• By Margarita Bertsos, REDBOOK.

    If you're sipping that morning mug of coffee or afternoon Diet Coke and, suddenly, it's doing absolutely nada for you, there's help! Here's how to give yourself a caffeine makeover and get your perk back.

    Down it faster. The rate at which you consume caffeine actually changes how it will affect you. Don't mess around in the a.m.: your first cup of coffee of the day should be sipped quickly, to spike caffeine levels enough to wake you up, according to researcher Frank Ritter, Ph.D., of the Applied Cognitive Science Lab at Penn State University.

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    Don't order a latte. Get this: A shot of espresso has 25 to 50 percent less caffeine than a cup of regular coffee, most likely because of coffee's longer brew time. See the difference at Starbucks--a Tall Latte (12 oz) has 75 mg caffeine; a Tall brewed Bold Pick of the Day coffee (12 oz) has 260 mg caffeine. Order accordingly!

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  • Have we found the healthier—and still natural—version of butter?Like many Indians of his generation, Niraj "Raj" Patel, M.D., a collaborator on the book "The Healthy Indian Diet," grew up in a household that banned ghee-clarified butter that had been a staple of an Indian diet for centuries and was always an integral part of the ancient medical practice Ayurveda.

    Unless it was for very special occasions, ghee was a no-no-a victim, as it were, of the generalized, worldwide war on fats. But as science has evolved and shown that fat is less likely to cause heart disease and diabetes than previously believed, ghee is once again coming into the spotlight, Dr. Patel says, among Indians and a wider number of Americans. In fact, it's even used in some cleanses, such as The Whole30 Program.

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    "Science has shown us that it isn't really the amount of fat in a diet that's a culprit of heart disease and diabetes, it is the high amount of carbs," he says. "Basically, more research has shown that the link between

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  • By Sarah McMinn Cheapism.com

    We're all pressed for time and eager to find ways to multitask -- especially when it comes to exercise and getting in shape. We identified several activities you can pursue while conquering the flab. Better yet, they're all free.

    Multitasking gets a bad rap in some quarters. The main argument against the notion is its impossibility. According to some research, we're not doing multiple things at once but actually switching our attention from task to task extremely quickly.

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    Some of us are not convinced, however, so let's make a few assumptions. More likely than not, you drive to work and/or ferry the kids around town. You shop. Sometimes you stand in line. Surely you sit in front of a computer. Do you ever watch TV? Clean the house?

    These are all opportunities to add a free exercise component, which quickly propels you into the realm of multitasking. In other words, daily activities can be milked for

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  • And there you have it, the tweet that launched 3.5 thousand other tweets in just three hours on Tuesday, flapping in the breeze like a little white flag—before quickly being hijacked, though not completely, by racist trolls and clueless braggers alike.

    The #WhiteWomanPrivilege hashtag, which had been used before, sporadically, without catching on with such lightning speed, was kicked off this time by @Auragasmic, whose intention, it seems, was to make a statement about being self-aware about the privileged race she belongs to. Her profile says that she’s an “Aspie. INTJ. Feminist. Purveyor of the Socialist agenda & #ProChoice Propaganda. Mouthy Tech Guru. Greyhat. Foreseer of great things.” But even she admits, in a later tweet, that she didn’t foresee the devolving of the #WhiteWomanPrivilege hashtag.

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  • By Susan Blum
    Author of The Immune System Recovery Plan

    Detox and cleanse programs have become the latest rage for quick weight loss and a boost in energy. Celebrities carry their green juices everywhere, and magazines run articles promoting rapid weight loss and perfect skin. But many of these juice-based programs are big on promises with little basis in science.

    Here, I will help you learn the difference between fad diets and detox that is medically proven to work.

    What is a detox program?
    We are all exposed to toxins in our lives, and nature gave us this wonderful built-in detox organ called the liver. However, your liver can get fatigued trying to keep up with the chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and plastics that, despite your best efforts, are coming into your body every day. A detox program is a lifestyle program that helps you rid your body of toxins by supporting your liver. A good program should focus on 3 things: food, supplements, and cleaning up your

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  • by Lexi Petronis

    Chris GentileChris Gentile

    So...breakfast. It can actually be kind of tricky--there's evidence that working out before you eat it burns more fat, that skipping it could maybe help weight loss, and also that skipping it could maybe (possibly) be bad for your heart. But there are plenty of ways to make your breakfasting experience a healthy one: breakfast salads (I honestly do this almost every day!), smoothies (check out Miranda Kerr's), and even some dinner recipes you can totally adapt for the morning, instead.

