• Green Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper

    There are plenty of ways to reuse wrapping paper that don't involve crafts.
    By Dan Gould, Networx

    After Christmas morning has come and the presents have been torn into, there always comes the inevitable wrapping paper fall out. Bulging garbage bags filled with paper and ribbons replace the pile of gifts and a trip to the landfill is usually the fate which awaits them.

    There is always aunt Susie or the other frugal few who carefully unwrap their gifts as not to mess up the paper and save it for reuse, but let's be honest - that's very rare.

    Can You Recycle it?

    The good news is that, yes, some kinds of wrapping paper can be recycled. Beside the cheap, super-thin kind and ornate papers covered in foils, glitter and the like, there is a good chance that it can be converted into useful products again.

    Many municipal recycling programs will gladly take in wrapping paper. For example, New York City will accept it as part of the "mixed paper" category with the only stipulation being that it can't be coated in plastic or wax. Check with your local

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