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    Mindy KalingMindy KalingThe vivacious, curvaceous comedienne Mindy Kaling loves to skewer everyone, including-especially-herself.

    I feel the same way about clothes as I do about food," quips Mindy Kaling. "I want everything." To this end, the creator and star of the Fox comedy series The Mindy Project is attempting to try on (just about) everything at the designer Maria Cornejo's store, Zero. "Oh, my God, I love this and this!" Kaling says of a hot-pink silk dress and black evening coat she's plucked from the racks.

    "I want to shop in all my interviews now," she says, laughing. The performer shares a go-for-broke fashion fearlessness with her on-screen doppelgänger, Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a clothes-, relationship-, and celebrity-obsessed ob-gyn who's never met a sparkle, sequin, or polka dot she didn't like, preferably piled on all at once. Kaling is the latest in a long line of exuberantly dressed television comediennes, including Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett (Bob Mackie designed all the

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    Courtesy photoCourtesy photo

    I love a good, bold mani just as much as the next girl, but chips and cracks show really fast. Spending my days typing away doesn't make for a nail-friendly environment, either. So, my secret weapon answer stretching my mani a little longer has always been to paint on Dior Nail Glow, a pinky flush for tips that makes it look like you have a pro-pampered nails, without broadcasting any imperfections. I mean, I've waxed poetic on it before -- here and here.

    But OPI is taking a cue from Dior's success -- and then some -- with the introduction of their newest formula, Tinted Sheer Top Coats, to help you hide imperfections and create a whole new look, or rather, lots of looks.

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    These top coats, unlike the Dior formula, help transform the appearance of your polish, whether the sheer tints are worn alone, applied over other colors (white being the most obvious in my mind), or layered for an ombre effect. The more you paint on your

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    Instagram is an addictive way of allowing us to see the world through the eyes of others. From shots of dinner parties to selfies to vacation sunsets, it's surprising how much you can learn from following someone-and it's even better when that person is famous. Most celebrity accounts feature impersonal red-carpet photos, self-promotional streams, or are simply private, but there are some that appear to genuinely use the social media app as a way of recording and sharing their daily lives. Just like us. Take Drew Barrymore, who recently posted pictures of a girls' cooking trip to Napa. Or Ryan Phillippe, whose feed includes intimate moments with his children. Chloë Moretz posts videos of herself out dancing with friends, while Amanda Seyfried has endless snaps of her dog Finn. Here, we chose our favorite celebrity Instagram accounts that feel, well, authentic and true to the spirit of sharing your life online.

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    The Duchess of Cambridge is preparing to fly off on a three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand, with Prince William and baby George in tow-their first official overseas family outing together. England is already agog about what Kate will wear and when the baby will appear, after the family lands in Auckland on April 7. Occasions of every type, from formal receptions to ceremonies honoring earthquake victims to hiking up Ayers Rock to William and Kate competing with each other in yacht races, are on the schedule. So let's indulge in a little vicarious packing for Kate. It's going to be warm, but maybe rainy (antipodean fall)-so she can wear spring 2014 (only British, of course).

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    We're all for showing our domestic retailers some love (which frequently results in massive credit card statements), but there's nothing that gets us quite as riled up as seeing our favorite foreign labels open up shop in the U.S. For instance, we've been (not so) patiently awaiting the Manhattan arrival of COS, H&M's UK minimalist sister brand, come spring. And while its opening date continues to get pushed back (groan), H&M's other, slightly younger label, & Other Stories, is now set to open in Soho at the end of the year!

    Launched in March 2013 under the H&M umbrella, & Other Stories offers a dreamy yet affordable (our favorite combination) variety of ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry and lingerie-and soon, all of it could be yours.

    To get a peek at a small sampling of items & Other Stories will bring stateside at the end of 2014, click through the gallery above and join us in setting a countdown.

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    Getty ImagesGetty Images

    Sofia Vergara knows what works for her--the woman has an eye for hair and makeup. The Modern Family actress and CoverGirl spokeswoman got on the phone with us to talk about her beauty evolution and ended up sharing a big beauty revelation.

