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    WWE Money in the Bank 2012
    WWE Money In The Bank 2012WWE Money In The Bank 2012

  • Organic Farm & B & B

    I have been building a totally green home with reclaimed materials from mansions all over the world for 10 plus years. I have run low or out of steam and have been fought by this icky world on every step of my path. I Had a vision and my vision is good , the need is there and the intent is pure. Rochester Minnesota is a really sick place and needs a healthy alternative for the millions of people that come here for treatments at Mayo clinic. I believe that through healthy living eating of raw organic foods anything can be cured. I have a beautiful small piece of land that i have invested my life savings into in hopes of creating an oasis for travelers to visit and some to stay for extended periods. I feel a healing center with limited lodging would fit a large demand in this market. I have tried for years to find like minded people to share in my quest but fall short as I too have been ill with grief and resentment towards a very hostile world that has settled on being selfish and

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  • SEO Fight Back Review and Discount

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    Jacobo Benitez is limiting the number of people he is allowing to purchase SEO Fight Back. He wants to make sure he can provide the

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  • Clever Uses for Olive Oil

    Fresh pasta with lemon olive oil -- an excellent use for olive oil. By s.e. smith, Networx

    Have an old bottle of olive oil sitting around the house? Don't throw it out! I talked to Carol Firenze, author of The Passionate Olive - 101 Things You Can Do with Olive Oil, about some creative ways to use this versatile product around the house. She points out that olive oil is ecologically friendly and can be more cost-effective than commercial products, and she's especially fond of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), although she does have a caution for consumers: "Since the US doesn't have truth in labeling laws, many people buy what they think is EVOO only to find out that it is not good, fresh, tasty, etc., and it is refined."

    Rich Colwell of Thundering Herd Ranch in California adds that consumers looking for high-grade oils might want to consider buying locally. Many olive oil ranches allow people to visit to take tours and taste their products, allowing people to meet the farmers, test oils, and find a flavor they like. Colwell explains that olive oil

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  • Save energy by turning the TV off when you leave the room.By Carl Seville, Networx

    It is remarkably easy to waste electricity in our homes. Reducing some of this waste requires replacing inefficient equipment, but much of it can be solved by low or no-cost changes, or often, just a change in behavior.

    Mistake #1: Leaving Ceiling Fans Running

    Starting with the simple stuff, an amazing amount of electricity is wasted by just leaving things on when not needed. Ceiling fans are the worst culprits - if you aren't sitting under a fan, it isn't doing anything but wasting energy. Turn them off when you leave the room, period. If you're too lazy to flip a switch, then invest in timers or occupancy sensors that will do it for you.

    Mistake #2: Leaving the TV On

    TVs run a close second to fans, and since they make a lot more noise, they should be easier to remember to turn off. Far too many people leave multiple TVs on all the time, and truthfully I have no idea why. Are they lonely? I've even seen people who leave them on for

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  • Fight Inflammation with Food Synergy

    By Michael Greger, M.D.

    One of the reasons some studies haven't shown more impressive results tying disease reduction to the quantity of fruit and vegetable consumption (EPIC Study) may be because of the quality of fruit and vegetable consumption.

    People are more likely to eat bananas than blueberries; cucumbers instead of kale. Berries are the healthiest fruits (Best Berries) and greens are The Healthiest Vegetables.

    Variety is also important. We know, for example, spinach is healthier than lettuce (#1 Anticancer Vegetable~comparison of salad greens).

    A big salad is better than small, but is spring greens mesclun mix a better choice than straight spinach? Is it healthier to eat one apple and one orange than it is to eat three apples or three oranges?

    Though there are generic plant compounds like vitamin C that are found scattered throughout the plant kingdom, there

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  • By Toni Salter

    What's the first thing you do when you get flowers?

    Generally we smile with warmth and positive feelings and then almost instinctively, we smell the flowers. The fragrance can sometimes have just as much impact on a person as the beauty of the flowers themselves.

    Sadly, in the quest to grow stronger plants and bigger blooms for commercial production, many flowers have been hybridized to the point of losing most of their fragrance.

    This is something that growers are working to restore, but it can take many generations, trials and retrials to manage this, so the results are not to be achieved quickly.

    Scents can serve as a powerful trigger for memories, both positive and negative depending on the association.

    For me, the fragrance of the deep red 'Mr. Lincoln' Rose is a powerful reminder of love and romance, as I was courted by a man who grew these roses.

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  • By Shea Gunther, Mother Nature Network

    Adjustable glassesAdjustable glassesTechnology is a wonderful thing. It's hard to comprehend the level of complexity that enables our everyday life - it's a dizzying world that is getting faster week by week. There's merit in pushing the advancement of technology, but it's important to remember to take a step back and look for new ways to reapply technology to age-old problems. There's nowhere that's more vital than in the developing world.

    When resources like energy, materials or education are scarce, the simplest technology is the better choice. Simple usually means reliable - and reliable can mean the difference between having a machine that functions and having a useless paperweight. When the technology cleans water or keeps food fresh, it can mean the difference between life and death. Here are five simple innovations that are making a big difference in people's lives in the developing world.

    Rocket Stove
    The rocket stove is a wonderfully efficient design that

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  • By: Kate RockwoodPhoto: Courtesy of Potting Shed Creations

    From the brittle orchid on my desk to the wilted blooms in my last backyard, I've never met a plant I couldn't kill. (True story: I once watered a little potted shrub for nearly two weeks before realizing it was fake.)

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    But on a recent grocery trip, I looked into my cart to admire my bounty of summer herbs and saw...a lot of plastic. It seemed each sprig of mint and leaf of basil was wrapped in its own little slip of bad-for-the-planet packaging.

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    That grocery store moment was a gentle reminder that growing your own herbs can save both money and the eco-impact of shipping and shelving all that basil, mint, and chives. The hydroponic herb planters from Potting Shed Creations seem particularly forgiving. Made from recycled wine bottles, the planters come pre-filled and are slim enough to soak up sun on a windowsill.

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    When the organic herbs are

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  • 7 Ways to Grow Green7 Ways to Grow GreenI was raised by a father who loved to work the land. We had several gardens while I was growing up full of vegetables, herbs and flowers. My mother and I tried to list recently all the crops we grew over the years: tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers, hot peppers, carrots, corn, green beans, radishes, lettuce, blueberries, cherries, peaches, strawberries … the list goes on and on! My parents were constantly pickling and canning things, making jam and pasta sauce. We lived a "sustainable" lifestyle without even realizing it. My father was a carpenter, so he built much of our furniture, not to mention our whole house. I ultimately became a city-dweller, but I'm definitely into green living, reusing and recycling products in creative ways. These are 7 of the cleverest and most attractive sustainable projects I've come across, showing you ways to re-purpose everyday items to remarkable effect within the home and in your garden. Check them out!

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