes me very happy. And that

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  • Getty ImagesGetty ImagesIf you grew up watching Saved by the Bell like we did, chances are, Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle, and Jessie Spano were your personal style icons. With all things '80s and '90s experiencing a revival in the fashion world, we caught up with Tiffani Thiessen to find out which of Kelly's iconic looks she'd revisit in 2014. As it turns out, the star still has a penchant for her bold-colored ensembles.

    "In that role, I wore a lot of colorful jean skirts," she tells InStyle.com exclusively. "I loved those, and could pair them now with a button-down or T-shirt." While Kelly's many neon ensembles will forever hold a special place in our hearts, Thiessen confesses that her character Billie Chambers from the 2002-2003 series Fastlane is closer to her real-life sartorial choices. "I felt the most strong in that role, and loved how it translated to my look. I think about going back to that look often," she adds.

    While you can still catch Kelly Kapowski during the morning reruns of Saved by

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  • Josh Duboff

    Adam LevineAdam Levine

    Imagine it, females of the world. You're at a really hip barbeque this summer in Bushwick. A Solange song is blasting over the speakers. Everyone's eating gluten-free hot dogs with artisanal ketchup. This dude you've been eyeing saunters over.

    "Hey, I like your shirt. Who makes it?" he drawls, before taking a sip of his craft beer.

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    "Oh," you respond. "It's, uh, it's um . . ."

    "It's from that Adam Levine Kmart collection, isn't it?" he'll chuckle. (This guy keeps up with his fashion blogs.)

    You'll bite your lip and then laugh. "Guilty. I didn't even know it was his when I bought it! I swear!"

    "Riiiight," he'll say, "Now, can I buy you a drink, Mrs. Levine?"

    Well, you don't have to imagine it, anymore-that could be you! The Voice coach and reigning People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive is debuting a women's collection, in addition to his menswear line. The first set of outfits, out this Thursday,

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  • by Elana Fishman

    Dressing for a music festival can be a tricky business. Sure, there are the elements to consider-the biggest fests in the US typically take place under the scorching sun on supremely dusty, dry fields, where temperatures can drop sharply at night. Showing some (sunscreened!) skin is an obvious must-but then there's the challenge of how to do that tastefully, and, well, many people seem to give up around that point. And while it's only natural to want to embrace the spirit of the weekend with a few well-placed feather or floral accessories, it's a fine line between looking playful and played-out.

    With Coachella's Weekend 1 kickoff just a few days away, I'm looking to the stylish celebs in the slideshow above to deliver my outfit inspiration for those three days in Indio. Each of the stars I selected-some of whom are even featured more than once!-did a bang-up job of dressing for the occasion without going completely overboard, and wound up sporting some extremely

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  • by Cristina Harrell

    Now that April is underway, we've officially entered the fickle season of on-again, off-again rain showers, thus complicating the already painful task of getting out of bed in the morning and starting the day. As if it isn't already hard enough to quickly put together a nice work outfit, the bipolar nature of spring weather demands a careful mix of lightweight, waterproof layers, as well as appropriate footwear. Realistically, no one wants to wear a pair of chunky rubber boots around all day, but the only other alternative is to lug around a variety of gym shoes, heels, and flats to meet all of the day's needs.

    Fortunately, this season is rife with stylish, weatherproof footwear durable enough to survive any commute in a torrential downpour, all while managing to pair flawlessly with even the chicest of ensembles. So what are you waiting for? Don't get sucked into the same drab routine of slipping on a chunky pair of wellies every time it rains-check out this

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