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  • Locally-grown… Farm Fresh… Artisanal…. You hear these retail food "buzz" words all the time but with their hefty price tags, you have to wonder if it's all just hype.

    While some upscale foods are more environmentally friendly, experts like Dr. Oz, as well, as Cooking Light's contributing editor Allison Fishman, say they don't necessarily provide more nutritional benefit.

    "Supermarkets sometimes get a bad rap because people feel guilty when they're buying a frozen vegetable or a canned vegetable instead of the beautiful fresh vegetables," says Fishman. "But research shows that there are just as many healthy choices at the grocery store as there are at the farmer's market."

    Bottom line: healthy-eating doesn't have to mean expensive eating. Here are five foods that you can buy cheaply - guilt free.

    Frozen Vegetables

    We talk a lot about the value in buying frozen veggies on this show, and there's a reason for that-they're a great buy, especially in the winter when the fr

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  • Fellmer with Alma Lucia, left, and Nieves Palmer. Photo courtesy of Raphael Fellmer.

    A Berlin family of three has been living on practically nothing but love and the goodwill of others for more than two years and counting—not as a victims of the rough economy, but as activists who are on a money strike to protest what they call our “excess-consumption society.”

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    “As consumers, we support the system, and we are all responsible for making a wasteful society,” Raphael Fellmer, 29, told Yahoo! Shine. “This strike is to inspire other people to reflect about our other possibilities.”

    Fellmer, who said he’d held jobs since he was 12 years old, began his protest after years of working in hotels, bars, restaurants and various offices. In 2010, after graduating from college in the Hague as a European Studies major, he and two friends embarked upon a 15-month “journey of humanity” to raise awareness of environmental destruction and of society’s many wastes, including estimates that about one-third of all f...Read More »

  • By Louis DeNicola,

    We haven't hit the mad scramble that comes during the second week of April, but taxes are already on peoples' minds. Perhaps you've gotten a W-2 or 1099 and put it away for "later." If you're thinking about handing off those documents to a tax professional, you may wind up spending more than necessary. Many taxpayers with straightforward returns can use free online software to prepare and electronically file federal taxes for free and state taxes for less than $20. Compare that to $80 for a popular software package or well over $100 for professional tax preparation at a brick-and-mortar location.

    Don't be late for tax filing!

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    Here are Cheapism's top picks for free online tax software:

    • TaxAct ($14.95 for state returns) can hold its own when compared with better-known competitors TurboTax and H&R Block, according to expert reviewers. The company provides not only online tax prep but also downloadable software and CDs
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  • By Teal Pelish,

    Wintery weather may linger for a while in many parts of the country but spring is just around the corner. Now's the perfect moment to look for spring break deals. Fox News notes that "smartcations" are more in vogue this year than "staycations," the epitome of cheap spring breaks. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

    Whisk away to a Caribbean getaway.

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    Home in on Package Deals. What exactly is a smartcation? A string of deals patched together that dramatically cut the overall cost. Spring break deals apply to a variety of locales and come in an array of durations, opening up the possibility for creative and cheap spring break plans. Deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social offer an abundance of every type of vacation scenario imaginable, from Caribbean island getaway packages and wellness and weight-loss spas to fun-filled family vacation deals, to name a few. Pick a trip location and grab additional discounts on hotels, res

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  • The cost of a typical date night can sometimes be enough to totally kill the romance. When you add up dinner, a movie and babysitter, the average date can easily top over a hundred dollars. So whether you're just playing the field, dating or married, here are several ways to enjoy a lovely evening out without breaking the bank.

    Hit the Happy Hour Circuit

    Begin by taking advantage of happy hour, saving 30% or more on food and drinks. For added excitement, hop on a tour of several different happy hour spots known for their extra-generous specials like $1 oysters, $1 wings or $2 drafts. The free mobile app Happy Hours shows food and drink specials in over 100 cities.

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    BYOB Wine

    If you choose to dine with wine, here's some guidance: avoid ordering by the glass. It's not uncommon for restaurants typically charge the full retail price of the bottle for a single serving of wine. Instead, seek out restaurants that have yet t

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