• The Raiderettes during a 2013 game. Photo: Getty ImagesIf recent news about the Raiderettes suing the Oakland Raiders for alleged labor-law violations has failed to convince you that being an NFL cheerleader is not as glamorous as it seems, then listen up—because the newly leaked handbook of condescending cheerleader policy just might.

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    “It takes 3-5 seconds to form a first impression of someone,” notes part of the Raiderette handbook’s etiquette section, according to Robin Abcarian of the Los Angeles Times. “Keep nail polish pads in your car for emergencies. Smile, shake hands with everyone.” Abcarian explains that she received the handbook in the mail after writing last week about the squad’s class-action lawsuit, led by cheerleader Lacy T. She alleges, among other points, that the team withholds pay—a measly $125 per game—until the season is complete, and that the contract she signed is “packed with illegal provisions.”

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  • Why Counting Calories Isn't the Only Key to Losing WeightWhy Counting Calories Isn't the Only Key to Losing WeightI've always been skeptical of/annoyed by calories. I read a lot about them, how to count them, why to count them - and how your body craves them and will stock up on them. That's why you can inhale a sleeve of Oreos, which are full of calorie-dense fats and sugar: your body naturally senses life-sustaining calories when such things touch your tongue. But why is it only calories that our bodies crave, and not the nutrients? Doesn't my body really need fiber, vitamins, and fatty acids? Shouldn't my body be craving those? And why have we been told for so long that it doesn't matter what kind of food we eat that we should be able to maintain a healthy weight if we stay within the calorie guidelines - no matter what kind of food those calories come from? Certainly, there is more to food than calories.

    And there is. Of course there is. We can't just have two 300-calorie cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have the strength and energy we need to live our lives happily and

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  • If you follow diet trends closely, you could get whiplash. One year fat is seen as the enemy; the next, sugar is poison. Recently, twin brothers Chris and Alexander "Xand" van Tulleken set out on a month-long radical experiment to try to put the debate to rest over which is worse.

    Chris adopted a super-low-fat diet, allocating only 2 percent of his total daily intake of fat, the minimum required to maintain his health. Xand opted for a high-protein diet that ditched all forms of carbohydrates, from table sugar to flour to fruit. The brothers, who both work as physicians, shared similar daily routines and stuck to the exact same fitness regimen. Furthermore, because they claim to share identical DNA, they surmised that any changes they experienced would be attributable to diet, not genetics. A film crew followed their nutritional journey, and it's airing as a documentary on BBC2 on Wednesday.

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    Xand was motivated because

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  • by Anna Maltby

    Lexie MorelandLexie Moreland

    You've probably seen some studies about how walking and texting can be dangerous -- and now, there's a bit more info as to why. Writing and reading texts while walking alters your posture, balance and gait in ways that may leave you more vulnerable to accidents, according to new research published in the journal PLOS ONE.

    The study found three main results:

    * People who texted or read on their phone walked slower and deviated from a straight line. "This could potentially be a problem in high risk environments like walking near traffic or train tracks where people think they are walking in a straight line but are actually wandering in a different direction," study author Siobhan Schabrun, Ph.D., told SELF.

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    * Texters tend to walk like robots -- they lock their arms, trunk and head in order to keep the phone steady in front of their eyes. "Previous studies, many in elderly populations, have shown that a more

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  • by SELF Staffers

    Kuba DabrowskiKuba Dabrowski
    SELF's beauty director, Elaine D'Farley, got the naturally stunning star to spill her secrets.

    Your skin is pretty much perfect. What's the trick?
    Kate: "I have really sensitive skin, so I can't do too much or it gets crazy. I do get facials for deep cleaning; otherwise, I'm a soap-and-water girl. I just wash my face, dab on eye cream and use moisturizer only in the morning, plus at night when I'm in a very dry climate."

    Do you think diet affects your complexion?
    Kate: "When I'm eating well -- lots of healthy fats like avocados -- I can see it in my skin; it's more hydrated. But honestly, I'm bad at being consistently good!"

