• Holiday recyclingHoliday recyclingBy Lori Bongiorno

    Pretty soon, the holidays are over. It's time to get rid of your tree and figure out what to do with all the extra stuff accumulating in your home. Resist the temptation to just pile everything into big black garbage bags and send it to the dump.

    Here are suggestions for post-holiday disposal that's light on the planet.

    Recycle the Christmas tree

    If, like 30 to 35 million American households, you bought a freshly cut, real tree for the holiday, you can easily recycle this renewable resource. Go to Earth 911, type in "Christmas tree," and then enter your ZIP code to find one of the 4,000 recycling programs around the U.S. Many communities have curbside pick-up for trees after Christmas, while other towns have drop-off locations.

    Before you recycle the tree, make sure to prepare it correctly:

    • Remove lights and decorations, including all strands of tinsel.
    • Take the tree out of the stand.
    • Be sure there is no metal attached to the tree.
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  • Last-minute DIY Gifts

    Bicycle-frame lunch bagBicycle-frame lunch bag

    By Trystan L. Bass

    The holiday clock is ticking down. The malls are jammed. Your wallet is feeling light. But you still have people on your gift list. Don't despair! If you have a couple hours, you can gather a few recycled materials, make one trip to a craft store or grocery store, and whip up something unique and stylish to give as gifts.

    Handmade gifts are often more eco-friendly because they require less packaging and plastics and produce less pollution when created. You can reuse materials, which reduces garbage. And, of course, handmade gifts are more personal than mass-produced junk from big-box retailers.

    Check out these nifty projects. Most don't require special skills or tools, and many use stuff that's probably sitting around your house.

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