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    2014 Academy Award Winners2014 Academy Award Winners

    In the two weeks since the Oscars, the world has collectively ranked, referenced, and analyzed every outfit worn at the Academy Awards this year, from Lupita Nyongo's sky-blue custom Prada gown to to the hoodie worn by the delivery man who served her pizza mid-ceremony.

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    Today though, Australian Vogue presents us with a new way in which to sartorially catalog this year's Oscar winners and nominees-by the cost of their look, dress and jewels included. So who does Vogue estimate was wearing the most expensive look on Oscar night?

    Best actress Cate Blanchett, whose Armani Privé gown ($100,000) and Chopard jewelry (including earrings with 62 opals, a diamond bracelet, and ring) totaled an estimated $18 million. Her runner-up was former Oscar winner Charlize Theron, whose Christian Dior haute couture ($90,000) and Harry Winston jewel totaled $15.89 million.

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  • Traveling comfortably these days takes patience and planning. Knowing what to pack -- and what to have on hand in case of delays -- can make the difference between a pleasant and unpleasant journey. When flying, or even on a long car trip -- particularly when multiple stops are scheduled -- it's always a good idea to stock a carry-on bag of must-haves that is easily accessible.

    What Constitutes a Carry-On?

    The Federal Aviation Administration stipulates that the bag fit completely under the seat or in the overhead bin. Different planes come with varying overhead and under-the-seat allowances, of course, meaning that a bag that makes it onto one flight might get stuck in cargo on another. That said, most domestic carriers allow for a suitcase that is 45 inches overall (length plus width plus height) while being no longer than 22 inches. International carriers often have tighter restrictions and allow for only 20 inches in length.

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    What to

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    Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus

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    Miley Cyrus's Bangerz tour has had no shortage of on-stage antics, from furry dancing bears to tongue-shaped slides, but when one of her tour busses went up in flames-insert Miley-sure-is-on-fire! joke here-last night, it wasn't a stunt. Fortunately, no one was hurt, though their vehicle has certainly seen better days. "Tour bus down!," read the caption of Noah Cyrus's video clip, which showed one of the Bangerz buses ablaze on the side of a highway.

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    Courtesy of Instagram/@noahcyrusCourtesy of Instagram/@noahcyrus

    Though Miley was on a different bus, Noah and her mom, Tish, were on their way from Houston to New Orleans for tonight's show when a tire exploded and sparked a fire. Scary stuff! This morning, Noah posted another clip telling fans not to worry. "I just wanted to let you know about last night. Everything's OK," she says. "No one died. No one got hurt. Everything's fine. Just, bus

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  • Spring has almost sprung (well, for part of the country-we're pulling for you, East Coast), which can only mean one thing-festival season is near! That's right, the time of year when music lovers and fashionistas unite for long weekends of outdoor concerts and some seriously major Boho chic style. Get in the spirit with these cute finds.

  • by Maura Brannigan

    Emma WatsonEmma Watson

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    Late last week, I detailed (in excruciating detail) how Emma Watson is truly on top of her A+ style game, most recently evidenced by the sultry Wes Gordon gown she wore to the Berlin premiere of her forthcoming film, Noah. I mean, thank the well-accessorized powers that be that Emma is in a big blockbuster that requires a multi-stop promotion tour, otherwise, we wouldn't get to gawk at what magic Anita Patrickson, Emma's stylist, works.

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    Now, to dissect last night's outfit as worn to Noah's Madrid premiere: the 23-year-old actress chose a long-sleeved silk jumpsuit by J. Mendel, complete with a wrap-front bodice and deep V-neck plunge. And to pull it all together: Gianvito Rossi black leather and clear PVC pumps, deep red lip and a side-swept hairstyle.

    Just soak it all in. She's killing it, and her stylist deserves mad props. Any questions?