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    Any product must-haves?
    Kate: "Egyptian Magic cream is my all-around go-to because it literally heals everything, from dry skin to a burn, even diaper rash. I always have it with me. Liquid lip balm -- one in every purse -- and a tube of CC cream for when my skin's tired and I

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  • Courtesy of Getty ImagesCourtesy of Getty ImagesBy Amelia Pavlik

    Never heard of the Russian beach destination (yes, we said beach destination) until it was named host of the 2014 Winter Olympics? Get yourself up to speed -- we've put together a list of the top things you should know about this year's Winter Games and its host city by the sea.

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    Fact #1: It's a beach destination with a twist.
    When you think of Sochi, think Miami -- but near mountains. To Russians, Sochi is one of the largest beach resort towns in the country, says Svetlana Alimova, marketing and business development manager for Go To Russia Travel Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia. "It's located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, which makes Sochi a popular ski resort and unique for its combination of beach and ski vacations," Alimova says. So, ice events will be held near the coast, while everything snow-related will be held in the mountains at the town's ski resort, Krasnaya Polyana.

    Fact #2: There's backup

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  • Apparently sex ed left a few gaps in our baby-making knowledgeApparently sex ed left a few gaps in our baby-making knowledgeBy Casey Gueren, Women's Health

    We'd like to think that we've gained a little expertise about baby-making since our teenage years. After all, we no longer think you can't get pregnant your first time or that birth control ruins your future chances of having a baby. But apparently most women still have a ton of misconceptions about their fertility, according to a recent study in the journal Fertility & Sterility. And while having the wrong info in high school was embarrassing, believing these myths now can really screw with your chances of getting pregnant. Check out some of the most common myths the study uncovered, and get the facts behind each one.

    PLUS: Top 10 Myths About BEING Pregnant

    Myth #1: Your weird period won't affect your chances of getting pregnant.
    If your time of the month is wildly unpredictable, it can definitely impact how long it takes you to get pregnant. If you have only a few periods a year, you're automatically reducing your probability of conceiving,

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  • By Alison Peters, Refinery29

    Even as a virtual Washingtonian, Olivia Pope can do no wrong. Maybe it's Scandal's girl-power undertones or the heroine's killer work wardrobe - or the show's plentiful local ties - the allure of the ABC series is undeniable. Whatever the reason for our addiction, we couldn't resist tracking down a few real-life Gladiators of our own.

    From White House vets to K Street power players, we sat down with four D.C. crisis and reputation managers who have that elusive "Pope factor" in spades. We got them to dish on the best parts of their jobs, and share some timeless advice on how to navigate through the worst professional and personal shake-ups. That's right - it's handled.

    Tiffany Carter, Account Director at Rep Equity
    Tiffany Carter knows what it's like to build a business from the ground up. She worked alongside her boss to develop Rep Equity, which was recently named the 106th fastest-growing company by Deloitte. With an A-list clientele and

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  • Satisfy that sweet tooth and keep your skin healthy and glowing.Brrr! It's cold out-and the Arctic Vortex isn't exactly helping our skin. What's more, the cold also makes us crave sweets, which can get in the way of our attempts to make better food choices. But here's a healthy and incredibly enjoyable way you can both protect your skin and satisfy your sweet tooth: this gluten-free and vegan oatmeal, prune and raisin cookie recipe.

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    It's Prunetastic
    Dried plums, with their wide array of phenolic compounds (plant nutrients that contribute to the flavor and color of produce and have potential health benefits), are rich in antioxidants. In fact, dried plums have one of the highest levels of antioxidant capacity, with more antioxidants per weight than many other foods. These antioxidants can help protect skin cells from damaging free radicals that form from outdoor exposure, which may help to guard against premature aging and wrinkle formation. Just five dried plums contain 3 grams of fiber and 30

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  • The health problems that often plague athletes are well-known, but what about the zealous followers who watch them play? Aside from the risks associated with dashed hopes and happy dances, is there much to be concerned about? In fact, there is. Researchers have been taking a look at what happens to sports fans who are emotionally invested in the outcome of a big game, and while there can be positive benefits of being a fanatic for your team, at times, even being a fan can be treacherous.

    1. Heart attacks
    Because of the connection between emotions and cardiac health, heart-related deaths can rise or fall in a region depending on how the local teams fare. In 2009, when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat Arizona in the Super Bowl, for example, Pittsburgh-area doctors noticed 25 percent fewer circulatory heart-related deaths than average over the following eight days, according to Robert Kloner, a cardiology professor at the University of Southern California who talked to the Wall Street

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