• Simple habits of a healthy life.Simple habits of a healthy life.By the Editors of Runner's World

    People who work out consistently (and stick to it) and people who lose pounds (and keep them off) have habits in common. Here they are:

    1. Create a support network.

    Make friends to meet for workouts, share victories with, and comfort through setbacks and bad races. A like-minded peer group is a powerful motivating force. Get your spouse, your children, and your friends on board with your running and weight-loss efforts. They'll give you kudos for your efforts, and they'll be less likely to sabotage your healthy eating efforts. Surround yourself with people pursuing similar goals. If possible, recruit a training partner. You'll never skip a workout if you know you're leaving a friend waiting for you at the park. Here's how to choose the best workout partner for your fitness goals.

    2. Set goals.

    Get specific about your goals--the races you want to run, the times you want to hit, the miles you want to cover by the end of the year. Set goals

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  • Lose Weight Without DietingBy Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., EatingWell Magazine

    Imagine a diet where you can eat anything you want. The catch? You only eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. It's intuitive eating-a way of eating that helps people establish a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

    I'd read a lot about intuitive eating from bloggers who've embraced the approach after years of dieting and said it had helped them to have a healthier relationship with food-they could eat what they wanted and still maintained a healthy weight. To learn more I interviewed Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., the author of Intuitive Eating.

    As a registered dietitian, intuitive eating makes a lot of sense to me-it's an inherently healthy way to eat. Rather than focusing on some sort of external sense of what you should and shouldn't eat (such as in a diet), intuitive eating makes you the expert on how much, when and what you eat. This shift turns eating from a struggle to an enjoyable way to

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  • Remember: You always have something to be thankful for.It's 3 a.m., and someone is screaming in my house. It's my 15-month-old daughter, and she is not happy. My lovely wife does her best to comfort her, but the screaming persists. At that point I know my job is to be gentle, positive and supportive toward my wife and daughter. Instead, I get mad. I wonder why this is happening to us and why being a new parent is so hard. I imagine all the other parents and their babies sleeping soundly; better yet, I remember the days when my wife and I slept with no interruptions, before we had a child. At the time, this thinking felt justified. In retrospect, I see it as irrational, damaging nonsense.

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    Despite studying happiness and gratitude for nearly a decade, I still struggle with feeling grateful. I know how important it is and I know it's effective. Nonetheless, I have a tendency to feel bitter about my life circumstances. For people like me to make a real change, intentional effort needs

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  • Jason Rosell/TwitterThought it wasn't possible for another "Sexercise" workout to exist? Ha. "Sexpert" Jason Rosell, best known as Latin lover "Heat," a castoff on the reality/train-wreck show "I Love New York," has announced that he's releasing a 32-minute workout that includes "squats, lunges and booty pops designed to tone glutes, quads and calves so couples can keep going all night long." As Rosell told the New York Daily News about the video, available next week, "It gives you that longevity on the dance floor — or the bedroom." Oh, and it's being promoted with this "sexy" (read: full of gyrating women) video clip. Ugh.

    Sexercise classes has been around forever — There's Pole-lates, Stiletto Step, and Strip Bar, just to name a few. And while there's nothing wrong with amping up your exercise routine to look and feel sexier, the sexercise trend seemingly cashes in on exploiting two areas women feel super-insecure about — their figures and their sex lives — to varying degrees. Crunch Fitness's

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  • Source: Been Awhile? Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After an Exercise Hiatus

    Whether you have a good excuse like a pulled hammy or you're finally getting to that New Year's resolution you made for 2014, it's never easy to get back into the sweaty swing of things after a long break from exercise. After giving yourself a pat on the back for making the choice to get back on the workout train, be sure to avoid these mistakes.

    Making Up For Lost Time
    It doesn't matter if it's been a couple weeks or a few months, don't beat yourself up by pushing yourself to the max too soon. Overdoing on exercising can result in such sore muscles that you won't be able to bend over to tie your shoes for days afterward, or worse, an injury can give you a one-way ticket to another exercise break. Ease back into things that first week or two back, and don't try to break any personal records.

    Scheduling a Race
    Your co-worker invited you to do a half-marathon for cancer, and you want to help out, but

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  • POPSUGAR FitnessSource: The Fastest Ways to Burn Major Calories

    Let's cut to the chase: when it comes to exercise, we want the workout that burns the most calories in the shortest amount of time. You've come to the right place! Incorporate these types of workouts into your routine and watch the pounds fly off.

