• Makeup aficionados, unite! Here's how you can help recycle your beauty tools into brand new products.

    -Diana Denza, BettyConfidential.com


    If you're anything like us, your Saturday afternoons start with a stroll down the local drugstore's beauty aisle and end with a tube of mascara or shiny new lip gloss. But do you ever wonder where those containers end up once you've slathered on that last bit of concealer?

    The answer, ladies, is rather bleak. Those castaways are taking up precious space in our already crowded landfills. But there's something you can do to help keep both your skin and the earth beautiful-and it's super easy to boot!

    TerraCycle, an anti-waste company founded in 2001 by a Princeton freshman, has just formed the brand new Beauty Brigade. According to Stacey Cusack, the brand's public relations manager, the team's mission is "to eliminate the idea of waste all together. The goal of the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade is to keep all kinds of hair care,

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  • The uses for empty toilet paper rolls are endless...The uses for empty toilet paper rolls are endless...A few weeks ago, I saw a post on using empty toilet paper rolls to store and organize cords. I thought it was so brilliant that I immediately started saving our empty rolls. Then, I stumbled on a tip for using one as filler for frugal holiday decor, and I couldn't stop thinking about this resource I've been ignorning.

    Oh, sure, we recycle, but it's always better to reuse it first. So, the hunt began for cool ways to repurpose toilet paper rolls. And, I just. couldn't. stop. There were just so many awesome and totally clever ideas out there! You can use toilet paper rolls for organization, decoration, gifts, toys - the possibilities for that little tube are just endless. Check out my favorites:

    Advent CalendarAdvent Calendar
    1. Advent Calendar

    I love this advent calendar. I've actually seen a few different versions of a toilet paper advent calendar - all of them super easy, cheap, and ready to fill with treats, devotions, good deeds, or family fun activities.
    Find out how to make it

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  • This is how one writer keeps the spirit of the holidays alive.

    By Kevin Stevens, Hometalk

    A few weeks before Thanksgiving, one of my daughters announced that she needed to pick up a "Secret Santa" gift for one of her upcoming Girl Scout events. This announcement was made at the last minute of course (as is the habit of 12-year-olds). Our outing then had an extra stop; Target was her suggestion. Personally, I stepped off the consumerism bandwagon some time ago, but this concept is hard to convey to preteens that get bombarded with tons of advertising in their daily lives.

    At the department store, the Holiday shopping season was in full swing. The aisles were full of cheap imported goods and many shoppers were snatching up all of the latest "deals." In the last five years or so I have fallen into the group of folks that "just say no" to the hype and binge of shopping during the holiday season. My Black Friday mornings have been spent, relaxing at my cabin and enjoying a nice cup of coffee, rather than waiting in line at a retail outlet for some

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