• by Claire Knebl

    If you're anything like us, you've got a drawer filled with favorite swimwear from seasons past, ranging anywhere from tie-dyed tops to color blocked bottoms. Well, get this: Those patterned pieces can play a major part in helping you stand out from the crowd this season...in a whole new way. Instead of wearing one straight-from-the-store bikini, we're all about mixing and matching different tops and bottoms to create a unique-to-you look. Not super confident in your print-pairing? Create a cool connection by choosing a common color way or motif.

    For example, the micro-print on a Basta Surf top is the perfect pint-size match for bold sea foam green stripes from Target. Tropical florals in varying colors from Pret-a-Surf and Rosa Swim show how to double up on one design, as do spotty separates from Guess and BCA. Of course, we wouldn't expect you to take our word for it-click through to see our favorite 10 bikini pairings for yourself!

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  • New Wedding Dresses with Statement Backs

    by Terri Pous

    Spring 2015 Bridal Fashion Week offered up countless exciting options for wedding dresses: Off-the-shoulder sleeves, crop tops, slinky sheath silhouettes, and, one of our favorite trends, totally unique backs.

    The idea behind a statement wedding dress back seems like a no-brainer. As a bride walks down the ceremony aisle, it gives wedding guests something gorgeous to look at (in addition to a veil or train). It also provides a divine counterpart to plunging V-neck gowns and adds intrigue to what might otherwise be an understated design from the front. Last season, we noticed a proliferation of open backs framed with lace. It was a simply stunning keyhole style that was re-imagined in this season's new collections, with fashion houses taking embellished back views to the next level. We were dazzled by backs featuring illusion netting, tulle flowers, sparkly beading, decadent appliqués, and more. Even the understated offerings, like this elegant Carolina Herrera

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  • "I don't mind a parasite," Humphrey Bogart quipped in Casablanca. "I object to a cut-rate one." You get the sense, throughout his career in the movies, that he might say the same thing about suits. Among the most beloved film stars of all time, Bogart remains one of the most legendarily well-dressed, too, his style on screen and off as iconic as anything else about him. This week Warner Bros is putting out a deluxe Blu-ray box set called The Best of Bogart, a collection that includes four of his best-known films and, naturally, boasts a picture of Bogie on the cover looking as sharp as ever in his classic white tux. To celebrate the occasion we thought we'd take a look back through Bogart's career in film and fashion to see what he can teach today's modern man about pulling off that timeless look.

    By Calum Marsh

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  • BlahnikBy Veronique Hyland, The Cut

    So, we knew Manolo Blahnik liked shoes. He lives with tens of thousands of them, and refers to them as "members of an extended sexy family." But it looks like his adorable level of mania is approaching certifiably-bonkers territory. While sketching design ideas, the maestro tells Colin McDowell from the Business of Fashion:

    She is from Dar es Salaam and she has left her husband who beats her, and is now on the way to the station where she will get onto the train that will bring her to her lover's arms and freedom.

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    He really knows how to paint a picture. Of a wedge heel, he says,

    This is for a woman from Rio. So Carmen Miranda! Very passionate, a little vulgar, but always laughing and ready for fun. She loves the raffia roses on the heels. They make her feel free to spend all of her husband's money … This is borderline Liz Taylor on a bad day … This woman is a little prim - like Edinburgh

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  • by Elana Fishman

    Coachella's first weekend is now but a distant, dusty memory-and in just a few days, Weekend 2 festivities will begin, bringing over 100,000 people back to the Indio desert for 72 hours' worth of dancing, drinking and selfie-snapping. Hold on-a large number of arguably crazy people coming together to party, take pictures and dress up in odd outfits? That sounds an awful lot like fashion week!

    Truly, aside from the obvious parallels between this pair of hyped-up events-both Coachella and NYFW boast incredible music, for instance-the two have an awful lot in common. From the social media struggles to the restroom dilemmas to the challenge of balancing shows with parties, click through above for 15 reasons why Coachella and fashion week are essentially the exact same event-just on opposite coasts.