    • Plyometrics: Go ahead - jump for it: explosive movements like box jumps and jumping jacks help build strong muscles while burning 10 calories a minute. The key is to keep your moves quick and to land softly, so you are engaging leg and core muscles as you hit the ground.
    • Short Workouts: Never seem to be able to fit a solid workout? You can still see results even if you just have minutes to sweat - you just have to increase your intensity. A recent study found that just 20 minutes of exercise can cause changes to your muscle's DNA, including metabolism and afterburner effects, while other studies have shown improvements in multiple markers of health in as little as seven. The trick is
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  • Source: A Simple Tool to Help You Become a Better Runner

    Stretching may be an important part of a workout routine, but when you're as inflexible as I am, it's not exactly something you look forward to. But with the Xfinity Fitness Band ($30) around, I can get a deep, beneficial stretch whether I'm on my couch or in a hotel room.

    The secret is in the band's six holes; you can change the intensity of your stretch depending on where you slip in your foot or where you hold the band with your hands. Not only does that eliminate the need for a closet full of different-resistance bands, but it also helps me tweak my stretching routine for the better. Using the holes means I feel securely anchored in a pose, while lengthening or shortening my grip makes holding poses like these quad stretches or these hamstring-stretching poses as difficult or easy as I'd like them to be. The simple design and lightweight silicone material also makes this a great travel companion - I can toss it into any

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  • Source: 3 Simple Moves For Stronger Thighs

    Skinny jeans and tall boots season is here. For shapely legs that rock these styles right, working out your quads and inner thighs is a must. These three beginner-friendly moves will help build strong, toned legs and have you feeling confident when you hit the streets.


    Step-ups are a great exercise that work your thighs, glutes, and hips simultaneously. If the beginner version is too simple for you, be sure to try out the intermediate or advanced variation (shown here):

    • To start, find a step (or bench) that you can place your foot squarely on that will bring your knee up to a 90-degree angle.
    • Step up, leading with the left foot, then the right, bringing both feet completely onto the bench.
    • Return to the starting position by leading with the right foot to step down to the floor, then the left, until ending with both feet on the ground.
    • Complete 20 steps before stepping with the left foot for another 20 steps.

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  • By Corrie Pikul

    Photo: ThinkstockYour Stuffy Nose

    Pass the tissues--and some gum, please. When a cold prevents you from breathing through your nose, you're forced to inhale and exhale through your mouth. This dries out the tissues and reduces the flow of saliva-the mouth's built-in cleanser, which not only rinses away food particles but also neutralizes decay-causing acids and acts as a natural antiseptic to keep bacteria in check. The less saliva, the more bacteria-and the more potent the odor. An easy remedy (for your breath, if not your cold): Chewing gum--as long as it's sugarless--has been shown to increase the flow of saliva.

    Your Movie Treats

    Bacteria have a sweet tooth, too. When you eat sticky candy like gummy bears, cherry vines and even mint chews, the bacteria "has a party," says Kimberly Harms, DDS, the consumer adviser for the American Dental Association. It feasts on the sugar and spreads to all areas of your mouth--including hard-to-reach areas in the grooves of the teeth.

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  • Andy and Samantha in "Diet or My Husband Dies" (photo: BBC)A wife who donated a kidney to her ailing husband who allegedly cheated on her after the operation, has changed her mind about the donation. And yes, that means she wants it back.

    U.K. couple Samantha and Andy Lamb have been married since 2007. Four years ago, after Andy's kidneys started failing, he began undergoing thrice-weekly dialysis sessions. In an effort to save her husband's life, Samantha, now 41, offered up one of her kidneys, which Andy, now 45, gratefully accepted. Sounds like a sweet story, right? The BBC even documented the couple's journey as they underwent the organ transplant in a documentary called "Diet or My Husband Dies."

    But soon after the operation (for which Samantha had to lose weight in order to undergo), she began to suspect that Andy was cheating. He was moody and distant, and was spending a lot of time on his computer, according to her interview with Britain's the Mirror Online. Samantha didn't have proof until she stumbled upon his online sex sessions

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