    More from Lucky:

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  • by Sophia Panych

    David CookDavid Cook

    For someone who has massacred her brows again and again (even after waiting patiently for them to grow back in, only to accidentally snip them too short), filling in brows is tricky. And sure, I'm not a makeup artist, but the products out there aren't exactly easy to use. Pencils are hard to match to your hair color, waxes almost never show up, powders show up too much, and mousse, which is good, is hard to find. However, backstage at Isabel Marant this season, I came across a foolproof brow groomer that won't make you look like Groucho Marx.

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    The product is--drumroll please--Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel. "A lot of eyebrow products can be very dirty-looking colors that are cold and grayish," says makeup artist Lisa Butler (see, it's not my lack of hand/eye coordination!). "Anastasia just kind of worked out how to fix that with these brow mascaras. The colors are warmer, so brows are not just thicker

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  • On Monday the incredibly talented fashion designer L'Wren Scott was found dead in her Manhattan apartment. Tragically, the statuesque beauty took her own life. It's a headline-grabbing story, the tale of someone who seemingly had it all but chose to end it. It also became a high-profile story since she had been Mick Jagger's companion for 12 years. And while there is so much being written about the shocking end to her life, we should remember what she contributed to the world of fashion while she was alive. She created bold, body-hugging dresses with beautiful patterns and colors. Gorgeous frocks that were worn by such A-listers as Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Jennifer Lawrence, just to name a few. To celebrate the legacy she left behind, we have collected seven examples of stars looking stunning in her creations. Check them out here.

    -Sunny Chanel


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  • by Sophia Panych

    The Best Beauty Tips from Backstage (That You Can Actually Use)Covering the fashion shows in New York, Milan, and Paris, I get to spend a lot of time hanging out with the best hair and makeup people in the business. I see them glue in yards of extensions, empty out garbage pails of glitter, and experiment with things like face-lift tape (yes, face-lift tape). Needless to say, I see a lot of things that I would never think of using on a regular basis. This season, however, makeup artists and hairstylists shared a few of their beauty secrets that will actually help you get out the door quicker--and more perfect looking in the morning.

    Freezing your makeup. Dick Page (that's him above, backstage at Michael Kors) was full of crazy-cool tips this season. The Shiseido artistic director used a discontinued cream liner from the company. "I've been hoarding the stuff--my fridge is full of it." Why, you might ask, if Dick Page's fridge full of eyeliner? "Powders tend to live forever, but wax-based products, like lipsticks and creams, tend

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  • The Best Shoes for Big Feet

    by Chantal Fernandez

    You know what they say about people with big feet. They have...big hearts? No, that's not it. I'll remember it in a second.

    I think I was about 10 years old when I first realized I had bigger feet than almost everyone else I knew. And that this would continue to be true for the rest of my life. As my family always joked, my feet arrived places an hour before me (rude!). Over the course of my adult life, I have bought shoes in sizes ranging from 9 to 11, but if I am honest with myself, my best bet is usually a size 10 or 10.5. Admittedly, that's not exactly freak-show-level large. But it has definitely impacted, for better or for worse, the kinds of shoes I allow myself to wear.

    The great part about having big feet (besides, I guess, more physical contact with the earth, which could lead to increased stability?) is that whenever shoes go on sale, the "9 and up" shelf is always much more cluttered than the smaller racks. And sweet pickings in those situations

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  • One of these is not like the other.

    By Andrew D. Luecke

    More than a week after breaking on The Cut, people everywhere are still talking about normcore. There's been an enormous discussion about what normcore is and what it isn't, with most commentators missing the point. Though Esquire is not going to advocate that you start dressing normcore, we only think it's fair to clear up confusion, explain the style's intricacies, and let the readers decide for themselves.

    Perhaps due to a naming kerfuffle in the original piece that conflated a cultural phenomena with what's really a fashion trend, many assume that normcore is simply throwing on whatever Seinfeld jeans and turtleneck are around and rolling into Le Bain to kill it. Do that and ensure an embarrassing public bitch slap from the doorman.

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    Normcore is a fashion trend, pure and simple, and like most fashion trends it's a riposte to the styles that came before it. In this case, normcore is flipping the bird to hipsters,

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