• Faux paper towelsFaux paper towelsUsing eco-friendly products, instead of common disposable items is a great way to reduce expenses and your impact on the environment. From cloth diapers to cloth napkins, reusable products have been a part of our lives for the past few years now. Some of our old favorites have been trickier to replace than others, but we're finally on our way to using solely reusable products. Check out these 7 ways to make your own reusable disposables and go green this holiday season!

    Cloth Baby WipesCloth Baby Wipes
    1. Baby Wipes
    When I cloth-diapered my daughter, my husband and I also made the decision to use cloth baby wipes. These thin baby washcloths with a vinegar solution are perfect.
    Learn how to make cloth baby wipes

    Reusable BaggiesReusable Baggies
    2. Baggies
    We work hard to pack the girls a waste-free lunch, but sometimes a little bag is just what you need. That's why I love these baggies made from a tablecloth.
    Learn how to make reusable baggies

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    Bowl CoversBowl Covers
    3. Bowl Covers
    I've eyed the

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  • 10 Green and Glamorous Holiday Dresses


    By Amy DuFault

    Holiday dresses can be the bane of our December existence. If you're lucky, you're able to swap frocks with a friend or know of a fabulous consignment boutique that helps justify buying something new for a single party. Why not think even further with your purchase this year and how you could wear it year round? We've found 10 dresses that can do just that and with just a spark of creativity, can be the dress that keeps on giving.

    Carrie Parry's Red Bow Dress
    Carrie Parry's Red Bow Dress made from 100% organic wool is a feminine, shift dress with a removable bow collar that "transitions easily from a day at the office to a night on the town." We love the festive red tights for the holidays as they add a fun style element to what could otherwise be a boring shift with safe, black tights and shoes. (Also available in black.)

    Camilla Norback's Butterfly Sleeve Dress camillaholiday

    If you opt for a LBD this year, try stepping outside the straight and narrow you're seeing in popular

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  • Making your own Christmas decorations can be green and fun.

    By Cris Carl, Hometalk

    There are plenty of good reasons these days to explore holiday decorations that are both "green" and cheap. Avid crafter Michael Aldrich, of Greenfield, MA said "green, home-made holiday decorations are a lot more special than anything you can find in a store. You get to recycle, use your creativity and you end up with something people will cherish." Aldrich offered up his top 10 picks for decorations that are easy on the earth and your wallet.

    1. Frozen holiday wreaths: "Most people have a Bundt or Jell-O-mold pan. If not, you can probably pick one up easily at a thrift store," said Aldrich. Aldrich said all you have to do is put about an inch of water on the bottom of the pan and freeze it. Then, layer your choice of holly leaves, berries, bittersweet, small pine cones, etc. and pour more water over the mixture and freeze again. Once the layer of natural items is frozen, pour another inch of water on top and freeze again. Once everything is

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  • Green toys for the holidaysGreen toys for the holidaysLike it or not, it's that time of year, the time when retailers shove the "holiday shopping season" down all of our throats with incessant ads and special doorbuster deals. I love Christmas (or I used to before it started November 1st) but I'm not all that into the thrill of buying stuff on sale. I've always enjoyed shopping for my daughter, but I've gotten increasingly depressed about the fact that everything available for kids at big box retailers, from clothes to toys, is made in China under less-than-desirable conditions.

    So I got Barbara-Streisand's-version-of-Jingle-Bells-level jazzed when I found out about Green Toys, a California company that makes eco-friendly toys out of recycled plastic right here in America. They've got all the big items little kids love (trucks, tool sets, tea sets, and more) at reasonable prices. A few of these items cost significantly more than the price you'd pay at a big box retailer for non-recycled, foreign-made products, but many cost just about

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