• In London-where the skies are gray and it rains and rains-James Read is the god of sun and light (Apollo, who?). The celebrity spray-tanner is known as the "tan tailor" for his customized bronzes, which Brit socials and pop royalty, including Lady Gaga, are fans of. Read recently opened up the new Aqua Spa in the Sanderson Hotel, just in time to reap the benefits of the infamous tanning-bed fallout of 2009, in which the WHO equated artificial UV rays with the carcinogens found in cigarettes (for shame, Daria!) Here, he talks about how to avoid streaking, the importance of moisturizer, plus the eight products he can't live without.

    What did you do before getting involved with spray tanning?

    I was an actor, trained in theater, which helps when it comes to talking to people in my current profession.

    Because you're so used to already imagining them naked, I presume. So, how do you "tailor" your tans?

    I mix and match brands for different skin tones. So for fair skin, I

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  • Turns out the answer to getting rid of your fine lines and wrinkles may not just be in a bottle, it could very well be in your bed. Sexologist (yes, it's a profession - and a lucky one at that!) Dr. Gloria G. Bramer filled us in on how sex can not only keep you young, but keep your skin brighter and blemish-free. Read below to see how sex is good for your skin so next time you're feeling a little "too tired," you can remind yourself it's in the name of beauty. What are you waiting for? Get busy!

    Sex Makes You Glow

    It's true - sex gives your skin a heavenly glow. Bramer says that having sex improves blood circulation, which helps to pump oxygen to your skin and make it brighter. It also helps to eliminate toxins and can actually make your lips a little fuller.

    Sex Controls Your Acne

    Just as with people who exercise, Bramer says, having sex reduces your hormone levels and balances them out. The result? Clearer-looking skin, along with healthier hair!

    Sex Prevents Dry Skin

    No, this

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  • With warmer temperatures and more reasons to lounge by the pool, the summer season is an opportunity to really clean out your face and beautify your skin for cheap.

    How about indulging in a DIY steam facial? Your summer skin can get easily clogged with sunscreen, sweat from outdoor activity, make-up and other external elements. A DIY steam facial on a regular basis is a fun and cheap way to maintain your summer beauty.

    Here is how it works:

    1.Heatl a pot of hot water infused with your favorite herbs, tea bag or essential oil until it is heated enough to produce steam for at least 10 minutes.

    2. Set the pot on a table with a towel underneath or pour the water into a bowl. Stand over the steaming pot or bowl with a large towel over your head to trap the heat for five to seven minutes, and sweat your facial impurities out with your eyes closed.

    3. Rinse your face with cold water afterwards and apply light moisturizer.

    When you give yourself a steam facial, you

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  • By now you've probably heard all the things you should be looking out for when label shopping at the grocery store. Terms like "omega-3" and "fatty acids" have been buzzing in your head every time you head out to shop - but finding what foods have these magic ingredients in them can be an undertaking. If you don't want to spend more than 30 minutes in the store, pick up these foods on your next trip to get flawless skin and a glowing complexion.

    Wild Salmon

    This is your ticket to omega-3, fatty acid heaven. While it's a healthy fish, salmon, along with herring has proven to keep your skin smooth, according to Lisa Drayer, MA, RD, nutritionist and author of The Beauty Diet: Looking Great Has Never Been So Delicious (McGraw-Hill, 2008). These fish provide our skin with oils that lubricate and reduce inflammation, which often leads to redness, acne, and scaly skin. When in doubt, eat something with scales to keep your own scales from forming on your face.

    Sweet Potatoes

    These yummy

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  • Your teacher said it in second grade, and it still hold true today - there are no stupid questions. This is definitely the case when it comes to protecting your skin. You might think the world of sunscreen should be cut and dry, but do you really want to end up with a painful burn and wrinkles down the line just because you thought you knew what you were doing but really didn't? Here, we answer those burning SPF questions for summer, from the ones you might not even thought about to the ones you though you knew the answer to.

    SPF Question #1: My sunscreen makes me break out. What ingredients should I avoid?
    Usually, acne caused by sunscreen is not from the chemicals that provide the sun protection, but secondary to the vehicle in the sunscreen, says Eric Schweiger, M.D. Try to find sunscreens that say they are "oil-free" or "non-comedogenic." Related: How to Be Acne-Free Forever

    SPF Question #2: How often should I reapply sunscreen?
    If you are going to be outside in the sun for a

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  • We all know the importance of sunscreen. But if you're guilty of making one of these missteps, you're not as well protected as you think. Here's what to watch out for as you slather on the SPF. MORE FROM ALLURE:

  • Is it just me or does lotion and Summer not go together. It seems that when I step outside the house fully moisturized I start sweating lotion within the first 20 minutes of being outside!! It's gross but true. So I was reading an article about Aloe Vera Gel and its uses. And the person writing the article used it to moisturize her skin with pretty decent results.This person lives in the Southwest ( which is very dry). She said the aloe vera gel made her skin supple and ready to receive moisture.This got me to thinking. Aloe Vera gel might be the cure to my icky situation.Unlike the writer I live in Southeast Texas, where it is so humid you'd think you were in the Amazon. Aloe Vera is light and I've used it after sun exposure. I never thought to use it in place of lotion.This is something I will definitely be trying! So what about you? Do you have the same problem? How do you cope?

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  • We've all heard over and over about the dangers of skin cancer, but when the warm weather arises, one can't lock herself indoors all summer. How best to prevent illness - and aging? We'll break it down.

    Sunscreen bottles are getting a face-lift this year, due to new FDA regulations that require both UVA and UVB protection labeling. Why isn't good old SPF enough? This number measures only UVB, which is partially responsible for sunburn, discoloration, and some skin cancers. Longer-wavelength UVA rays penetrate deeper, contributing to wrinkles and melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer, according to American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) President Elect Dr. Ronald Moy. "We're now finding that UVA may be as or more carcinogenic for melanoma," he says. "Tanning beds are pure UVA. More young women have skin cancer from using them."

    What's inside the bottle is also getting an update, with new liquid formulas (perfect for oily summer complexions) hitting shelves now. But

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  • Some of the most enviable stars have turned 40 recently or will soon, and they're un-freaking-believably gorgeous. There's no way we weren't going to hunt down what they did in their 20s and 30s to stay so hot. Check out our picks for The Best Anti-Aging Products Out There.

    1. They are obsessive about sunscreen.

    We've all seen pictures of these stars diving off yachts in Saint-Tropez or walking on the beach in Malibu, but they're also militant practicing safe sun. "They don't live in a cocoon to avoid rays, but they also don't lie out in the sun for hours, and believe me, they are always putting on sunscreen," says New York dermatologist Albert M. Lefkovits, who treats celebrities and supermodels.

    These celebs even go one step further, according to their derms. They wear sunscreen inside. UVA rays have a scarily remarkable way of finding your face through windows and by reflecting off shiny surfaces, point out the pros.

    Another obsession: Sunglasses. "Large lenses with

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