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  • Edward Barsamian

    It's hard to write about the women you love, but today, the 40th birthday of noted designer and former pop star and music sensation Victoria Beckham, is certainly an occasion worth noting. As she prepares to celebrate in low-key fashion with friends and family tonight in Los Angeles, we look back at Mrs. Beckham's poshest wardrobe picks over the years, tracing her evolution from slinky and sexy dresses to the subdued sheaths that have become a chic signature for her eponymous line. Her crowning moment came at her wedding to soccer star David Beckham in a custom Vera Wang replete with tiara. But the singer toned things down in favor of au courant ensembles including a bi-color slip dress at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, while at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's gala for "Goddess," she donned a neo-Grecian frock from Dolce & Gabbana with free-flowing hair. Playing with hair color, Beckham went bold and blonde at the civil partnership ceremony for

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  • Patricia Garcia

    Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, January 2011Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, January 2011

    There's no season like wedding season. Our mailboxes are stacked with invitations cut from luxurious paper, dressed in calligraphy. And we're sure each event will be its own, brimming with emotion and picture-perfect. Now, we're well aware that in order to throw a good wedding, you've got to plan-booking venues, sending out save-the-dates, tasting cakes-a good year in advance. But out of curiosity, we rang up a handful of bridal ateliers to learn how long it actually takes to secure a dress. In other words, if you're planning to elope this summer, you might want to head to Net-a-Porter.

    Bergdorf Goodman
    Average delivery time: Three to four months
    Is a rush order possible? It depends on which designer you choose.
    Are any dresses available to buy now? There is nothing available off the rack.

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    Kleinfeld Bridal
    Average delivery time: Six to eight months
    Is a rush order

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  • Josh Duboff

    Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamKate Middleton and Prince William

    If Kate Middleton has been nearly overshadowed by the uncannily photogenic Prince George during this tour of New Zealand and Australia, then Prince William has been basically forgotten completely. Sure, he has sparred with Kate on the water, and reminded us of his presence via snippy comments about Kate's outfits ("too bright," you "look like a banana"). But today, like a petulant teenager crying out for attention, William raised eyebrows and heart rates around the world by standing very, very close to the edge of a cliff in Australia. As you can see here, the jeans-clad prince stood about 18 inches from the edge, peering down from the lookout, while Kate held her ground several yards behind him.


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    The manager of the Mountain Youth Services Team said that even he, as a supervisor of sorts, felt a bit fearful about William's actions: "He took a bit of a lunge and a few people held

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  • Lynn Hirschberg

    Photo by Willy Vanderperre, Styled by Olivier Rizzo

    David Fincher cast Rosamund Pike for the leading role in Gone Girl because she was an unfamiliar face. Not for long.

    Prada top and dress. Beauty 
note: Mess things up a bit 
with Tigi Bedhead Hard to 
Get Texturizing Paste.Photography by Willy Vanderperre, Styled by Olivier RizzoPrada top and dress. Beauty 
note: Mess things up a bit 
with Tigi Bedhead Hard to 
Get Texturizing Paste.Photography by Willy Vanderperre, Styled by Olivier Rizzo

    "I have a fondness for difficulties," Rosamund Pike told me as her trainer, Holly Lawson, who is the No. 5 welterweight female boxer in the world, taped Pike's hands at the Box 'N Burn gym in Santa Monica. It was a sunny morning in mid-January, and Pike was hell-bent on learning how to box. Seven months earlier, when she was cast by the director David Fincher in the highly coveted role of Amy Dunne in Gone Girl-the movie adaptation of Gillian Flynn's dark, twisty best-seller about a woman who disappears on her fifth wedding anniversary and may (or may not) have been murdered by her husband-Pike, at Fincher's request, began enthusiastically working out almost daily with Lawson. "In the past, during action scenes, I used to worry that I ran like a girl," Pike, 35, explained. Lawson showed

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  • Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for MTVKevork Djansezian/Getty Images for MTV

    Ever since Lupita Nyong'o first appeared on the awards circuit early this year, her name has become synonymous with "best dressed." The 31-year-old Mexican-Kenyan actress' red carpet ensembles have consistently been a series of sartorial grand slams. So it came as no surprise that, upon arriving at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, the 12 Years a Slave star wowed us again-this time in a printed, multi-colored Chanel cap-sleeve dress.

    But it was when Nyong'o was called upon to present the award for "Best On-Screen Transformation" that she really made a splash. When she took the stage, she donned the same dress, plus one thick-rimmed, statement-making pair of specs (perhaps to better read the teleprompter?), which instantly set the Twitterverse abuzz. Everyone shared the same thought: Who makes those glasses?

    The answer (of course) is Prada. The 14QV style (above, right) from the luxe Italian brand's Journal collection has a vintage-inspired cat-eye shape that strikes the

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