• How to Green Your Kitchen

    Go green at home with these easy stepsKitchens can be a wonderful source of joy and relaxation, as cooks prepare meals for themselves, friends, and family. But in reality, they are often overcrowded, disorganized, and much smaller than we'd all like. So instead of keeping your kitchen in its current state, try to give it a makeover - in the green sense of the word.

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    Spring cleaning is in full force (or is on the to-do list, at least), and making simple swap outs or changes in the kitchen can not only help decrease the amount of items in your cabinets, but also lessen the impact you're making on the Earth.

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    From purchasing eco-friendly cookware to avoiding paper towels and taking advantage of common kitchen staples for industrial cleaners, there's a lot that can easily be done to "green" the kitchen. Though they may not seem significant at the time, little steps and changes can make a big difference over time, especially as more

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  • Eco-friendly eateries certified by the Green Restaurant AssociationWith Earth Day approaching (it's April 22), restaurants nationwide are looking to tout their green initiatives. For diners looking to keep their environmental footprint in check while eating out, it can be tough to find the truly eco-friendly spots. The Green Restaurant Association (GRA) is there to help.

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    There are a wide array of tips and tactics available to restaurants that are trying to boost their environmental consciousness, and the GRA helps by creating easy and sustainable solutions for eateries. According to Michael Oshman, executive director of the GRA, "What works is creating a system that restaurants can go through and setting up a maintenance system for them to follow after certification."

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    Restaurants going through the certification process must be able to meet guidelines across specific environmental categories - including water efficiency, waste reduction and

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  • By Danielle Miller, GalTime.com

    Natural Help for Springtime Allergies Natural Help for Springtime Allergies Springtime got a head start on many of us this year and so did springtime allergies.

    Those of us who suffer from allergies know how debilitating they can be, especially this time of year.

    But taking a bunch of over-the-counter medication with a list of possible side effects to 'soothe' allergy aggravation seems almost as unappealing, at least to many of us.

    Lori Reamer, registered dietitian and author of The Food That Fits: A Guide To Mastering Your Food Style suggests that there may be some steps allergy sufferers can take to alleviate allergy symptoms naturally.

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    • Eating local honey! (Little research but a harmless non-invasive attempt!)

    "While there is little research on (this method) the idea is that small exposure to local allergens over time increases tolerance. This is the best article I have read on the subject."

    • Limiting/temporarily eliminating dairy and gluten

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  • Want to go beyond recycling to improve the environment? Check out some of these amazing new green products that will change the way you live.

    Smart House, There's an App for That | The Audiocom Group's integrated energy installations allow homeowners to control their HVAC and lighting systems right from an iPad. They can even set parameters on energy use to cut consumption; and installations can be retrofitted or built in. The Audiocom Group, Norwalk, 203-552-5272, theaudiocomgroup.com.

    A responsible shower | Shower responsibly with ROHL's ECOModern showerhead. It exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency's standard by .75 gallons per minute. $75, available through Klaff's, Norwalk, 800-552-3371, Danbury, 203-792-3903, klaffs.com, rohlhome.com.

    Plus: Amazing One-Room Makeovers

    Energy that pays you back | Installed in the Riverside home in "Power Play" Blueprint Energy Group's home energy system generates electricity at around 90-percent efficiency. Heat is made as a byproduct and

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

    By Virginia Sole-Smith

    You don't have to go big to go green. This April 22, take on small, super-convenient tasks that won't cost you time (or a dime), but will make a big difference in protecting the environment. And if they inspire you to be eco-friendly all-year-round, then we've done our job.

    1. Bring old electronics-including DVD players, flat-panel TV s and computers (no matter what brand)-to any Best Buy store, and their recycling partners will salvage them for free (there's a $10 charge for TV s and monitors in some areas, but you'll get a $10 store credit). Visit BestBuy.com/Recycling to get a state-bystate listing of items they'll accept. Photo: Thinkstock
    Find out the easiest ways to recycle your old electronics.

    2. Pledge to give your old cell phone to PlantMyPhone.com. Just pop it into the prepaid mailing envelope provided. Once they receive your old phone, they'll sell the recycled materials and use the proceeds to plant trees. Photo: Thinkstock

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  • 4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

    By Woman's Day Staff

    Celebrate Earth Day, April 22

    Helping the environment doesn't always mean big changes to your lifestyle. Read on for four easy ways you can save energy, preserve water and avoid toxins.