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    Take a closer look at Vergara's pictures over the years, and you'll notice something: With a few exceptions, she always wears the same makeup (brown eyeliner, bronzer, and mauve lips). "It hasn't really changed. Once you find what works for you, you stick to it," she says. Hair, though, is another story. She went dark (then really dark for a movie audition with Adam Sandler), cut bangs, and experimented with updos. But at the end of the day, she didn't feel like herself. And herself, it turns out, is medium brunette, with long, flowing hair. "When I was starting to work in Los Angeles, my natural blonde hair was very confusing for the casting directors because

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    Regan Cameron Regan Cameron

    Your bathroom looks like Sephora--or does Sephora just look like your bathroom...

    1. Always being the last one to get ready because you have to do all your friends' hair and makeup first.
    You've gotten really good at pregaming and putting on eyeliner at the same time.

    2. Only touching one shade in that limited-edition eye-shadow palette you had to have last year.
    But the packaging was so chic!

    3. Bringing every makeup item you own with you on vacation.
    You live by the Boy Scout motto: Always be prepared (for smoky eyes).

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    4. Having more beauty products in your fridge than food.
    Who has space for food when there are so many creams and perfumes in the world!

    5. That the last time you stuck with a cream/lotion/serum long enough to finish it was when you accidentally emptied your mom's--as a two-year-old.
    Has this gone bad yet? It's OK, I'll just stick it in the fridge.

    6. The sadness

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    When Rachel Zoe wrote her first book, she was a celebrity stylist with a deep love of maxidresses. Fast-forward seven years and she's got two kids, a fashion line--and a deep love of maxidresses. We asked her about the fashion lessons in her second book, Living in Style.

    What's your idea of a stylish work outfit? "Every woman needs a tailored tuxedo jacket with sharp shoulders and slim lapels. I make one every season. If your workplace is corporate, pair it with the matching trousers. If it's more low-key, wear it over a T-shirt with jeans, jewelry, and heels."

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    How about a great weekend look? "Here's the thing: Comfort is key, but that's no excuse for looking sloppy. I beg my clients to take five extra minutes to get dressed instead of just throwing on workout clothes. I like leggings with a chunky-knit sweater and riding boots, or wide-leg jeans with a T-shirt, a bomber jacket, and heels."

    Are there any

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  • Courtesy Tom FordCourtesy Tom FordGone are the days of keeping your white pants tucked away in the bellows of your closet until Labor Day. As of late, it's all about wearing white year round. And also gone are the days of only wearing one shade of white; instead, the trend is veering towards mixing white hues together, as demonstrated by Angelina Jolie.

    Last night at CinemaCon's annual state of the industry event in Las Vegas, Jolie showed up in a mismatched white flowy silhouette, consisting of a cream-colored silk blouse and pair of bright-white pants by Juan Carlos Obando- a look that made us want to dive into our closets and pull out every shade of white we have, in hopes of dreaming up a similar white concoction.

    The trick to pulling off this look? "White is a neutral just like black, but at the opposite spectrum - so treat it the same way," says stylist Eric Himel.

    Here are four tips to pulling off a look like Angelina's:

    -For a luxe, sophisticated look, wear white in head-to-toe monochromatic.

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    Bradley CooperBradley CooperWhen asked last year if he'd be willing to play Indiana Jones again, 71-year-old Harrison Ford said it was "perfectly appropriate and O.K." for him to reprise the role. He added, however, the he thought the character "doesn't necessarily have to kick as much ass." Rumor has it that Disney is not so keen on a gentler, kinder Indiana Jones. Though Ford has been rumored to play Indy in a fifth installment of the film, the studios want very much to move forward with the franchise. As the rumor goes, if Ford's Star Wars commitments keep him too busy, and that kinder, gentler script fails to come together by a certain date, then Disney will move forward rebooting the franchise without Ford.

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    That's where Bradley Cooper's name comes in to play. He's reportedly at the top of a long list Disney is keeping handy, in case they want to reboot the franchise-not a list of people who said they'd star, but just names they'd want involved. Your own Read More »from Bradley Cooper, the Next Indiana Jones?


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