    And, to add yet another way to healthify your breakfast, I'd like to introduce you to MixMyOwn (mixmyown.com). OK. So when I eat cereal, I'm a big fan of adding a little from every box in my cabinet until the mixture is just right--and that's basically what MixMyOwn does. It customizes your cereal to make it what you want to be--using lots of healthy ingredients, such as bee pollen powder, baobab fruit powder, goji berries, quinoa, acai powder, chia seeds, plus muesli, granola,

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  • #TeamLisa Shines Light on the Power of Social Media During a Health Crisis#TeamLisa Shines Light on the Power of Social Media During a Health CrisisFor a couple of years now, Lisa Bonchek Adams has been yelling at me about going to the doctor. Okay, fine. She wasn't yelling at me. She was greeting me gently on Twitter to remind me to "make that medical appointment you've been putting off." She does this as a sort of social media public service announcement, and her tweets reminded me to see my gynecologist, to get a mammogram, and go ahead and make an appointment with my regular doctor because that cough really hasn't gone away. I'm deeply grateful to her for this.

    Why has Lisa made this part of her personal life mission? She's battling breast cancer. Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, to be specific. Lisa has the extraordinary grace to gift us with her struggle; she shares about it in her blog and particularly on Twitter. Here's what she said in a recent blog post about why she uses social media this way.

    "As I attack the cancer cells in my body I must always search for ways to bridge to the outside world. My family and

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  • by Lexi Petronis

    Romulo YanesRomulo YanesCalling all caffeine lovers! If you're a fan of a daily injection of coffee, this may be news you can use....

    A new study in Nature Neuroscience found that drinking 200 mg of caffeine (about the size of a "tall" cup at Starbucks, or two smaller cups) might boost your ability to remember subtle details.

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    Researchers had participants (who didn't regularly drink caffeine) memorize a series of pictures. After committing the pics to memory, they were given either a caffeine pill or a placebo pill. A day later--after the caffeine had left their systems--the subjects had to pick out pictures that were different from the ones they'd seen the day before. Some of the photos looked similar to the ones they'd had to look at previously, but they weren't the same--so subjects had to seriously draw on their memory banks to remember if they all matched up.

    The results: those who had ingested caffeine were much better at

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  • by Lexi Petronis

    Robert MitraRobert Mitra
    Research has shown that listening to music while you exercise can be a definite "do": It can trick you into thinking you're not working out as hard as you are and even increase your endurance by as much as 15 percent. Plus, it's just nice--there are times I look forward to working out purely because it means the chance to listen to a new favorite song on repeat.

    Some studies have found that songs clocking in with 140 to 144 beats per minute are optimal for your workout (surprisingly, a good example of the right tempo is the fourth movement of Beethoven's Fourth Symphony!). Spotify combed through 6.7 million workout playlists of its users to find the songs that are most popular for sweating. Take a look-are any of these on your playlists (I'll admit right now that No. 9 is on mine)?

    1. "The Monster," Eminem
    2. "Timber," Pitbull
    3. "Work B**ch," Britney Spears
    4. "Wake Me Up," Avicii
    5. "Leaving You," Various Artists
    6. "Roar," Katy Perry

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  • No pressure at all, but Prince George needs a nanny. Kate Middleton and Prince William are looking to fill the royal role during the couple's tour to Australia and New Zealand in April.

    According to a report published recently in the Daily Mail, Prince George's current nanny, 71-year-old Jessie Webb (who cared for Prince William and Prince Harry when they were children) was hired on a temporary basis for about three months, to get the couple started as parents. Now, Webb's contract is ending, and due to her age, she won't be accompanying the family overseas. (Palace officials refused to comment on the matter as of Tuesday afternoon.)

    "At this point, it's speculation that the royal couple is shopping for a nanny, however, it's likely true, given the tour will probably be too intense for someone of Jessie Webb's age," royal expert Victoria Arbiter, tells Yahoo Shine.

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    The couple haven't publicly advertised the gig (for

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