    Eco Chic

    If Mother Nature wore actual (not imaginary) clothing, we're pretty sure she'd love Patagonia's Versatiliti Dress. It's made of soft organic cotton and Tencel, a biodegradable fabric spun from wood pulp cellulose. And it's-get this-recyclable! Patagonia's Common Threads Initiative allows customers to mail in a used dress or drop it off at a participating Patagonia store for reprocessing into fabric and eventually a new garment.
    Dress your best with these 9 secrets from wardrobe stylists.

    Cooking Green

    Nonstick pans are the best thing to have happened to the omelet since butter-with one hitch: When heated above 500°F, a compound frequently used for nonstick coatings, polytetrafluoro-ethylene (PTFE), releases toxic fumes that can cause respiratory

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  • 12 Creative DIY Birdhouses12 Creative DIY BirdhousesI'm waiting for the spring weather to come to Seattle, and while I wait I'm thinking of fun projects for the season. One project I have always wanted to try is a birdhouse. But not just any birdhouse. For instance, I love this industrial birdhouse from Lowe's Creative Ideas, made completely with hardware store-ish materials. I could definitely tackle this project!

    I put together a collection of birdhouses that I love and I've fround a little something to suit every style, whether you like funky, modern looks, bright colors, eco-friendly designs or classic birdhouses. Check out my top 8 picks below!

    Blue HouseBlue House1. Blue House

    I love this birdhouse made of simple molding! You'll need to glue two pieces together and paint.
    Learn how to make this birdhouse

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    Recycled PlasticRecycled Plastic2. Recycled Plastic
    This cute little birdhouse was made from a recycled Method soap bottle.
    Learn how to make this birdhouse

    Simple FeederSimple Feeder3. Simple Feeder
    You will definitely need some experience with tools

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  • 6 Tips for a Greener Home

    By Olivia Putnal

    With Earth Day coming up on April 22, everyone has "eco-friendly" on the brain. But not only is going green good for the environment, it's better for your health, too-especially at home. Being aware of things like recycling, nontoxic cleaning products and your home's lighting are the first steps to greener living. WD spoke with the some of the Web's top green bloggers to find out how you can make your home a more eco-friendly environment.

    1. Clean with greener products. One of the easiest ways to make your home healthier is by using eco-friendly cleaning products. Not only is it better for the environment, but it's better for your environment, as you won't be exposing your family to toxic substances. Green bloggers Kath Younger from Kath Eats Real Food and Toni Hammersley from A Bowl Full of Lemons both love Shaklee cleaning products, which are nontoxic, hypoallergenic and free of hazardous chemicals like kerosene, ammonia and chlorine bleach. They offer a

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  • 15 Green Celebrities

    By Regina Hing, CNBC.com

    For all the criticism lobbed at Hollywood over "greenwashing," there are a few true champions of nature among the rich and famous - and these 15 exemplify that.

    We trawled through celebrity track records to see how involved they have been in eco causes in recent years, and weeded out ones who have not actively participated in the movement lately. We looked for people who weren't happy just donating time or money to environmental charities, but those whose work (and name) had as profound an impact on the drafting of a bill or the success of a project. We singled out celebrities who were honest about their limitations and consistent in their actions (Harrison Ford may have been the vice chair of Conservation International, but he also reportedly owns seven private aircraft).


    What these stars have done is used their fame and wealth to raise awareness about the various conservation issues of their choosing-and, more importantly, set an example-such that thanks

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  • Alexa Miller/Fitness MagazineAlexa Miller/Fitness MagazineBy Marianne Magno

    You carry your own water bottle, use a reusable shopping bag, and sort your recyclables from the trash. Here, easy ways to green your fitness routine without thinking about it.

    Choose Wisely

    Look for eco-friendly companies when shopping for workout clothes and gear. Gaiam, Patagonia, and GoLite are just a few of the companies that use organic fibers in their clothing and accessories. Green your yoga session by investing in a mat made from sustainable ingredients, like Manduka's eKO Mat.

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    Reuse Old Fitness Gear

    If you've downward dogged your yoga mat into tatters or have equipment from your days of being in the neighborhood soccer league, blow off the dust bunnies for a cause. Bring new life to your old gear through these programs:

    Recycle Your Mat: Send your old mat (or drop it off at a participating location) and this company will work with other organizations to find creative new uses for it. Visit

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